The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



Daily Princetonian, IV:15, 17, 21, 22, 26, 28; V:42-47, 115-116; VII:15


Dalby, John Watson, correspondence, XIX:167; letters acquired, IV:32


DALLETT, FRANCIS JAMES, "Citizen Audubon: A Documentary Discovery," XXI:89-9,1; "John Notman, Architect," XX:127-139


Damme, Pieter van, correspondence with Thomas Jefferson, XII:25-26


Danirosch, Walter, decorated by Czechoslovakian government, Biblia, III, 1 [8-9]


Daniels, Winthrop M., author of "The Passing of the Old Economist," IV: 65-67


Darley, Felix Octavius Carr, VI:113-114, 115-116; XX:15


Darrow, Whitney, XVI:159


Dassier, Jean, silver medal of Milton, XXIV: 171


Davenant, Sir William, The Man's the Master (London, 1669), V:164; The Platonick Lovers (London, 1636), VII: 163


Davidson, Donald, III:75, 77, 78, 80, 83, 84


Davidson, Jo, bust of Woodrow Wilson, VII:6


Davidson, John, "The Quest for John Davidson" (Townsend), XIII:123-142; collection of books by, X:201-202; additions to collection, XII:42; XV:216-2I7; exhibit Of books and manuscripts, XII:39; letters, telegrains, and other documents relating to him acquired by Library, XI: 54; papers, XIX:169


Davies, Samuel. . . . The Petition of Gilbert Tennent and Samuel Davies, in the name of the Infant College of New-Jersey (London, 1754), VIII: 88-89; diary, VIII:89; manuscripts, XIX:174; mentioned, XV:17, 30-31


Davis, Alexander, XIV:131


Davis, John, The Farmer of New-Jersey (N.Y., 1800) , X:98


Davis, Kent D., VII:122


Davis, Norman, correspondence with Arthur Bullard on American diplomacy, 1915-29, V:35


Davis, Waters S., books from his library, XXI:252-254


Davray, Henry D., letter from Aubrey Beardsley, XVI:128


Dawkins, Henry, engraving of Mason and Dixon map, XXV: 153; engraving of Nassau Hall, V:158; VI:153; mentioned, VI:103; XX:29


Dayton, Jonathan, letters to James Madison, III:150-151


Dayton, William Lewis, "A Diplomat's Mailbag: William Lewis Dayton in Paris, 1861-1864" (Bentley), XX: 145-153; papers, XIX:177; mentioned, XVII:223-224, 225


Dayton, William L., Jr., XVII:224


DEAN, ARTHUR H., remarks at the dedication of the John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, XXIII: 149-151


Deane, Silas, II:58


Dearborn, Nathaniel, Vl:109


Death masks, of Dean Swift, XVI:107-110; of Tolstoy, IV:90-92; Princeton collection, IV:92. See also Hutton, Laurence


DeBerdt, Dennis, II:53, 54


A Declaration of the Principles and Views of the Democratic-Federalists, in the County of Cumberland (1801), VII:121


deCoppet, Andre, "The Andre deCoppet Collection of American Historical Manuscripts, a Catalogue of an Exhibition" (Clark), XVI:166-181; Beauharnais archives on extended loan, III:46; Beauharnais archives presented, X: 199; collection of American Historical Mantiscripts, XIX: 172, 174, 178; deposit of the Beauharnais archives, Biblia, VII, 1 [2-3]; donor of Woodrow Wilson letters, XVII:176; gift of Pages de l'Epopee Impdriale, XIV:208; gift of volumes of The New York Tribune for the Civil War years, III:51; gift of 100 volumes of Quarterly Review, III:51; purchase of library of Marie Louise for Princeton, Biblia, V1, 1 [9]; mentioned, X:188; XVI:160


Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe (London, 1719-20), XVII:270-271


Dekker, Thomas, The Noble Souldier, Or a Contract Broken, justly Revenged (London, 1634), VIII:54


de Krafft, William, gift to Library, VI:147


De la Ram6e, Marie Louise, books of, in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:42; XVII:75-76


