W. A. Dwiggins Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists primarily of pen-and-ink line drawings by Dwiggins, many of which are illustrations for the Random House edition (1929) of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In addition, there are examples of photomechanical line plate reproductions, a title page design for Willa Cather's A Mortal Enemy, illustrations for the Peter Pauper edition of Gulliver's Travels, Colophon ephemera, and decorative elements and fleurons.

Box 1 contents [The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1929]:
Portfolio of miscellaneous drawings and prints
Slipcase exterior drawing
Slipcase spine drawing
Title page
Page 15: Story of the Door [illustration]
Page 15: Story of the door [line plate]
Page 19 [untitled illustration]
Page 19: Story of the door--I gave a view halloo [illustration]
Page 29: Search for Mr. Hyde, this document--fiend [illustration]
Page 37 [untitled illustration]
Page 37: Search for Mr. Hyde, Mr. H. appeared to hesitate [illustration]
Page 45: The large handsome face of Dr. Jekyll [illustration]
Page 45: The large handsome face of Dr. Jekyll [new illustration]
Page 51: The Carew Murder [illustration]
Page 55: The dismal quarter of Soho [illustration]
Page 59 [untitled illustration]
Page 59 [untitled line plate]
Page 65 [untitled illustration]
Page 71: One moment, I thank you [illustration]
Page 77 [untitled line plate]
Page 85 [untitled illustration]
Page 91 [untitled illustration]
Page 95 [untitled line plate]
Page 107 [untitled illustration]
Page 117 [untitled illustration]
Page 125 [untitled illustration]
Page 125 [untitled line plate]
Page 135 [untitled illustration]
Page 135 [untitled line plate]
Page 143 [untitled illustration]
Page 151 [untitled illustration]
Page 151 [untitled line plate]
Page 155 [untitled illustration]

Box 2 contents [Colophon ephemera and illustrations]:
Company K [by] William March and Mercury Book design; 1935
My mortal enemy [title page]; n.d.
Nobodaddy a play [title page]; n.d.
Drawings for the Peter Pauper edition of Gulliver's Travels and other books and drawings; 1948
Petrouchka; 1921
Portfolio of Colophon ephemera; ca. 1935
Pynson Printers logo; n.d.
Untitled [Golfer]; n.d.
Untitled [Three pen drawings of ornaments]; n.d.
Untitled [Young man casually dressed]; n.d.

Box 3 contents [Pynson Printers, printing ephemera, and correspondence]:
Baker & Taylor [Three sketches for emblems or plates]; 1946
Untitled [Nine drawings on board]; n.d.
Untitled [Three silhouettes]; n.d.
Untitled [Two drawings on board]; n.d.
Portfolio of letters from Dwiggins to 'Peter B.' and Elmer Adler
Two portfolios of miscellaneous printing ephemera and paper samples; n.d.