Alexander Anderson Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of wood engravings by Anderson, the first engraver on wood in America and a follower of Thomas Bewick's white line style. Anderson's engraved headpieces for the American editions of Arnaud Berqun's The Looking-Glass for the Mind show his close study and familiarity with the English artist's techniques, as do the vignettes for Robert Bloomfield's The Farmer's Boy done in the early 1800s. Illustrations that appeared in various journals and magazines are also included, as is the diploma awarded to him from the American Academy of Fine Arts in 1818.

Box 1 contents [Bible illustrations]:

Unmatted prints in Mylar sleeves:
Abraham and the three angels; Gen. xviii, 2
Abraham's faith; Genesis xxii, 7,8
Absalom hanging on a tree; 2 Sam. xviii. 9
Balaam and the angel; Num. xxii, 22, 23
Cain and Abel; Genesis iv, 8
Christ appeareth to Mary; Mark xvi, 9
Daniel interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream; Daniel iv. 19 [additional copy matted]
Delilah and Samson; Judges xvi, 19
Hagar in the wilderness; Genesis xxi. 17
Hezekiah; II Kings, xix. 14
Isaac blesseth Jacob; Genesis xxvii. 27-29
Jephthah; Judges xi, 34
John Baptist's head in a charger; Matt. xiv, 11
Joseph and his brethren; Genesis xxxvii, 28
Lot returning from Sodom; Genesis xix, 15
Mordecai's advancement; Esther vi. 2-11
Noah; Genesis viii, 20
Return of the spies; Numbers xiii, 23
Samson betrayed by Delilah; Judges, chap xvi. ver. 19
Samson slayeth a lion; Judges xiv. 5, 6
Solomon blessing the congregation of Israel; I Kings viii, 14
The angel with the book; Rev. x. Dan. xii. 7
The cross; John xix, 25

Matted prints:
Bar-Jesus struck with blindness; Acts, chap. xiii. ver. 11
Christ raising the son of the widow of Nain; Luke, chap. vii. ver. 14
Daniel in the lion's den; Daniel, chap. vi. verse 16
Daniel interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream; Daniel iv. 19 [additional copy in mylar sleeve]
Incredulity of the apostle Thomas; John, chap. xx. ver. 27
John Baptizing Jesus Christ; Matth. chap. iii. ver. 13
Judas casting away the pieces of silver; Matth. chap. xxvii v. 5
Massacre of the innocents by order of Herod; Matth. chap. ii. ver. 16 [two copies]
Moses found in the Bulrushes; Exodus, chap. ii ver. 5
Pharaoh's sorcerers turning the rods into serpents; Exodus, chap. vii. ver. 11
Samson betrayed by Delilah; Judges, chap xvi. ver. 19
St. John's vision of the dragon chained; Revelations, chap. xx. v. 2
The annunciation; Luke, chap. i. ver. 28
The creation
The flight into Egypt; Matth. chap. ii. ver. 13 [two copies]
The Magi offering presents; Matth. chap. ii. ver. 11
Visit of the virgin Mary to Elizabeth; Luke, chap. i. ver. 39

Box 2 contents [Miscellaneous prints]:

Unmatted prints in Mylar sleeves:
The hermit
The seasons [by James Thomson, 1826; eight illustrations in one Mylar sleeve]
The traveler
Untitled [Man and woman dancing near donkey]
Untitled [Three women, two standing and one reclining]

Matted prints:
A persuasive to public worship [page from a tract]
Defeat of General Braddock - 9th July, 1755
Diploma, American Academy of the Fine Arts
Pochahontas saving the life of Captain Smith, A.D. 1608
The history of Peter Thomson
The Holstein, or Dutch breed
The Lady's Weekly Miscellany [cover illustration]; 1808
Untitled [Hunter with his dogs and their prey]
View of Rochester

Two prints matted together:
Biographical sketches of all the magistrates of New Amsterdam
Dutch stadt huys, or city hall, New York

Two prints matted together:
Pauler merino sheep

Three prints matted together [proof illustrations from The Farmer's Boy]:

Three prints matted together:
Untitled [Two skeletons]
Untitled [Man and boy in garden]
Untitled [Merman near woman seated on a rock]

Three prints matted together:
Untitled [Man and dog in tree]
Untitled [Man and dog near waterfall]
Untitled [Man, child and dog near water]

Four prints matted together:
Oregon territory: Missionary preaching to the Indians
West Indies: Slaves cultivating the sugar cane
Making tar
Peru: Mules and lamas carrying produce
South Carolina: Battle of Eutaw Springs
Western States
Maryland: Bombardment of Fort McHenry
New York: View of the lower part of the city of New York

Six prints matted together:
Cleopatra, or, The reformed little tyrant
Arthur and Adrian, or, Two heads better than one
Little Adolphus
Mischief its own punishment. Exemplified in the history of Williaxa and Harry.
Flora and her little lamb
The rival dogs
The passionate boy
The covetous boy
Little Anthony
Little Jack
Anthony and Augustus, or, A rational education preferable to riches
The sparrow's nest

Nine prints matted together:
Untitled [Birds nest with eggs]
Till death us do part
Winter storm
Amphibious animals
Hunter and leopard
The two fishermen
Raven and serpent
Blind fiddlers
Kindness to animals