The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



Abbey Theatre, VI:44


Abbott, Charles Conrad, correspondence, XIX: 182


Abbott family of New Jersey, papers relating to (1707-1916), XIX:182


'Abd-al-Malik, Butrus, III:116


ABEEL, NEILSON, "A Letter from A. E. Housman," XIII:18-22


Acrelius, Israel, Beskrifning om de Swenska Forsamlingars Forna och Narwarande Tilstand (Stockholm, 1759), VII:49


Adamic, Louis, papers, XIX:185


Adams, Abigail, XVII:196


Adams, Frederick B., Jr., gift of serigraph press, XV:209; mentioned, IX:13; XVI:i64


Adams, Joseph A., I, 3:12; VI:108; XX: 13


Adams, Maude, XVII:24-25


ADAMS, PERCY G., "Benjamin Franklin's Defense of the De Fonte Hoax," XXII: 133-140


Adams, Randolph G., VII:83-84


Adenauer, Konrad, letters exchanged with John Foster Dulles, XXII:151


ADLER, ELMER, "Adventure by Design," V:27-29


Adler, Elmer, Elmer Adler: Apostle of Good Taste (Adams), IX:13; "Forty Mercer Street" (Thompson), 11:2734; "Man About the House" (Winterich), IX:13-16; additions to the Sinclair Hamilton Collection, VII: 82; collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts, XIX:i62; exhibit, "Work in the Graphic Arts," XIII:205; Graphic Arts Fund, XVII: 260-261; letter from Peter Franck, book binder, V1:202-203; a Memorial Exhibition (Naumburg), XXIV: 211-213; Memorial to (Thompson), XXIII:68-69; gift of papers, XVI: 194; papers, XIX:i85; papers, additions to, XXI:i8i; printing collection Of, 11:27-34; retirement as Curator of the Graphic Arts Division, XIII:200; seminars on history of the book and the graphic arts, VIII:185186; seminars on prints and printing techniques, XVI:182-183; mentioned, IX:40


Aeronautics, collection of broadsides, posters, and engravings, X:57


Aesop, V:141


Aesthete, 1925, 111:85


Africa, Julian W. Feiss Collection of Africana, XXIII:178-181


Aiken, Charles A., XV:93


Aiken, William A., library of, XXI:




Ainsworth, William Harrison' collection of his autograph letters acquired, VIII:95; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIIII:11; XII:162-163; works illustrated by George Cruikshank IV:54, 55, 58


Akin, James, VI: 109


Albertus Magnus, Philosophia Naturalis (Basel, 1506), V:165-i66; Paradisus Animae, sive Tractatus de Virtutibus (Cologne, 1473), X111:37


ALBION, R. C. "Journal of Captain John Shaw of the John Adams," V:32-34


Alchemy, a sixteenth -century scroll of alchemical emblems, XIX:201


Alciati, Andrea, XV:56; XV111:77, 78, 79


The Alcoran-translatcd out of Arabique into French by the Sieur Du Ryer ... (London, 1649), first English translation of the Koran, VI: 205


ALDEN, DOUGLAS W., "Jacques de Lacretelle," XIII:212-214; "Two Symbolist Poets," XVI:189-194


Aldington, Richard, XI:178, 180, 189-193


Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, collection of his works, XV:50; manuscripts and letters of, XIX: 184; mentioned, XXV: 181, 182


Alembert, jean Le Rond d', "A D'Alembert Letter Reexamined" (Rice), XVIII: 189-193


Alexander, Archibald, Biographical Sketches of the Founder and Principal Alumni of the Log College (Princeton, 1845), V:27-28; acting librarian at Princeton Theological Seminary, XX1:91; friendship with Charles Hodge, V111:105, 106, 113; mentioned, XXV:197


Alexander, De Forest M., autograph collection of, XX:160-161; XXI:180


Allingham, William, VI:128


Almanacs, American, VI: 102, 103; XX: 30, 31


Alpine literature, "The Montagnier Collection," Biblia, V, I [2-3]; "Princeton Mountaineers," XXV: 2-.7-228


