Edward Steichen Navy Photographs Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Contains Steichen photographs taken aboard United States Navy aircraft carriers during World War II. The photographs include Navy personnel on duty and at leisure, aircraft carriers at sea, and warplane operations. Also included in the collection is a Life Magazine article regarding Steichen's The Family of Man [1955] photo exhibit.

Box 1 contents [entire collection]:
Titled photographs:
A big U.S. carrier launching a torpedo bomber
A Jap 500 lb. bomb hitting the flight deck of the USS Enterprise
A plane captain helping his pilot into his plane
A US Navy scout plane 'spotting' for firing ships
A wounded gunner being lifted from his plane on the USS Saratoga
An escort carrier's planes rendezvousing before setting forth
Before dawn
Before dawn preparation
Bound for a raid on Jap-held Marcus Island, a 'talker' relays the gunnery officer's order to gun Crews on carrier
Burning Jap dive-bomber
Capt. S.H. Ingersoll in complete relaxation
Carrier bull session
Carrier deck hands stretching anxiously to see the downing of a Jap plane
Carrier-based planes revving for take-off
Crewmen clean the barrel of a rive-inch gun
Deck swabber
Exhaust stacks of Navy dive-bombers
Exit laughing
Flight group of attack planes over ocean
Gasoline detail men
Gunners at 40 mm. anti-aircraft guns
Hellcats taking off for attack on Jap fleet
Lt. J.M. Clarke flags take-off signal
Making ready the flight deck of the USS Lexington for a strike
Mechanics at work
Navy crewmen preparing a Hellcat
Navy pilots' basketball game
Navy TBM pilots walking toward their waiting plane
Officers and men line the deck to watch Hellcats take off
Pilots, man your planes
Plane handlers and spotters working an F6F into take-off position
Planes on flight deck with crew milling about
Pushing in a Jeep
Revving up for take-off
Smoke pouring through a hole in the flight deck of an escort carrier
Spotting a plane forward on the flight deck after it has landed aboard
The 'broom detail'
The captain's inspection
The landing signal officer at work
Torpedo bombers at sea
Torpedo plane, USS Saratoga, after landing, one wheel shot off and gunner wounded
Transferring flight personnel from a destroyer back to a carrier in Task Force 58
Two amphibious tanks with gunners ready to fire on Anguar Island
VT pilots in briefing session
Waiting for their plane's return
The Family Man, Steichen's Great Photo Exhibition [Life Magazine article]
Untitled photographs:
69 photographs of Navy personnel, aircraft carriers, and war planes