Currier & Ives Lithographs Collection


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Contains Currier & Ives lithographs of American presidents, African Americans, the tree of life, steamship disasters, and river views.

Box 1 contents:
A crack trotter - A little off; by Thomas Worth; 1880
A crack trotter - Coming around; by Thomas Worth; 1880
Adams, John; by Nathaniel Currier; ca. 1850
Buchanan, James; ca. 1850
Burning of the Steamship Austria; 1875
Catharine; n.d.
Clay, Henry; by Nathaniel Currier; 1844
Colfax, Hon. Schuyler; n.d.
Dallas, George M.; by Nathaniel Currier; n.d.
English, Hon. William H.; n.d.
Everett, Hon. Edward; n.d.
Fillmore, Millard; by Nathaniel Currier; 1848
Freedom to the slaves; 1863
Got 'em both!; by Thomas Worth; 1882
Harrison, William Henry; by Nathaniel Currier; ca. 1850
Hung up, - With the starch out; by Thomas Worth; 1878
Jackson, Andrew; by Nathaniel Currier; ca. 1843
Laying back - Stiff for a brush; by Thomas Worth; 1878
Loss of the Steamer Cimbria; 1875
Polk, James K.; by Nathaniel Currier; ca. 1843
Pope, Major-Genl. John; n.d.
Sinking of the Steamship Elbe; 1875
Sinking of the Steamship Oregon; 1875
Sunnyside on the Hudson; by Nathaniel Currier; n.d.
The Darktown Bowling Club, Bowled out; 1888
The Darktown Bowling Club, Watching for a strike; 1888
The Declaration of Independence; by Nathaniel Currier; n.d.
The life and age of man; n.d.
The Lincoln family; 1867
The tree of life; n.d.
Two to go!; by Thomas Worth; 1882
Taylor, Zachary; by Nathaniel Currier; 1847
U.S. Steam Frigate, Princeton; n.d.
Untitled [River view]; n.d.
Wreck of the Steamship Schiller; 1875

Drawer Q7 contents [oversize]:
Awful explosion of the 'Peace-Maker' on board the U.S. Steam Frigate, Princeton;
by Nathaniel Currier; 1884