America, Panorama of (exhibit), X:198


American books, translations of, XII: 36-37


American Civil Liberties Union, gift of archives, XVI:154; XIX:178-179; additions to, XXI:i8i


American Civilization, Princeton University Archives Of, 11:134


American Commission to Negotiate Peace, April-May 1919, VII:11


American Expeditionary Forces, public estimate of by Marshal Foch, Biblia, I, 1 (insert)


American Fiction "Want-List," Supplement to Biblia, I, 3


American illustrated books, Sinclair Hamilton Collection. See Book Illustration; Hamilton, Sinclair


The American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge (1834), VII:81


"American Republicans, against his Majesty's Loyal Subjects," eight-page pamphlet dated State of New York, 10 July, 1783, IX:43


American Revolution, "A Recently Discovered Letter of the American Revolution," with introduction by Carl Van Doren, IV:113-122; Battle of Princeton, IV: 120; beef cattle for the Revolutionary Army, XXII: 101; books on, in Kane Collection, XI:24; French aid in, I, 1:3-8; use of Hessian troops in, IV:113-122; Yorktown, siege of, III:153-155. See also Princeton


The American Whig Society, IX:51


Americana, "From Columbus to J. C. Adams: Notable Americana in the McCormick Collection" (Wainwright), X:41-50; "The Grenville Kane Americana" (Penrose), XI:425; acquisitions, VI:44, 91, 92, 148; VII:86; IX:43


Americans in Paris, catalogue of an exhibition, XVII:191-259


Ames, William, De Conscientia (Amsterdain, 1630), Seaborn Cotton's copy, XXII:145-I47


Anderson, Alexander, Emblems of Mortality (Hartford, 1801) , woodcuts for, VIII:97-98; "Alexander Anderson and Early American Book Illustration" (Knubel), I, 3:9-18; checklist of works, I, 2:32; mentioned, Vl:100, 106-111, 160; XX:8, 20


Anderson, Sherwood, "Sherwood Anderson" (Faulkner), XVIII:89-94; mentioned, V:51, 52


Andreas, John M., gift to coin collection, VI: 140


Angling, books on, XVII:271-272; collection, added to, XXV:160; freshwater, VII:157; the Isabelle A. Rockey Memorial Collection, XVII:99; "The Rockey Angling Collection" (Dix), XV:16i-i63. See also Kienbusch


Anselm, The Larnent of the Virgin, XXII: 148-151


An Answer to Alexander Hamilton's Letter Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq., President of the United States (New York, 1800), VII:121


Antioch, "Syrian Archaeology in Princeton" (Downey), 1, 3:1-7; mOsaics, exhibited in McCoriiiick Hall, 1, 3:1


Apologia Altera Refutatoria illius quae est Pacti (Rome, 1526), V:165


Arabic, first book printed in, IV:5-9


Arabic manuscripts, Descriptive Catalog of the Garrett Collection of Arabic Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library (1938), by Philip K. Hitti, Nabih A. Faris, Butrus 'Abd-al-Malik, III:116; "The Arabic and Islamic Manuscripts" (Hitti) , III:116-122; Garrett Collection of, (Hitti), Biblia, IX, 2 [4-5]; "The Garrett Collection Of Arabic Manuscripts" (Faris), I, 3:19-25; "An Unedited Autographed Manuscript on the Early History of Baghdad by Ibn-al-Dubaythi in the Princeton University Library" (Hitti), XXV: 150-152


Arabs, paper-making, III:62


Aragon, Louis, II:100


Archaeology, "Syrian Archaeology in Princeton" (Downey), I, 3:1-7; Morgantina, XIX:92-98


Archery, IV:82-85


Architecture, The House: A Pocket Manual of Rural Architecture (N.Y., 1850), VII:81; in Princeton, XXV: 184-208; notebooks of John Ruskin, I, 2:9-10. See also Notman, John


Architecture and landscape gardening, books loaned from collection of R.T.H. Halsey, Biblia, IX, 1 [2-3]


