Lorenzo Homar Collection


Vicki Principi

Pica Flora (1960)
xylograph by Lorenzo Homar

Graphic Arts Collection

Department of Rate Book and Special Collections

Princeton University Library


Consists of drawings, prints, posters, and engraved wooden plaques reflecting the wide range of work by this Puerto Rican graphic artist and calligrapher. Included are watercolor drawings from his army days; drawings and sketches of jewelry; and over 90 posters he created for various exhibitions, conferences, and performing arts events--many of these are limited and signed/inscribed by Homar. There are also two hand-engraved wooden plaques, one showing an alphabet and the other bearing the sign "Sala Fray Bartolome de las Casas." The latter, apparently his last engraved work, was made in 1992 and hung until 1999 outside the seminar room of Princeton's Program in Latin American Studies in the Joseph Henry House.

Box 1 contents [drawings]:
Cartier jewelry designs: three views of an emerald ring; pencil and tempera, date unknown
Cartier jewelry designs: 3 rings, 1 leaf-shaped brooch [1 of 3 sets of drawings]; pencil and tempera, date unknown
Cartier jewelry designs: 3 rings, 3 earrings [2 of 3 sets of drawings]; pencil and tempera, date unknown
Cartier jewelry designs: 2 rings, 2 brooches [3 of 3 sets of drawings]; pencil and tempera, date unknown
Composicion Atonal; pen and ink, 1962
Decadence of the political meeting; pen and wash, date unknown
Familia Bauer Jimenez 2-B; pencil, date unknown
La Escalera / Junio-Julio-1966; pen and ink, 1966
La joven y el Diablo; pen and wash, date unknown
Max Toro fotografo; pencil, date unknown
Que hago yo aqui?; wash, 1972
Untitled [Logo designs for Asociacion Puerto Ricquena de Profesores Universitadios]; pen and wash, date unknown
Untitled [Noise]; pen and wash, date unknown
Untitled [Profile of seated man, playing saxophone]; charcoal, 1937
Untitled [Seventeen sketches on soap paper]; pencil, date unknown
Untitled [Sketches for Casals Festival posters--1 of 3]; pencil, 1957
Untitled [Sketches for Casals Festival posters--2 of 3]; pencil, 1957
Untitled [Sketches for Casals Festival posters--3 of 3]; pencil, 1957
You are too Latin; pen and wash, date unknown

Box 2 contents [prints]:
Abecedavio Chileno; screen print, 1974
Ay Lola Lola; engraving, 1954
Betances; engraving, 1960
De hostos; engraving, 1961
El obispo de ponce; engraving, 1954
El poeta tanus blanco; wood engraving, 1961
La tormenta; screen print, date unknown
Picaflora; wood engraving, 1960
Querencia; wood engraving, 1960
Sentimiento de olor; wood engraving, 1960
Texto Martin Fierro; wood engraving, 1968
Tintorera del mar; engraving, 1954
Title page vignette for Poemas a la cancora by Violeta Lopez Suria; woodcut or process block, 1963
Untitled [Alphabet with quote from Emannuel Geibel]; screen print, 1968
Ya llegro; engraving, 1954

Box 3 contents [plaque]:
ABCD . . .; carved and gilded wood, 1966

Box 4 contents [plaque]:
Sala fray Bartolome de las casas; carved and gilded wood, 1992

