Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance

Contacts for Locating Data for Economics Department, Finance and ORFE

Subject Contact
Development / Foreign Direct Investment / Trade /Monetary & Fiscal Policy / Economic & Political Risk / Tax / Government Finance Bobray Bordelon 
Economics of Art & Culture, Crime, Demography, Health Bobray Bordelon
Economics of Education / Economics of Labor / Industrial Relations Bobray Bordelon
Environmental & Energy Economics Ashley Faulkner
Sports Economics Ashley Faulkner
Foreign / International Economies - other topics Bobray Bordelon
US Economy - other macro topics Ashley Faulkner

Finance and Investments / Financial Engineering / Industrial Organization

  • Fundamentals /Stocks/ Earnings Forecasts/ Venture Capital & Private Equity/ Industry Research/ Corporate Change & Ownership/Corporate Governance/News Analysis Commercial Loans/Commodities    Ashley Faulkner
  • Bonds/Credit Default Swaps/Futures/Options/Hedge Funds/Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Funds/Real Estate & REITS/Industrial Organization  Bobray Bordelon
Operations Research Willow Dressel


For other departments

Subject Contact
Politics Jeremy Darrington
Sociology Ashley Faulkner or  Bobray Bordelon
Woodrow Wilson Nancy Pressman Levy, Joann Donatiello, Elana Broch, and Ashley Faulkner

Please contact Bobray Bordelon if your topic does not fall into any of these categories.