Argus, New York daily newspaper, 1795-1800, VII:90


Aristotle, Ethics and Politics, MS (England, 14th Century), III:125


Arliss, George, XVII:20-22


Armenia, "An Armenian Miniature of the 14th Century" (Kurdian), IV: 109-112; "An Armenian Silver Binding Dated 1653" (Kurdian), VII: 1 18-119; gift of books and pamphlets in the Armenian language, V:80-81. See also Garrett Collection


Armour, George Allison, gift of portrait of Goethe, IV:4


Armour, Mrs. George Allison, XIV: 184


Armstrong, F. Wallis, his collection of Christopher Morley, gift of Mrs. F. Wallis Armstrong, XXIII:130


Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, V:47-48


Army Map Service, map depository program of, XV:101-102


Army Specialized Training Program, V:80


Arnold, Abraham S., Curator of Stamp collection, XI:97; gift of his Rumanian Stamp Collection by James R. Arnold, XV:163-164; XII:226-227


Arnold, Frederick L., Assistant Librarian for Reference, appointment of, XXIV:69


Arnold, Matthew, XI:96-97


Arpee, Leonard, gift of books and pamphlets in Armenian language, V:80-81


Art of Limming (London, 1588), VI: 89


The Arte of Angling, modernized text published by Oxford University Press (1960), XXII:182; publication of facsimile edition by Princeton University Library 1956), XVIII: 20, 21


Arthur, Chester A., XI:96


ARTHUR R. S., "A Vignette of Princeton in 1760," XVI:28-29


The Arthurian Legend, collection, Biblia, VIII, 1 [11-12]


Arvanitidi, G. J., acquisition of early European books on the Ottoman Empire, from collection of, XX:198-201


Aschani, Roger, Toxophilus (London, 1545), IV:84


Ashendene Press, XVI:33-34


ASHLEY, ROBERT P., "The Wilkie Collins Collection," XVII:81-84


Atherton, Gertrude, XIV:11


Atkinson, E. Stanley, collection of American historical autographs, XIX: 182


The Atlantic Monthly, V:160


Atterbtiry, B. B., V:47


Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss, VIII:68, 73, 78


Audubon, John James, Birds of America, V: 129; Ornithological Biography, V:130; The Quadrupeds of North America, V:131; The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, XIV: 46-47; V:133; "Citizen Audubon: A Documentary Discovery" (Dallett) , XXI:89-93; "An Early Audubon Drawing" (Ford) , XV:16g-178; "John jairies Audubon: A Backwoodsman in the Salon" (Savage) , V:129-136; "John James Audubon: Some Remarks on his Writings" (Fries), XXI:1-7; "Mr. Audubon's Lucy" (Rice), XXIV:128-134; "The World of John James Audubon," catalogue of an exhibition, 15 May - 30 September 1959, XXI:9-88; (exhibit) "An Audubon Anthology," XII:88; collection of manuscripts of, XIX:175; mentioned, XVII:209


Audubon, Lucy BakeweIl, "Mr. Audubon's Lucy" (Rice), XXIV:128-134; mentioned, V:133; XV:170, 173. See also "World of John James Audubon"


Augusta Amalia, Princess of Bavaria, V: 104


Austen, Jane, IV:62


Austin, Alfred, review of Tennyson, XXIV:40-42


Autograph collections, "The Andre de Coppet Collection of American Historical Manuscripts, a Catalogue of an Exhibition," XVI:166-181; Atkinson Collection of American historical autographs, XVIII:36-37; XIX:182; James B. Rankin Autograph Collection, XXIII:132-134; John Wild autograph collection, XIX:165, 170; nineteenth century musicians, XIV: 106; Victorian literary, XXII:42-43


Austria, MS, 11th and 12th cent. monastic disputations, VIII:94


Axson, Stockton, letters of, XVII:180; on Woodrow Wilson as a writer, XVII:166; professor of English, VIII: 158



Babbitt, Irving, friendship with Paul Elmer More, XXII:164-167


Baddeley, St. Clair, letters from Coventry Patmore, XIV:48-49


Badeau, Adam, letters to James H. Wilson, XIX:177; XXII:43-45


Bacon, Francis, Saggi Morali (Florence, 1618-19), V:122


Bagg, Mrs. Leonora S.L., correspondence with Arthur Bullard on the Balkan States, V:35