Map drawer D1 contents [posters]:
Poster 1: Exposicion Arquitectura Colonial en Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1960
Poster 2: Fotografias de Carlos Guzman; silkscreen, 1980
Poster 3: Semana Bolivariana; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 4: Exposicion retrospectiva de la Obra de Lorenzo Homar; medium unknown, 1978
Poster 5: Exposicion de ceramica; medium unknown, 1977
Poster 6: VII mo Campeonato Mundial de Baloncesto; screen print, 1974
Poster 7: Una exposicion la musica en el libro; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 8: Exposicion de Obras Maestras; medium unknown, 1961
Poster 9: Festival Casals; medium unknown, 1989
Poster 10: Exposicion retrospectiva de Lorenzo Homar; screen print, 1978
Poster 11: Los Incunables Espanoles; medium unknown, 1969
Poster 12: Teatro Rodante Puertorriqueno / Betances de Jaime Carrero; medium unknown, 1981
Poster 13: Pinturas de Jose Campeche; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 14: VIII Juegos Panamericanos / Vele; medium unknown, 1979
Poster 15: VIII Juegos Panamericanos; screen print, 1975/1979
Poster 16: VIII Juegos Panamericanos; medium unknown, 1979
Poster 17: Federacion Puertoriquena de Gimnasia / VIII Juegos Panamericanos; medium unknown, 1979
Poster 18: El deporte como la expression cultural de un pueblo; silkscreen, 1980
Poster 19: 102do Aniversario de El Grito de Lares; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 20: Exposicion auspiciada por el Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena / George Warrek; medium unknown, 1975
Poster 21: Domingo Garcia 2 exposiciones; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 22: Centenario del grito de Lares; medium unknown, 1968
Poster 23: Pinturas de Julio Acuna; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 24: Jochi Melero; medium unknown, 1977
Poster 25: VIII Juegos Panamericanos / Voleibol; medium unknown, 1979
Poster 26: Gran Baile Anual de la Federacion de Musicos de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 27: Domingo Garcia en Palomas; screen print, 1984
Poster 28: Sin nombre Convoca; medium unknown, 1976
Poster 29: At la Copa Hotel Americana / The San Juan Jazz Workshop; silkscreen, 1964
Poster 30: Exposicion Collages de Margot Ferra; medium unknown, 1965
Poster 31: Calle de Cristo / Exposicion abierta la publico; medium unknown, 1959
Poster 32: Por los Caminos del Dia; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 33: Jose Rosa / Rafael Rivera; medium unknown, 1967
Poster 34: El Cartel en Puerto Rico / Grafica de Lorenzo Homar; medium unknown, 1972
Poster 35: Exposicion Subasta pro Excarcelacion de los Presos Nacionalistas; medium unknown, 1976
Poster 36: Festival Casals; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 37: Jose Campeche; screen print, 1976
Poster 38: Galeria Colibri Callejon de la Capilla (Fortaleza 319) San Juan; woodcut, 1960
Poster 39: Dibujos y disenos marichal 18 de octubre Galeria Pintadera; medium unknown, 1957
Poster 40: Exposicion de imagineria popular Puertorriquena; medium unknown, 1958
Poster 41: En la Galeria Colibri / Ben Shahn; medium unknown, 1969
Poster 42: Museo de Arte de Ponce; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 43: Ramon Power y Giralt; medium unknown, 1963
Poster 44: Segunda Bienal de grabado Lantinoamericano; medium unknown, 1972
Poster 45: Exposicion / xilografias Orlando Salgado; medium unknown, 1999
Poster 46: Pablo Casals; lithograph, 1955
Poster 47: Bocetos pava escenografia y vestuario; screen print, 1974
Poster 48: Feria de arte; medium unknown, 1966
Poster 49: En la realidad no hay ni puede haber estado intermedio entre la esclavitud y la libertad; medium unknown, 1973 [one poster and one screen print]
Poster 50: Homenaje al Dante; medium unknown, 1965

