William Henry Jackson Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Contains albumen photographs of Western America taken by Jackson for the Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey of the Territories, 1870-1880.

Box 1 contents
Card mounted photographs:
1802. Mother Grundy. Clear Creek Canyon.
1807. Idaho Springs
1812. Georgetown. From Democrat Mtn.
1823. Mt. Rosalie from Bellevue
5210. Fountain in Plasa (Chihuahua)
5240. Lagos, general view showing Cathedral.
5267. Sonora (illegible imprint)
5275. Mexico, the Almeda
5282. Mexico, Lavanderas
5285. Mexico, Pulqueria and Carreta
5601. Aztec sculpture of Xipe Totec
5640. Tezcoco, Court of the Old Church
5661. Mexican Carreta. Chihuahua.

Photographs mounted on blue paper:
242. Argenta Falls. Lake Fork.
243. Lower Falls on Lake Fork
248. Uncompagre
254. Cascade in Cunningham Gulch
266. Bakers Park, From Eureka
273. Boren's Cabin
284. Ruined Cave Town on the Rio de Chelly
285. Cave Town on the Rio de Chelley
286. Cave Town on the Rio de Chelley
288. Ruins in Montezuma Canon
289. Ruins in Montezuma Canon
291. Cave Ruins in Canon near Sierra Abajo
296. View from Tegua towards Moqui
299. She-Paul-A-Wee
Title illegible [Mule on a mountain trail]

Photographs mounted on ivory paper:
61. Laramie Peak
118. Castellated Rocks near Monument Park
135. Quaking-Asp. Grove.
158. Ancient ruins in the Canon of the McAngus
161. Ancient ruined castle at Aztec Springs. The outer wall. [copy 1]
161. Ancient ruined castle at Aztec Springs. The outer wall. [copy 2]
168. Old tower near the McElmo
172. Ruined fortress on the Hovenweep. Utah.
200. Valley of the Yellowstone
219. View on Summit
242. Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
266. Bakers Park, from Eureka
288. Ruins in Montezuma Canon
454. Gardiners River Hot Springs - 1871
Grand Lake. 67
Tower Falls. 115 Feet
Uncompagre Peak

Box 2 contents [Oversize]
75. Cathedral Spires
98. Snow Mass Mtn.
1001. Mount of the Holy Cross
1007. Tower of Bable. Garden of the gods.
1063. Navajo church
1093. Tower Falls
Grand Canon of the Yellowstone
Upper Fire Hole, from Old Faithful