Baggallay, Richard, papers relating to suppression of the slave trade, XIX: 166. volume of documents on slavery, V: 123-124


Baghdad, "An Unedited Autographed Manuscript on the Early History of Baghdad by Ibn-al-Dubaythi in the Princeton University Library" (Hitti) , XXV: 150-152


Bailey, James A. See McCaddon Collection of circus material


Bailey, Philip James, Festus, VII: 149-154; The Universal Hymn, VII: 151; Philip James Bailey . . . Personal Recollections by James Ward, VII:153; "American Editions of Festus: "A Preliminary Survey" (Peckham), VIII:I77-184; "A Bailey Collection" (Peckham), VII:I49-154; "Selections from the Letters of Philip James Bailey" (Peckham) , IX:79-92; manuscripts of, XIX:167


Bailey, Warren Worth, papers, XIX: 180


Bainbridge, Absalom, XXV:194


Bainbridge, William, letters, V:115


Bainbridge House in Princeton, N.J., XXV:194-195


BAKER, CARLOS, "Forty Years of Pulitzer Prizes," XVIII:55-70; "A Great Rider Haggard Accession," XVII:272-273; "The Infinite Sea: The Development and Decline of Wordsworth and Coleridge; An Account of Professor Harper's Unfinished Book," XI:62-75; "Letters from Hemingway," XXIV:101-107; "The Loeb Broom Collection," XXI:177; "On Looking Into a Copy of Herrick in the University Library," IV:1l2; "The Road to Concord: Another Milestone in the Whitman-Emerson Friendship," VII:100-117; "R. P. Blackmur: A Check list," III:99-106; "A Short Memoir of George Mann Peck," XIV:,38-41; "Vachel Lindsay at Princeton," II:1-6; editor of Princeton University Library Chronicle, XVI:165


Baker, Ray Starmard, letter from Woodrow Wilson to, VII:10; letters from Wilson, mentioned, XVII:180; list of names included in correspondence of, VII:17-18; materials On Versailles Conference, VII:11-14; papers, XIX:180


Baker, William Munford, "William Munford Baker: Forgotten Princetonian" (Parrott and Thomas), X: 61-80


The Balkans, letters of Arthur Bullard on, V:35


Balken, Edward Duff, books presented by, Biblia, IX, 2 [7]


Balzac, Honore de (exhibit), XI:99


Bancroft, George, impressions of Goethe, VIII:117; mentioned, XIV:71


Barber, John W., Religious Emblems with William Holmes, XV:67-68; designer and wood engraver, VI: 112; mentioned, XX:32, 33


Barlow, Joel, XVII:201, 202, 206


Barney, Joshua, XVII:203


Barnum, Phineas T., in Princeton, VI: 142


Barnum and Bailey circus, photographs, from the McCaddon papers, XVIII:163


"Baroque Art, Illustrated Books of the Seventeenth Century," leaflet by John Rupert Martin, XXV:152; (exhibit) examples of, XXV:152


BARR, EVELYN R., "International Relations Collection," XIV:96-97


Barrett, Lawrence, letter from William Dean Howells, V:160


Barrett, Roger W., gift of three missing leaves from Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book, X11:93-94


Barrie, James Matthew, Better Dead, copy in Parrish Collection, 111:44; The Wedding Guest, two editions of, XII:163-164; "Barrie in the Parrish Collection" (Beinecke), XVII:96-98; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:11, additions, XVII: 64; letters, 111:44


Bartholomacus Anglicus, "De Proprietatibus Rerum of Bartholomaeus Anglicus" (Hanford) , XXIII:126-130; V: 139-140