DELARUE, ALLISON, "Chevalier Henry Wikoff," XV:215-216


Delaware-New Jersey boiindary disptites, XIX:183


Del Rio, Martin Antoine, Disquistiorunt Magicarum Libri Sex (Mainz, 1612), VI:91


Derr) dale Press, "Some Random Notes on the Derrydale Press" (Connett), XVIII:11-14; business records, XIX: 185


DESPORTES, ULYSSE, "Ceracchi's Medallion Portrait of James Madison," XXIV: 108-120


De Vegh, Imrie, gifts: books on law, science, and economics, XI:144-148; books in field of political science, XIII:210-212; books that have influenced human conduct, XIV:165; XVIII:84; mentioned, XVI:164


De Wilde, G. J., correspondence, XIX: 167


Diamond Sutra (Tun-huong, 868), oldest extant Chinese printed book, XV:122-123


Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, mentioned, I, 2:23; XI:31


Dickens, Charles, "The Dickens Collection" (Gerould) , VIII:21-23; "Dickens Loses an Election" (Nisbet) , XI:157-176; "The Earliest State of the First Edition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol" (Gimbel) , XIX:82-86; books presented to Library by Robert H. Taylor, XX: 158-16o; group of thirteen letters to Peter Cunningham acqtiired, IX:173; in contest for the Lord Rectorship of the University of Glasgow, III:14; in the Forster Collection at South Kensington. VIII:23; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, Vlll:10; additions to Parrish Collection, XVII: 64; in Widener Collection at Harvard, VIII:22; letter to George Eliot, III:43; pastel portrait, VIII: 90; works, III:33-34; works illustrated by Cruikshank, IV:54, 58, 64


Dickinson, Emily, Poems (Boston, 1890), VI:93; two notes, XXV:230-231


Dickinson, Jonathan, letters to Rev. Thoiiias Foxcroft, XIV:203; manuscripts, XIX:174; mentioned, XV:60


Dickinson, Lowes, correspondence, VII: 143-144; XIX:167


Dickinson College, establishment of, VI:18, 35


DICKSON, SARAH, "The Bulwer-Lytton Collection," VIII:28-32


Diderot, Denis, Encyclopedie (Paris, 1751-65), exhibit, XII:156


Dillon, Clarence, XXIII:144-145


Diodorus Siculus, History, manuscript, ca. 1450, III:128


Diplomas, Priiiceton collection of, V: 159


Disraeli, Benjamin: see Beaconsfield


DIX, WILLIAIL S., "The History of Sport," XVII:271-272; "The Hunting Library of Laurence Roberts Carton," XV:43-45; "Tire Rockey Angling Collection," XV:161-163; "A Room for Collecting Sporting Books," XVII:99-loo; foreword to issue on Hamilton Collection, XX:i2; introduction to "Letters of English Authors," XXI:200-201; remarks at dedication of Julian Street Library, XXIII:61-63


Dix, William S., Librarian of Princetoii University, XIV:152; mentioned, XVI:163


Dixon, Jeremiah, XXV:153-155


Dobson, Austin, Collected Poems (London, 1897), Vll:161-162


DODDS, HAROLD WILLIS, "The New Princeton Library," X:148-155; "Philip Ashton Rollins '89," IX:177; "Greetings from President Dodds," Biblia, V, I [I]; acceptance of Garrett Collection of manuscripts, III: 113-115


Dodds, Harold Willis, exhibit on President Dodds' administration, 1933-57, XVIII:164


Dodge, Cleveland H., letters from Woodrow Wilson, XVII:176


Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Its Origin and Its Author" (Weaver), XIII: 1-17; "The Mathematical Manuscripts of Lewis Carroll" (Weaver), XVI:1-9; "The Parrish Collection of Carrolliana" (Weaver), XVII:85-91; amateur photographer, III:37; autograph manuscript of an acrostic, VIII:194; celebration at Columbia University of 100th anniversary of birth, III:37; collection of photographs by, XVIII: 161; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:8, 16; additions to Parrish Collection, VIII: 194; XVII:63, 64, 67; XXI:181; XXV: 163


