How do I transfer scanned files to a CD, a flashdrive or to the Princeton central file server "H" drive?

When you are using the ScanPro equipment, save scanned files to the hard drive first.  Then, drag to either a flashdrive, a CD or to the Princeton central file server ("H" drive) for users with a valid Princeton netid.

To connect to the H drive:

  1. Right click “Map Network”; then type \\files\ your logon ID – in the first box (Do not check off “reconnect at logon”) then click finish
  2. when password box opens, type: Princeton\your logon ID then your e-mail password; then click OK
  3. drag file that is saved on the desktop to your H drive
  4. be sure to disconnect by right clicking map network then by clicking on “disconnect network drive”

For information about connecting to this server, please consult:

FAQ Listing: