Ulli Steltzer Photographs of African Americans


Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Contains black-and-white photographs of African Americans in rural and urban areas. The photographs appear to be mid-20th century, and are mounted on board. Proper titles for the photographs were not available; the titles below are descriptive.

Box 1 contents (children and women):
Boy toddler laughing, arms raised over head
Boy toddler leaning against brick building
Close-up of mother and infant, cheek-to-cheek
Female cook and three toddlers near stove
Girl seated on sidewalk, leaning against building
Girl toddler carrying life-size doll
Girl toddler sitting on top bunk bed
Girl with elbows on knees, hands on face
House exterior and horse standing near tree
Infant asleep on large bed
Mother and three children standing in doorway of house
Numerous children on urban sidewalk near bridge
Seven children and woman seated on sofa
Seven family members posing near doorway
Six boys and girls on wrought iron fence
Six boys seated on grass, all looking right
Two boy toddlers, both looking right
Two young girls, one smiling and wearing cap
Woman embracing boy who is seated on porch
Woman in dressy attire, standing with child, near car
Woman in house coat, with three toddlers
Woman kissing boy who is seated on porch
Woman smiling, holding baby on lap

Box 2 contents (men and women):
Man near typewriter, cigarette in hand
Elderly man in straw hat and plaid shirt
Woman addressing group of five men
Elderly woman in black sweater
Elderly woman in dress with fleur-de-lis print
Elderly woman in dress with flower print
Elderly woman looking right, clasping wrist
Elderly woman with braided hair, wearing stocking cap
Group of young people, older man at center in black coat
Large group of young people, two men at center have arms raised
Man eating tomato near bushel baskets
Man in black-and-white sweater, holding pencil
Man in black, wide-brimmed felt hat and leather jacket
Man in coat and hat, seated beneath hanging clothes
Man in coat and hat, smoking cigar
Man in overalls, kneeling in house entrance
Man in undershirt, holding cigarette
Man in white t-shirt, looking forward
Man standing at house entrance, near wagon
Six men outside small building
White-haired man in narrow-striped shirt and white jacket
Woman and man seated, looking left
Woman embracing man, both standing on porch
Woman in black-and-white checked jacket, facing forward
Woman in black-and-white checked jacket, facing left
Woman in vertical-striped shirt and burlap skirt
Woman in white sunglasses, facing forward
Woman in white sunglasses, near house
Woman using washtub near house
Young man in coat, hand on face, large ring on finger
Young man in corduroy jacket, near brick wall
Young man in dark shirt with white button
Young man in white, collared shirt over white t-shirt
Young woman with long hair and corduroy jacket

Box 3 (oversize) contents (children and women):
Woman wearing hairnet, standing with seven toddlers
Boy roller-skating near hanging laundry
Five young girls playing near water well
Boy holding puppy
Boy in shorts, leaning on wooden railing
Child in short white shirt, elbow covering face
Girl holding balloon labeled 'Freedom now'
Girl in white dress with embroidered sleeves
Three young women with baby girl, seated on porch
Toddler seated on porch step, holding doll
Toddler with pigtails and black sweater, head bowed forward
Woman holding bibbed, sleeping infant

Box 4 (oversize) contents (women):
Elderly woman seated in front of Philco refrigerator
Two women in beauty shop
Woman in sweatshirt jacket over plaid shirt
Woman on porch using wash pan to bathe
Woman picking tomatoes in field
Woman reaching into laundry basket placed on bare mattress
Woman with hair pulled up, flowered dress, sad face
Woman in bed, wearing hospital bracelet
Woman in checkered shirt using washtub
Woman working in cotton field

Box 5 (oversize) contents (men and women):
Five men and women in church pews, conversing [two copies]
Man and woman sawing log near house
Man in suit, standing between rubble and car
Men and boys in barbershop
Bearded man in turtleneck, with woman
Group of men and women clapping
Happy crowd on city street, watching something off in the distance
Man playing steel guitar
Man seated on cinderblock
Man standing and clapping hands near other seated men
Man standing near horse, holding reins
Man with arm around woman in sunglasses
Protest line on city street
Three men in office, bookshelves on wall