Bartolommeo de Giovanni, XIV:159


Barudi, Murad Bey, X:110


Basset, Sir Ralph, granted letter Of Patent, IX:68-78


Baskerville, John, I, 2:18, 20, 21


Baxter, Sallie, friendship with Thackeray, 111:41


Bayard, Samuel, donor to Princeton Theological Seminary, XV:97; papers, XIX: 182


BAYLES, VERNA E., "Books Under Fire," 11:81-90; checklist for article "Books Under Fire," 11:114-115; "A Sampling of Victorian Poets at Princeton," VI:127-132, XXII:178; ed. "New and Notable" in Chronicle 1944-49, passim


Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of, in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:9; additions to Parrish Collection, XVII:66


Beakes, Stacy, copybook, X11:158-159


Beal, Gifford (exhibit), "Life Under the Big Top," pictures by, VI:144


BEAM, JACOB N., "Charles Hodge's Student Years in Germany," VIII:103-114; "The Maclean Papers," Biblia, VI, 2 [8-11]; "A Visit to Goethe," VIII:115-122; Maclean papers catalogued and indexed by, I, 4:6-11


Beardsley, Aubrey, A Book of Fifty Drawings, 1897, Vll:162; "Aubrey Beardsley" (Gallatin), X:81-84; "A Catalogue of the Gallatin Beardsley Collection" (Gallatin -Wainwright), XII:67-82; XII:126-147; "Letters of Aubrey Beardsley" (Walker), XVI: 111-144; (exhibit) "Aubrey Beardsley," X:197; Gallatin Beardsley Collection of drawings, letters, X: 99-100; additions to, XXI:181; XIX: 104-105; XII:163; drawings for The Yellow Book, 11:123-124, 128; illustrations for fifth volume of The Yellow Book: XVI:101-103; in J. Harlin O'Connell Collection, XIX:150; letters and drawings of, XIX:i6q; self-portrait of, XIX:105


Beardsley, Mabel, letters from Aubrey Beardsley, XVI:126-144


Beatty House, in Princeton, N.J., XXV: 194


BEATY, JEROME, "George Eliot's Notebook for an Unwritten Novel," XVIII:175-182


Beauharnais, Eugene, "The Beauharnais Archives" (Palmer), III:45-51; Archives, Biblia, VII 1 [2-3], XIX: 170. See also deCoppet, Andre


Beauinont, Joseph, Some Observations upon the Apologie of Dr. Henry More for his Mystery of Godliness (Cambridge, 1665), V:122


Beauregard, P. T., General orders of, XXII:143-144


Beck, James Montgomery, papers Of, XV:218; XIX:180


Bedford, Paul, Charter Trustee emeritus, IX:39; help in planning Firestone Library, X:150


Beebe, William, acquisition of his personal library, XXIV:78-81


Beerbohm, Max, in J. Harlin O'Connell Collection, XIX:150; mentioned XIV: 135


The Beeriad: Or, Progress of Drink (Gosport, 1736), VI:41


Beilenson, Edna and Peter, gift of drawings by W. A. Dwiggins, X: 143-144


Beinecke, E. J., collection of R. L. Stevenson, VIII:40


BEINECKE, WALTER, JR., "Barrie in the Parrish Collection," XVII:96-98


Belcher, Jonathan, "Jonathan Belcher and 'Our Young College'" (Savage), XlX:191-196; "Jonathan Belcher; Notes on a Recently Acquired Portrait of an Early Benefactor of the Princeton Library," XIV:169-176; letter from Samuel Hazard on College lottery, XV:22; letter to Nathaniel Chauncy, VI:203; letter to Trustees of the College, XI:149; library, XI:101; manuscripts, XIX: 174; portrait, V:34; mentioned, V: 159


Belknap, William Goldsmith, papers, XIX: 177


Belknap, William Worth, papers, XIX: 177


Bellamy, Joseph, letter from Jonathaii Edwards, XV:75-76


Bellew, Frank, VI:117


BELZ, CARL, "The Illustrations in the Gruninger Edition of the Stultifera Navis, 1497," XXIII:16-23


BENJAMIN, HAZEL C., "The Library of the Industrial Relations Section," XV: 151-155


