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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of prints, book leaves, and wood blocks by various artists, collected by the Hunt Corporation and given to the Princeton University Library Graphic Arts Collection in 2004.

Hanging on display in 2-14-G:
Defehrt: Diderot-d'Aembert Encyclopedia [Plate 1: Gravure en Bois, outils; figures 1-12]; woodcut; 1750-1770
Unidentified Artist: Diderot-d'Aembert Encyclopedia [Four original woodblocks]; wood; 1750-1770
Ward, Lang: Bouquet; woodblock; n.d.
Ward, Lang: Bouquet; woodcut; n.d.

Box 1 contents [American Prints]:
Depol, John: West side market demolition; wood engraving; 1968
Eichenberg, Fritz: Reynard the fox; wood engraving; 1901
Kent, Norman: Gaspe motif; linoleum cut; n.d.
Lankes, Julius J.: The Parrot Tavern; woodcut; 1935
Lathrop, Dorothy Pulis: Italian greyhound; wood engraving; ca. 1940
Leighton, Clare: The herb gatherers; wood engraving; n.d.
Lewis, Allen: Tired pilgrim; wood engraving; n.d.
Meissner, Leo John: Rita's window; wood engraving; n.d.
Ruzicka, Rudolph: East River, evening; wood engraving; n.d.

Box 2 contents [European Prints]:
Amman, Jost: Bestiaries Tierbuch [Four illustrations]; woodcut; 1579
Cranach, Lucas, the elder: Christ and the woman of Samaria; woodcut; ca. 1500
Durer, Albrecht: Stultifera Navis [Book leaf]; woodcut; 1497
Durer, Albrecht: The angel appearing to Joachim; woodcut; 1503-1504
Floetner, Peter: Vitruvius Teutsch; woodcut; 1548
Glaser, Hans Wolff: The holy family; woodcut; 1519
Holbein, Hans, the younger: Untitled [Two leaves from a German atlas]; engraving; ca. 1545
Kerver, Thielmann: Book of Hours [Book leaf]; copperplate engraving; 1502
Schott: Descent from the cross; woodcut; 1522
Traut, Wolf: Ehrenpforte for Emperor Maximilian I; woodcut; ca. 1512
Wolgemut, Michael: Moses leading the Jews; woodcut; 1491
Unidentified Artist: Spiegel Menschlicher Behaltnuss [Book leaf]; woodcut; 1476

Box 3 contents [American and European Prints]:
Amman, Jost: Habitus Praecipuorum Populorum [Ein Frankosisiche Edle Jungfrau]; woodcut; 1577
Amman, Jost: Habitus Praecipuorum Populorum [Ein Schiffman auss Seeland]; woodcut; 1577
Amman, Jost: Kunstbuchlein [Four illustrations]; woodcut; 1599
Burgkmair, Hans, the elder: Gentlemen; woodcut; n.d.
Grueninger, Jean: Opera Virgil [Egloga VI]; woodcut; 1502
Grueninger, Jean: Opera Virgil [Eneidos]; woodcut; 1502
Landacre, Paul: Pelican; wood engraving; n.d.
Neufeld, Woldemar: Chardin in Winter; linocut; n.d.
Watson, Ernest: Deserted; screen print; n.d.
Wolgemut, Michael: Nuremberg Chronicle [First edition leaf: Bertaetas mundi]; woodcut; 1493
Wolgemut, Michael: Nuremberg Chronicle [First edition leaf: Lercia etas mudi]; woodcut; 1493
Unidentified Artist: Diderot-d'Aembert Encyclopedia [Plate 2: Gravure en Bois, outils; figures 13-43]; woodcut; 1750-1770
Unidentified Artist: Diderot-d'Aembert Encyclopedia [Plate 3: Gravure en Bois, principes; figures 44-63]; woodcut; 1750-1770