Gennadii Spirin Collection


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Vicki Principi

Graphic Arts Collection
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Consists of 17 miniature watercolor portraits and stage settings by Spirin used to illustrate the 1985 Russian edition of Mikhail Lermontov's play Maskarad [Masquerade]; one oversize painting, the image of which was used on the book's dust jacket; a copy of this miniature edition of the play; and an exhibition poster featuring one of Spirin's illustrations for Internacional Premi Catalonia D'Illustracio (Barcelona, 1994).

Box 1 contents:
Lermontov, Mikhail Yurevich. Maskarad. [Miniature edition, 1985]

Maskarad illustrations [watercolor, 1985]:
End papers design
p. 53 [Arbenin Evgenii Aleksandrovich]
p. 55 [Kniaz' Zvezdich]
p. 56 [Baronessa Shtral]
p. 57 [Kazarin Afanasii Pavlovich]
p. 59 [Maska]
p. 60 [Chinovnik]
p. 61 [Igroki]
p. 63 [Slush i sluzhanki]
pp. 64-65 [Deistvie pervoe, Stsena pervaia]
p. 117 [Stsena tret'ia]
pp. 146-147 [Deistvie vtoroe, Stsena pervaia]
p. 173 [Stsena vtoraia]
p. 201 [Stsena tret'ia]
p. 228 [Stsena chetvertaia]
pp. 244-245 [Deistvie tret'e, Stsena pervaia]
p. 286 [Deistvie chtvertoe, Stsena pervaia]

Box 2 contents:
Maskarad book jacket design drawing; watercolor; 1985

Drawer K1 contents:
Premi Internacional Catalonia D'Illustracio; lithograph; 1994