Degen, Matthias, XIV:103


Donatus, Aelitis, Ars Minor (Cologne, 1495), VIII:1914


Donne, John, A Sermon Preached to the Kings M[aies]tie, at Whitehall, 24 Febr. 1625 (London, 1626), V:122


Doolittle, Hilda, XI:178-198, Passim


"Double" books, in Graphic Arts Division, XI: 103


Doubleday, Frank N. and Nelson, collection, XXII:105-117; additions, XXIV:191-196


Douglas, Lord Alfred, friendship with Oscar Wilde; article for Mercure de France, II:130-131


Doves Bindery, XIII:216


Doves Press, books from, XVI:33; publication of The English Bible, VI: 207-208; publications, VII:88-89


DOWNER, ALAN S,, "Booth Tarkington as Playwright," XIX:103-104; "The Reminiscences of William Charles Macready," XVII:51-52


Downer, Alan S., editor of On Plays, Playwrights, and Playgoers, selections from letters of Booth Tarkington, XXI:97-99


DOWNEY, GLANVILLE, "Syrian Archaeology in Princeton," I, 3:1-7


Downing, Andrew Jackson, XX:127128, 134, 135; mentioned, XXV:204


Dowson, Ernest, letters in J. Harlin O'Connell Collection, XIX:150; mentioned, II:124-128


Doyle, Peter, III:9


Dreiser, Ttieodore, XIV:11, 15-16


Druzes, III: 118


Dryden, John, Annus Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders 1666 (London, 1667), VI:42; The Assignation (London, 1673), VII:90; Epistle to Mr. Dryden (Exeter, 1688), anonymous broadside, VII:90


Diirer, Albrecht, "Dfirer's Theories of Art" (Griffin), XXIII:76-79; woodcuts by, XXlIl:26, 21


Duffield, G. Vinton, Chief, Department of Building and Technical Services, retirement, XXII:178; mentioned, X: 151


Duffield, John T., XIV:110


Dulles, John Foster, Dulles Oral History Project, XXV:228-229; exhibit, "The Princeton Years," XXIII:176; The John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, XX:193; letters to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, XXII:151; remarks on, at dedication of John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, XXIII:143-156


Dulles, Joseph Heatly, XV:95


DuMaurier, George, VIII:11; XVII:67


Dunbar, Olivia Howard. See Olivia Dunbar Torrence


Duncombe, John, letters from William Cowper, XXIV:9-12


Dunham, Azariah, X:144


DUNKLIN, GILBERT T., "The George McLean Harper Papers," XI:89-94; "Wordsworth's Voice of Calm," XI: 76-88


Du Perron, Joachim, comte de Revel, MS of "Journal Particulier d'une Campagne aux Indes Occidentales," III:154-155; XIX:173


Durand, Asher, VI:125; XX:21, 25


Durantis, Gulielmus, Rationale divinoruin officiorum (Augsburg, 1470), XIII:37


D'Urfey, Thomas, "The Two Issues of D'Urfey's Cynthia and Endymion, 1697" (Bowers), XIII:32-34


Dwiggins, W. A., original drawing presented to Graphic Arts Division, X: 143




Earle, Edward Mead, research notes and correspondence, XIX:181


Earle, Francis, gift Of Remington Oil painting, IX:94


Earle, William Pitman, memorial to, Biblia, VIII, 1 [11]


East and West, a monthly magazine of letters, XIII:195, 196


Ebeling, Christoph Daniel, correspondence with Samuel Miller and other eminent Americans, IV:71-75; letters to Samuel Miller, XIV:57


Eddy, George Simpson, collection on Benjamin Franklin, XIX:175


EDEL, LEON, "Jonathan Sturges," XV:19; "The Promptbook of Henry James's The American," XV:49


Edel, Leon, mentioned, XVII:233


Edgehill School at Princeton, VIII:67, 76, 84


Edison, Thomas A., "Phonograph is Now Perfect: The Edison-Mayer Letters" (Lucker) , XXV:220-224


Edward III, Bretigny seal of, IX:76-78


Edward IV, "'The Account Book of the Great Wardrobe of Edward IV, King of England, for the year 14781479" (Harrsen), XXIV:174-177


