American Caricatures and Cartoons Collection


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of 20th-century caricatures and cartoons by American artists.

Forbell, Charles:
So this is Chicago?; n.d.

Fuller, R.B.:
Daniel reads the handwriting on the wall; n.d.
If a certain best seller had been read in those days; n.d.
King Canute does his stuff in Florida; n.d.
Nightmare of the man who brags about taking a cold plunge every morning; n.d.
Professor's wife, "What have you done?;" n.d.
Scrambled history: Horatius at Brooklyn Bridge; n.d.
Scrambled history: Jonah joins the expedition of Columbus; n.d.
Scrambled history: King Canute commands the ocean to recede at Hollywood; n.d.
Scrambled history: Lucrezia Borgia offers a drink to Richard the Lion-Hearted; n.d.
Scrambled history: St. George and the dragon want to come aboard Noah's Ark; n.d.

Loring, Paul:
At the dyke of inflation; 1942
Conference; 1941
The fifth ace; 1942
The price of unpreparedness; 1941
Untitled [Gestapo methods]; n.d.
You can't do this to me; 1941

Unidentified artist [initials 'FGC']:
Discretion is the better part of valor; n.d.