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Butterflies and Moths

Creepy Crawlies



1.  Jarmila Glazarová.
Zahradník Hejduk. [Hejduk the Gardener.]
Zdenêk Seydl, illustrator.
Prague: Alois Hynek, 1946.

Butterflies are attracted to large, open, sunny, sheltered terrains, which have become increasingly scarce in highly built-up areas. The garden described in this children's book must have been an ideal habitat for butterflies or there would not be so many clinging to Hejduk's clothes and face. Most people will hold perfectly still when a butterfly lights on them because they don't want to frighten it away. Few insects inspire this response!

All the illustrations in this delightful book reflect Seydl's lifelong interest in backyard bugs. A versatile artist, Seydl (1916-1978) was a painter, printmaker, book illustrator, and designer of sets for legitimate stage productions, puppet theater, and animated films.

The fragile beauty of butterflies has also inspired remarkable nature photography and the European Butterflies site has breathtaking examples.