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Amadeus European private & public

Latest 10 years

American Manual of Values USA 1902 HG4905.M22
Business USA USA establishment level 2004+

Available through Jersey Clicks. Older in SAS format on DSS Servers.

Corfacts Delaware Valley business to business directory (various titles) DE, NJ, PA 1990-91, 1996 HG4057.N5 B874
Corfacts New Jersey business to business directory NJ 1991, 2005 HF5065.N5 C673
Dalton's Philadelphia metropolitan directory, business/industry, Philadelphia/suburbs, South Jersey/Delaware DE, NJ, PA 1986-1989 HC108.P5 G7
Harris New Jersey manufacturers directory (various titles) NJ 1901-46, 1949-80, 1982, 1984-85, 1987-88, 1991-94, 1996+ HC107.N6 A5 (Current in DR; Next to Current in ST)
Harris Pennsylvania industrial directory (various titles) PA 1913-1919, 1922-1972, 1975-1977, 1980, 1982-1990, 1992-1997, 1999+ HD8053.P42
Hoover's International public & private

Current only

Industrial directory of New York State NY 1946, 1949, 1953, 1958 (RECAP) HC107.N7 A32
Industrial directory of New York state. Selected establishments in all manufacturing industries and in important nonmanufacturing industries NY 1940 HD9727.N7 A3 1940
Industries of New Jersey NJ 1882-1883 HC107.N6 H6
International directory of company histories Large international companies

Vol. 1+

Lexis Nexis Corporate Affiliations USA public & private; International public 1969+ HG4057.A2 D5 (current in DR; next to current in ST)
MacRae’s industrial directory. New York State (various titles) NY 1963-80, 1982-84, 1986, 1988, 1990-94 HD9729.N5 A4
MacRae’s Pennsylvania state industrial directory (various titles) PA 1969-1972, 1974-1982 HC107.P4 P4
Million Dollar Directory USA public & large private

1959+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent Bank and Finance Manual USA

1954+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent Industrial Manual USA

1954+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent International Manual International public 1981+

1981+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent OTC Industrial Manual USA

1970+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent OTC Unlisted Manual USA

1986+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent Public Utility Manual USA

1954+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody's/Mergent Transportation Manual USA

1954+ in Mergent Webreports

Moody’s classified investments : a manual of information USA 1905 (DR) HG4905 .M58
Moody’s manual : complete list of securities USA 1916-20 HG4905.M6
Moody’s manual of corporation securities USA 1901-1904 (RECAP) HG4905 .M85
Moody’s manual of industrial and miscellaneous securities USA 1900 (RECAP) HG4905 .M85
Moody’s manual of investments : American and foreign International

1928-1954 in Mergent Webreports

Moody’s manual of railroads and corporation securities USA 1905-1925 (RECAP) HG4905 .M85
New Jersey business directory NJ 1993-94 HF5065.N5 N42
New Jersey business-to-business sales & marketing directory NJ 2001 HF5065.N5 N421
New Jersey directory of manufacturers NJ 1988-89 (PPL) HD9727.N5 N38; 1991-1992 (RECAP) HD9727.N5 N38
New York manufacturers directory NY 1996, 2002+ HF5065.N7 N48
NJBIZ. Book of lists NJ lists by category 1997+ HD2798.N5 B664q
Orbis International public & private

Latest 10 years

OSIRIS International public

Latest 20 years

Poor’s industrial section USA 1925-1932 (RECAP) HG4009 .P78q
Poor’s manual of industrials USA 1901-1918 (RECAP) HG4963 .P75
Poor’s manual of public utilities USA 1913-1918 (RECAP) HG4963 .P77
Poor’s manual of railroads USA 1918-1924 (RECAP) HE2721 .P8
Poor’s public utility section USA 1925-30 (RECAP) HG4009 .P79q
Poor’s railroad section USA 1925 (RECAP) HE2721 .P9q
Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations USA public 1963-2007 (lacks some volumes) HG4057.A2 P7

Current content only in S&P NetAdvantage

Thomas register of American manufacturers and Thomas register catalog file USA manufacturers 1918-2005 (lacks some volumes) 1918-2002: (RECAP) 9703.902q; 2003-2005 (RECAP) T12 .T6q

Current only in ThomasNet

U.S. 1 Business Directory NJ 1993+ HF5068.P75 U722

Current online

Ward's business directory of U.S. private and public companies USA public & large private 1981-2007 (lacks some volumes) 1981: (Oversize) HG4057.A52 1981q; 1984: HG4057.A52 and HG4057.A53; 1985: HG4057.A2 W37; 1987-1988: HG4057.A522, HG4057.A532, HG4057.A533; 1994-2007: HG4057.A575

2003+ in Gale Directory Library

World Business Directory Large international public 1994, 1997-2003 HF54.U5 W667