Timothy Cole Collection


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of 40 wood engravings, many of which are copies of paintings by other artists such as Millet, Rembrandt, Romney, Velasquez, and Vermeer.

Box 1 contents:
Aosta; 1916
Boys digging for rats; 1900
Girl sewing by candlelight; 1911
Girl with ruffled sleeves; n.d.
Head of a young man; n.d.
Nature [woman holding small dog in lap]; 1911
Nymphs bathing; 1910
The Breakdown, Norwich; 1899
Woman at window; 1912

Box 2 contents:
Abraham Lincoln; 1919
Abraham Lincoln; 1928
George Washington; 1920
George Washington; 1920
La maternite; 1909
Miss Louise Imogen Guiney; 1921
Mrs. Siddons; 1896
Pasteur in his laboratory, Paris; 1925
Peace; 1903
Philemon and Baucis; 1927
Portrait of Mrs. Blair; 1911
Self-portrait [Bookplate for Vassar College]; 1918
The kiss; 1910
The Sisters Mrs. Tickel and Mrs. Sheridan; 1897
Rembrandt [Self-portrait]; 1921
Robert Underwood Johnson; 1923
Rodin; 1926
The broken mirror; 1906
The honorable William Pitt; 1902
The Sisters; 1899
Timothy Cole, the man with the violin; 1892
Untitled [Portrait of white-haired man, chin on hand, studying portfolio]; 1917
Woodrow Wilson; 1918

Box 3 contents:
Alexander Hamilton; 1922
Fray Feliz Hortensio Palavicino; 1930
George Washington; 1921
Theodore Roosevelt; 1928
Thomas Jefferson; 1926
Untitled [Portrait of man with long, dark hair and moustache]; 1919
Untitled [Portrait of white-haired, pensive man]; n.d.
Untitled [Portrait of white-haired woman wearing large cross and hat]; 1925