Map drawer D3 contents [posters]:
Poster 51: La herencia artisti ca de Puerto Rico: epoca pre-Colombina al presente; medium unknown, 1973
Poster 52: Gestalt I; screen print, 1971
Poster 53: VIII Juegos Panamericanos / Baloncesto; medium unknown, 1979
Poster 54: Homenaje a un anniversario; screen print, 1981
Poster 55: Eduardo Ortiz / Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 56: Simposio centenario de Juan Ramon Jimenez; medium unknown, 1981
Poster 57: Xilografia internacional Convento de Santo Domingo; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 58: Bienal de grabado Latino-Americano en San Juan; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 59: Concurso Internacional Louis Moreau Gottschalk; medium unknown, 1969
Poster 60: Orquestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1965
Poster 61: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena / 6 pintores Argentinos; medium unknown, 1966
Poster 62: Exposicion Colon y el libro; medium unknown, 1958
Poster 63: Orquestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 64: La Casa del Arte exposicion Domingo Garcia; medium unknown, 1972
Poster 65: Exposicion retrospectiva de la obra grafica de Lorenzo Homar; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 66: El libro ilustrado en Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1972
Poster 67: Exposicion Don Quijote; medium unknown, 1967
Poster 68: Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University / Prints and posters by Lorenzo Homar; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 69: 1st Pan American track and field Masters Championship; medium unknown, 1980
Poster 70: Exhibition / The poster in Puerto Rico 1954-1974; medium unknown, 1974
Poster 71: Ballets de San Juan Presentan Maria Tallchief; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 72: Ballets de San Juan; medium unknown, 1963
Poster 73: Exposicion / Pinturas de Jaime Carrero; medium unknown, 1967
Poster 74: Puerto Rican prints and posters/ Pratt Graphic Art Center; medium unknown, 1966
Poster 75: 475 Aniversario del descubrimiento de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1968
Poster 76: Fiesta de la Lengua; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 77: Marichal dibujos y aguafuertes en el Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena; medium unknown, 1963
Poster 78: Exposicion Aguafuertes de Jack Bilander; medium and date unknown
Poster 79: Festival Casals; medium unknown, 1965
Poster 80: En leon en los libros; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 81: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena / Festival de Teatro; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 82: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena / Teatro tapia; medium unknown, 1962
Poster 83: 3ra Bienal del grabado Latino Americano en San Juan; screen print, 1974
Poster 84: Syndicat D'intiative D'Arles; medium unknown, 1967
Poster 85: Ferrer esculturas; medium unknown, 1966
Poster 86: Festival de Teatro / Teatro tapia; medium unknown, 1965
Poster 87: En el Teatro Tapia / 3er Festival de Teatro Puertorriqueno; medium unknown, 1960
Poster 88: Teatro Universitario presenta el mercader de Venecia; medium unknown, 1964
Poster 89: 20 Artistas jovenes italianos dibujos y pinturas de la coleccion Helena Rubinstein; medium unknown, 1959
Poster 90: En la Galeria Colibri / Gabor Peterdi; medium unknown, 1969
Poster 91: Festival Casals; medium unknown, 1982
Poster 92: Exposicion retrospectiva de la obra grafica de Lorenzo Homar; medium unknown, 1970
Poster 93: Roman Baldorioty de Castro / Sesquicentenario de su Natalicio; medium unknown, 1972
Poster 94: Collages de Margot Ferra; medium unknown, 1966
Poster 95: Fritz Henle fotografo en el Convento de Santo Domingo; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 96: 1871-1971 Centenario del tenor Antonio Paoli; medium unknown, 1971
Poster 97: La Casa del Libro / Que libro raro; medium unknown, 1966

Map drawer D4 contents [prints and drawings]:
1er Festival de Teatro de Ponce; medium unknown, 1967
A Rene, in memoria; tempera, 1946
Acrobata Mauroqui; linocut, 1958
Alfabeto Espanol / xilografia; woodcut, 1969
Alfabeto heroico; screen print, 1971
Alicia; screen print, 1980
Alma; screen print, 1983
Art pour le peuple du Nicaragua; medium unknown, 1981
Burundanga Babilonica; screen print, date unknown
Campeonato Mundial Gimnasia, Puerto Rico, 1996; screen print, 1995
Dorothy on the roof; watercolor and pen, 1946
Festival Casals; screen print, 1989
Festival Casals 31 de mayo al 12 de junio de 1963 San Juan de Puerto Rico; screen print, 1963
Festival Casals de Puerto Rico, Cuadragesimo Aniversario 1957-1996; screen print, 1996
Gimnasta I; screen print, 1970
Grafica de Puerto Rico; 22 De Febrezo al 19 De Marzo en el Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena; medium unknown, 1963
Homage to Julia de Burgos; silkscreen, 1969
La Galeria; screen print, 1973
La noticia; wood engraving, 1959
Laudo kilometrico; linocut, 1959
Laura Homar, Ballets de San Juan; screen print, 1976
Mas Ingles, muchachos, mas Ingles!; tempera, 1970
Muscle Beach - Coney Island; pencil, 1949
Orquestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico; medium unknown, 1966
Pablo Neruda / Testamento; silkscreen, 1971
Paisaje obrero; wood engraving and screen print, date unknown
Pintadera Tufino; tempera, 1946
Pvt. Hurt - Cpl. Hughes - Sgt. Womack - abajo - Sgt. Buckley; ink and color pencil, 1945
Sacrificio frente a las torres; screen print, 1981
Texto Kafka; woodcut, 1969
Una exposicion de impresos premiados por el Instituto Americano de Las Artes Graficas; medium and date unknown
Untitled [Quote from Elsa Tio]; screen print, 1983
Untitled [Quote from Hippocrates]; screen print, 1984
Untitled [Quote from Joan Amades]; wood engraving, date unknown
Untitled [Quote from Jose de Diego]; screen print, 1971
Untitled [Quote from Pablo Neruda]; wash, 1972
William Morris / CL Anniversary; medium unknown, 1983