Bennett, Arnold, manuscript, VII:123


Bennett, James Gordon, letter from Abraham Lincoln, IX:174


Benson, Alexander, gift, V:34


Benson, Edwin N., Jr., Mr. and Mrs., gifts, XII:96-97; XV:50


Benson, Louis Fitzgerald, library of hymnology, XV:99-100


BENTLEY, ESTHER FELT, "A Conversation with Mr. Rollins," IX:178-190; "A Diplomat's Mailbag: William Lewis Dayton in Paris, 1861-1864," XX: 145-153; "An Error of judgment and Not of the Heart," XXII:1-2o; "The Madison Medal and Chief Keokuk," XIX:153-158; "Samuel L. Southard and Political Patronage," XXIII:115; "William Pinkney, 1764-1822: The Death of the Man in the Doeskin Gloves," XXII:169-177


Bentley, Esther Felt, A Vanished Society (Princeton, 1962), XXIV:74


Berenson, Bernard, XIV:159


Bernian, Eugene, (exhibit) sketches and designs for ballet productions, IX:96


Bernstein, Hillel, gift of manuscript, "A Visit to Berchtesgaden," II:136


Beroalde de Verville, Fran~ois, Les Souspirs Amoureaux (Paris, 1583), VI: 205


Beroaldo, Filippo, OPuscula, Orationes et Poemata (Basel, 1513), VI: 204


Berthier, Alexandre, Alexandre Berthier: journal de la Campagne d'Amerique, 10 Mai 1780-26 Aout


1781 (Washington, 1951), with introduction by Professor Gilbert Chinard, XIII:206-207; "Alexandre Berthier's 'Voyage en Prusse' " (Chinard), V:92-103; "The Berthier Manuscripts" (Chinard), I, 1:3-8; (exhibit) maps, XIV:100; letters to Eugene Beauharnais, III:47; manuscript journal, military papers and maps, XIX:172


Bewick, Thomas, 1, 2:20, 23; 1, 3:9-12; mentioned ' XX:9, 10


Beze, Theodore de, Icones, id est verae imagines virorum ([Geneva] 1580), VIII:94-95; An Oration made by Master Theodore de Beze (London, 1561), VI:89-90; Poemata Juvenilia (n.p. [1550?]), V:165


Bibiena, Antonio Galli, XVIII:197


Bibicna, Carlo, XVIII:197


Bibiena, Ferdinando Galli, XVIII:196


Bibiena, Francesco Galli, XVIII:196


Bibiena, Giuseppe, XVIII:197


Bible, "The Bible in Transition" (Wolf), XXIV:155-167; "Book of Books," XXIV:183-186; "The Coverdale Centenary," Biblia, VII, 1 [78]; "The Bible through the Ages," XII:89


Biddle, Livingston, manuscript, XIX: 190


Biddle, Louis Alexander, A Memorial Containing Travels Through Life or Sundry Incidents in the Life of Dr. Benjamin Rush (Philadelphia, 1905), V:85


BIDDLE, NICHOLAS, "An Unfinished Novel by Nicholas Biddle," with an introduction by T. B. Govan, X:124-136


Biddle, Nicholas, "Nicholas Biddle at Princeton" (Govan) , IX:49-63


BILL, ALFRED HOYT, "Long Ago and Far Away," XXII:157-162


Bishop, Henry, the "Bishop Mark," V: 15


BISHOP, JOHN PEALE, "Four Years Were Mine at Princeton," VII:57; "The Spring Comes Down This Way Again," VII:59-61; "They Should Have Gone Forth With Banners," VII:58


Bishop, John Peale, dedicatory note to, VII:55-56; "John Peale Bishop: A checklist" (Patrick and Stallman) , VII:62-79; gift of manuscript of "The Hours," II: 136; in cast of Triangle play, V:44; letters in Fitzgerald papers, XII:194; member of Committee of the Princeton Archives Of American Letters, II:134; model for Tom d'Invilliers in This Side of Paradise, V:49-50; papers, XIX:185-186; V:47-48


BISHOP, WILLIAM WARNER, "Reminiscences of Princeton, 1902-1907," VIII: 147-163


Black, Harry C., gift of Berthier manuscripts, 1, 1:3; mentioned, X:189


Black, John, diary 1837 to 1844, and farm journals, XIX:182


Black, Robert K., gift Of manuscript of Mrs. Thrale's Autobiographical Notes, IV:96


