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Creepy CrawliesCreepy Crawlies



5.  Louise Leneveux.
Les petits habitants des fleurs.
E. Lejeune, illustrator.
Paris: Mme. Vve. Louis Janet, ca. 1850.

When they swarm, grasshoppers are among the most destructive of all insects (but only a small percentage of the many known species damage crops). These delicately colored, fanciful illustrations of grasshoppers did not appear in a work of fiction, but an introduction to natural history in the form of conversations between members of a fictional family. On the left, the illustrator has represented a plague of grasshoppers as an army riding through a field. The text does not identify the species in the illustration, but it looks as if it might be a bow-winged grasshopper. On the right, the grasshopper is shown playing in an musical ensemble, a charming way of reminding children that all of these insects make distinctive chirps or sounds.