Alfred Bendiner Collection


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists primarily of cartoons and sketches drawn during Bendiner's trips to Europe and the Middle East. Many drawings were done on the backs of postcards, postal envelopes, hotel menus, and soap paper. In addition, there are seven pen-and-ink caricatures of musicians and a collection of 12 illustrations for a calendar.

Box 1 contents (ordered by title, musicians grouped separately):
Cafe chat noir; lithograph; n.d.
Hero; lithograph; n.d.
Heroes of the home front -- the filter room of the Aircraft Warning Service; lithograph; n.d.
Jungle artist; pen and ink; n.d.
Swan song; lithograph; n.d.
The artful dodger; lithograph; n.d.
The home front; lithograph; 1944
Tourist voodoo; lithograph; n.d.
Untitled [Gondola -- carte du jour]; pencil; n.d.
Ansermer; pen and ink; n.d.
Francescatti; pen and ink; n.d.
Iturbi; pen and ink; n.d.
Koussevitzky; pen and ink; n.d.
Petrie; pen and ink; n.d.
Serkin; pen and ink; n.d.
Stravinsky; pen and ink; n.d.

Box 2 contents (ordered by size, accession number, title):
Untitled [Portfolio of six postcards and two sketches]; pencil and ink; n.d.
Untitled [Sketch of person]; pencil; n.d.
Delegates get tired!; ink; n.d.
Donkey back; crayon; n.d.
Donkey boy; crayon; n.d.
Drum; crayon; n.d.
Faggots; watercolor and ink; n.d.
Italian uniforms; crayon; n.d.
Mr. & Mrs. Sketch; pencil; n.d.
Pointing; pen and ink; n.d.
Self-portrait; pencil; n.d.
Untitled [Sketches on three envelopes]; pencil, pen and ink; n.d.
Untitled [Sketches on four envelopes]; pen and ink; n.d.
Trudging; crayon; n.d.
Untitled [Man holding cat]; water pencil; n.d.
Will it hurt?; crayon; n.d.
Donkey back; pencil; n.d.
Patriarch; pencil; n.d.
Strolling along; watercolor; n.d.
Traffic Hotel Astoria; pen and ink; n.d.
Untitled [Four sketches of Greek men]; pencil, pen and ink, watercolor; n.d.
Untitled [Two Arab men and tourist]; pencil; n.d.
Untitled [Three sketches of men smoking water-pipes]; pencil; n.d.
Untitled [Portfolio of 17 sketches on 13 sheets of paper]; pencil; n.d.
Untitled [Portfolio of 18 sketches]; pencil, pen and ink, crayon, watercolor; n.d.
Flood Damascus; pencil; n.d.
Russian water-boy; crayon; 1928
For Ted (with a latch key); crayon; n.d.
Untitled [Seven pencil sketches of Middle Eastern scenes]; pencil; n.d.
Al + Landy + Pyramids; crayon; n.d.
Cap Haitien; watercolor, ca. 1940
Roofs, Cap Haitien; watercolor; n.d.
View of Port au Prince; watercolor; n.d.
Untitled [Arab man riding donkey]; n.d.
Wedding dancers; n.d.
Laundry; crayon; n.d.
Street scene; n.d.
Turbans; n.d.
Untitled [Four sketches of men on two sheets of paper]; pen and ink; n.d.
Untitled [Three drawings of men in orange, black, blue and yellow]; color pencil; n.d.
Untitled [Two sketches of men on hotel stationary]; ink; n.d.

Map drawer L3 contents (ordered by size, title):
Untitled [Twelve drawings for a calendar]; watercolor and ink; 1988
Untitled [Rooster]; watercolor; n.d.
Al + Landy + Pyramids [preliminary sketch]; pen and ink; n.d.
Beachcombers; watercolor; n.d.
Cannes; watercolor; n.d.
Circus; lithograph; 1952
Dubonnet; lithograph; n.d.
Fakirs; drawing; n.d.
Heaven; lithograph; n.d.
Minarets; drawing; n.d.
Princeton sand trap; watercolor; n.d.
St. Mark's [Venice]; lithograph; 1963
Study for crayon drawing given to Wm. Rodebaugh, Jr.; pencil; n.d.
The column; watercolor; n.d.
Villa Cimbroni Ravello; watercolor; n.d.
Untitled [Belly dancer entertaining group of Arab men]; crayon; n.d.
Wine festival; pastel; n.d.