Black, William, in Parrish Collection, XVII:67


Black family, Of Burlington County, N. J., manuscripts, XIX:182


BLACKMUR, R. P., "The King Over the Water: Notes on the Novels of F. M. Hueffer," IX:123-133; "Theodore Holmes: Dactyls and All," XXV:44-50


Blackmur, R. P., "R. P. Blackmur: A Checklist" (Baker), III:99-106; in Creative Arts Program, 111:75; 11:134


Blaeu, Willem janszoon, Atlas Maior, sive Cosmographia Blaviana (Amsterdam, 1643-46), XXIV:146-148


Blair, Francis Preston, correspondence, XIX:175


Blair, Samuel, Account of the College of New Jersey (1764), IV:124; correspondence with Samuel Stanhope Smith, X:137-139; pastel portrait of, V111:90


Blair, Susan Shippen, "The Smith-Blair Correspondence, 1786-1791" (Bowers) , IV:123-134; pastel portrait of, V111:90


Blair-Lee Papers, XIX:175


Blake, William, "A Blake Collection for Princeton" (Ryskamp) , XXI:172175; "Blake's Drawing of Cowper's Monument" (Ryskamp), XXIV:2731; "Blake, Milton and Edward Burney" (Peckham), XI:107-126; engraving of Cowper, XX:141-142, 144; engravings for the Boydell Shakspeare enterprise, I, 2:19-20


Blathwayt, William, correspondence with Sir Paul Rycaut, VIII:193; XIX:165


BLEASE, LILLIAN m., ed., "How Two Princeton Students Saw Lincoln in 1861," V:154-157


Blessington, Countess of, letters to, VI: 48; papers, XIX:167


Bliss, Tasker H., Vll:11-i2


Block, Gordon A., Jr., gifts: books and manuscripts, XVII:50-51; Cruikshank material, XIV:103-104


Boccaccio, Giovanni, The Decameron (London, 1625), VI:146; De Casibus Virorum Illustrium (Strassburg, ca. 1473), VI:86; A Treatise excellent and compendious, VI:146 (London, 1554)


Bocchi, Achille, Symbolicarum Quaestionum . . . Libri Quinque (Bologna, 1555), XV:60


Bodin, jean, eighteenth -centtiry manuscript copy of his Colloquium Heptaplomeres, XIX:171, 202


Boethius, De Arithmetica (Augsbiirg, 1488), VI:145; De Consolatione Philosophiae (Strassburg, 1501), XIV: 102


Bogan, Louise, manuscripts and typescripts of prose writings, XIX:190


Boker, George H., books by Charles Godfrey Leland presented to University by estate of, I, 4:17; estabIished Nassau Monthly, I, 4:21; friend of Charles Godfrey Leland, I, 4:1820; plays, poems, and manuscripts, XIX:184; mentioned, XXV:182


BOLTON, THEODORE, "Introduction to Reading: Recollections of Princeton," XXV:121-128


Bonaparte, Charles Lucien, XV:177


Bonoeil, John, The Present Setting up of Silke Works (London, 1622), X:9


Book binding, "An Armenian Silver Binding Dated 1653" (Kurdian), VII:118-119; an example, VI:201-203; (exhibit) contemporary hand binding, XII:155; gift of complete set of hand binding equipment by Harry C. Thompson, XVI:154. See also Hollis, Thomas


Book collecting, undergraduate contest, IX:40; X:51, 197; XI:142; XII: 212; XIII:203; XIV:197; XV:210; XVI: 184; XVII: 263; XVIII: 209; XIX:198; XXI:245; XXII:182; XXIII:177; XXIV:144-145; XXIV:211


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Cosway, Maria, discovery of Jefferson's first letter to, XII:25; portraits of, XII:32


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Cushing, Otho, collection of cartoons, VII:11


Curtis, William Eleroy, collection of clippings and correspondence, XIX: 184



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