George H. Thomas Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of 64 pen-and-ink and pencil illustrations that Thomas made for the London edition (1866) of the novel Armadale by Wilkie Collins, as well as 18 related proofs.

Box 1 contents [proofs with their studies]:
A Client for Mr. Pedgift [proof and study]
Allan's Neighbor [proof and study]
Father and Son [proof and study]
Force and Cunning [proof and three studies]
Miss Gwilt [proof and study]
Miss Gwilt and the Gorgons [proof and two studies]
Music on the Water [proof and study]
My Brothers, the Dogs [proof and two studies]
One Too Many [proof and two studies]
Pedgift at Fault [proof and two studies]
Thanks to the Thunder [proof and study]
The Cabin Door [proof and four studies]
The End of the Elopement [proof and three studies]
The Moth and the Candle [proof and two studies]
The Major's Clock [proof and three studies]
The Resident Gentry [proof and study]
The Tempting Moment [proof and study]
The Two Armadales [proof and three studies]

Box 2 contents [miscellaneous drawings]:
Man and woman seated at table [study and drawing]
Midwinter and Allan standing several feet apart, facing each other
Midwinter and Allan standing foot-to-foot, both are leaning back with their arms stretched forward
Two men, one is steadying the other by the arm [two drawings]
Profile of woman looking toward the left; smaller profile of a man, above her head
Woman walking toward man who is leaning forward
Woman standing behind sales counter while looking back at another woman behind her; salesman standing in front of the counter, facing the two women
Mustached man dressed in black, standing with woman, both gazing toward lake and mountains
Mustached man dressed in black, leaning forward while walking
Woman scowling at man who looks uncomfortable
Woman hiding near tree, staring at another woman off in the distance
Collage of scenes with various people including the cook, the gardener, and Allan
Allan greeting group of five people
Horses pulling carriage through town
Midwinter under Miss Gwilt's window
Allan and two women riding in carriage
Midwinter with dog
Horse pulling carriage; driver holding out his whip to the left
Profile of horse-drawn carriage with driver and passenger
Man standing and holding top hat, addressing another man seated at table
Two men standing and leaning into each other to talk privately
Man walking with hand extended to greet another man who is leaning forward; three women watch them from the left
Man with one hand in jacket, addressing group of people
Two drawings of horse and buggy with driver; one drawing features second man who is standing and waving to the driver
Robinson Crusoe
Horse and buggy carrying driver and passenger who are talking to each other
Collage of drawings including women's skirts, hands, and various people