Whitney Darrow, Jr., Collection


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of 20 pen-and-ink and wash caricatures and cartoons by Darrow that were used to illustrate his father's informal account of the beginnings of the Princeton University Press, published by the Press in 1951.

Box 1 contents (Caricatures and miscellaneous):
Darrow reading book on horse-drawn cart
Man with cigar in his hand
Darrow applying for job with B.W. Scott
Darrow shoveling snow for B.W. Scott
Darrow riding book delivery cart for B.W. Scott
Darrow and his family; his mother is reading aloud
Darrow waving Princeton flag while seated a at table
Darrow with luggage at Princeton Junction
Darrow as a waiter
Darrow and Bridges in Scribner's office
Scribner with cigar
Darrow learning bookkeeping from Hoff
Darrow driving Princeton University Press vehicle
Darrow using telephone at Alumni Weekly
Darrow collecting Princeton Publishing Company stock
Man with cigar in his mouth
Darrow shoveling coal
Man marching on strike
Two women discussing an open book
Christmas card from Alice and Whitney Darrow
Obituary for Darrow, featuring two of his New Yorker cartoons
Copy of Darrow's pamphlet about the Princeton University Press

Box 2 contents [oversize]:
Black & white transparency