Edward Naumburg Collection of Tea Ephemera


Item Listing
Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of printed and illustrated material relating to most aspects of tea culture, collected by Edward Naumburg (Princeton Class of 1924). Included are: trade cards; print advertisements; souvenir advertising booklets; wood engravings from The Graphic, The Illustrated London News, and The Sketch; popular prints; magazine articles; illustrations of tea paraphernalia; postcards; a tea label; a stereograph of laborers working at a Japanese tea plantation; and a photograph of a tea exhibition held at the Princeton Club of New York in 1974. Some of the items also deal with coffee.

Box 1 contains the entire collection:

Folder 1 contents [Trade cards and advertising premiums]:

Trade Cards
The Bennett Tea House; 1882
C.D. Kenney, tea dealer & coffee roaster; n.d.
Centennial American Tea Co.; n.d.
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.'s branch houses in the U.S.; 1882
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company [with portrait of Helena Modjeska]; n.d.
Union Pacific Tea Co.: 7 O'clock; n.d.

Advertising Premiums
Chase & Sanborn: Butterflies of America; lithograph; 1900
Chase & Sanborn: Seals and coats of arms [of America]; letterpress; 1902
Chase & Sanborn [Souvenir art album]; lithograph; 1889
E.J. Hamilton & Co., tea dealers and wholesale grocers [product listing]; letterpress; n.d.
Kwong Sang Tea Co.: Tea drinking is the best enjoyment; letterpress; n.d.
McCormick and Company: The story of tea; letterpress; 1926

Folder 2 contents [Miscellaneous items]:

A.C. Fitzpatrick & Co., importers & dealers in teas & coffees [Bank inquiry]; 1896/02/13
Inventory of exhibition relating to tea [at Princeton Club of New York]; 1974
Princeton Library in New York, The ceremony of afternoon tea [exhibition announcement]; n.d.
Roche & Farrell, importers and jobbers of teas, tobaccos, segars & liquors [Account statement]; 1879/01/25

Greeting card
Wiles, Irvin, 1861-1948 [after]: Russian Tea; n.d.

Griffith, George W.: 1826. Gathering the tea leaf, Japan.; albumen print; 1901
Unidentified Artist: Princeton Club of New York, tea exhibition; gelatin silver; 1974

Magazine articles
Smith, Eric J.G. [author]. The Connoisseur: Tea and the silversmith; letterpress; n.d.
Scheurleer, Th. H. Lunsingh [author]. The Dutch at the tea-table; letterpress; 1976/10/--

Cassatt, Mary, 1844-1926 [after]: A cup of tea; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: Shipping Tea Ceylon; 1908

Tea label
Lipton Tea; n.d.

Folder 3 contents [Print advertising (black and white) from unidentified publications]:
Amos Cummings, dealer in choice teas; n.d.
Bond & Deckla wholesale tea warehouse; 1851
Dana, Farrar & Hyde; n.d.
Gorham & Company; n.d.
Henry B. Stanwood & Co. Manufacturers and importers.; n.d.
Jones, Ball & Co. Silversmiths. Jewelers.; n.d.
The New England Tea Hong; n.d.

Folder 4 contents [Popular prints; ordered by artist and title]:
Hayward, George: Grocery & Tea Store, corner of Spring & Crosby St. N.Y. 1826; lithograph; 1865
Houtteano, Horto van: Plantation de the; lithograph; n.d.
Tingle, James: Loading tea-junks at Tseen-tang; engraving; ca. 1840
Willmore, A.: The culture and preparation of tea [Copy 1]; engraving; 1843
Willmore, A.: The culture and preparation of tea [Copy 2]; engraving; 1843
Unidentified Artist: Creme de thé; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: The cup of tea; lithograph; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: Heating & rolling tea-leaves [Copy 1]; 1821/03/01
Unidentified Artist: Heating & rolling tea-leaves [Copy 2]; 1821/03/01
Unidentified Artist: Les arbres de thé; lithograph; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: Tea warehouse; 1821/05/01
Unidentified Artist: Thea; lithograph; 1842
Unidentified Artist:: Untitled [Asian man being served tea]; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: Untitled [Asian workers inspecting, weighing, brewing, and packing tea leaves]; n.d.
Unidentified Artist: Women of Williamstadt; 1817/01/01

Folder 5 contents [The Graphic: Print advertising and wood engravings (black and white); unidentified artists; ordered by date]:
The cultivation of tea in Assam; 1875/06/19
The cultivation in British India--View of Darjeeling from the South; 1876/03/25
Tea cultivation in British India; 1876/03/25
Tea cultivation in India--A tea-garden on the borders of Nepaul [sic]; 1883/07/14
Tea culture in India; 1883/11/03
Lipton's Teas: Direct from the tea garden to the teapot; 1892/02/13
United Kingdom Tea Company: Grasp these facts!; 1894/12/29

Folder 6 contents [The Illustrated London News: Print advertising and wood engravings (black and white); unidentified artists; ordered by date]:
Sketches from Shanghai; 1863/08/29
Unloading tea-ships in the East India docks; 1867/10/26
A street tea-seller, Moscow; 1874/05/23
Japanese tea cultivation; 1874/08/01
Sketches at a tea warehouse; 1874/12/12
Breaking bulk on board a tea ship in the London docks; 1877/12/08
United Kingdom Tea Company: Tea, direct from importer to consumer; 1892/10/08
United Kingdom Tea Company: Something about tea; 1893/05/06
United Kingdom Tea Company: The premier tea merchants of the world!; 1893/12/02
A couple of life preservers [Mazawattee coffee and tea]; 1895/07/06
United Kingdom Tea Company: Delicious!; 1895/12/14
Lipton's Teas; 1896/02/29

Folder 7 contents [The Sketch: Print advertising (color)]:
United Kingdom Tea Company, Limd.: Delicious!; 1894/04/25
United Kingdom Tea Company, Limd.: Tea, first-hand; 1894/04/25