Edward VIII, pencil sketch of, for postal handstamp, V:16


Edwards, Jonathan, Glaubwiirdige Nachricht (Magdeburg - Leipzig, 1738), German translation of A Faithful Narrative, XII:159-160; The Great Concern of a Watchman For Souls (Boston, 1743), XII:159; "Jonathan Edwards at Princeton; With a Survey of Edwards Materials in the Princeton University Library" (Rice), XV:69-88; bibliography of his works by Thomas H. Johnson, 1, 2:30; books belonging to, Xl:101; XXIII:35-36; manuscripts, XIX:174; mentioned, XV:45-48


Edwards, Thomas, "'Paradise Lost,' annotated by Thomas Edwards" (Hanford), XXIII: 123-124


EGBERT, DONALD DREW, "General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton as Painted by James Peale, Charles Willson Peale, and William Mercer," XIII: 171-194; "The Nassau Hall Portrait Of George Washington Reproduced in Color," VIII:57-62; "The Western European Manuscripts," in Garrett collection, III:123-130; Letter to the Editor, XIV:43


EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER, "Plan for a University Of Discoverers," VIII: 123-139


EISENHOWER, DWIGHT DAVID, remarks at dedication of john Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, XXIII: 153-156


Eisenhower, Dwight David, White House press releases of his administration, XXII:102; mentioned, XVII: 190


Eliot, George, "George Eliot's Notebook for an Unwritten Novel" (Beaty), XVIII: 175-182; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:8; XVII:62, 71, 73; letter from Charles Dickens, III:43; notebook for novel Romola, III:43


Eliot, John, "illuminati" controversy, IV:74; letters to Samuel Miller, IV: 68


Eliot, Thomas Stearns, exhibit of first editions, VIII:187; exhibit of works, IV:34, 98-99; friendship with Paul Eliner More, XXII:i66; mentioned, III:81; X1:177, 198


Elizabeth I, VI:42


Elliot, Charles, Jr., XVII:210


Elliot, Daniel G., The Wild Fowl of the United States and British Possessions (New York, 1898), VI:149


Elliot, W. Y., III:75, 77


Elmer, Robert P., gift of papers, IV: 137; writer of standard work in English on practice and history of archery, IV:82


Elmer, William, papers of, relating to his college life and a navigation note book, IV: 137


Emblem books, "More Emblem-Books" (Rice, XVIII:77-83; "Renaissance Emblems: Observations Suggested by Some Emblem-Books in the Princeton University Library" (Heckscher), XV:55-68; "Notes on a Newly Acquired Manuscript Device Book" (Lawell), XVIII:210-215; exhibit, XV:55; mentioned, V:139


Emeny, Brooks, selected papers, XXI: 179-180


Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Essays . . . With Prefaces by Thomas Carlyle (Doves Press, 1906), VII:89; "The Road to Concord: Another Milestone in the Whitman-Emerson Friendship" (Baker), VII:100-117; books by and relating to, XXV:163; his comment On Philip James Bailey, VII:I53-154


Emili, PaOlo, De rebus gestis Francorum ... (Paris, 1539), IX:100


Emmons, Nathaniel, portrait of Jonathan Belcher attributed to, XIV:172


English, Thomas Dunn, Walter Woolfe; or, The Doom of the Drinker (N.Y. 1847), V:30-31; "A Minor Poe Mystery" (Thorp), V, 30-31; "Two Replies to 'A Minor Poe Mystery'" (Mabbott and Gravely) , V: 106-114


The English Review, edited by Ford Madox Ford, IX:115


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Evangelia Dominica . . . . servicebook for the chapel of Philip II of Spain, VII:87-88


EVANS, LUTHER H., "The Goodly Prospect," X:156-160


Everett, Edward, friendship with Charles Hodge, VIII:104, 115; impressions of Goethe, VIII:118


The Examiner, numbers 1-46, edited by Jonathan Swift, X:98-99; mentioned. VI:48



Fables, "Some Remarks on a Fable Collection" (McKenzie) , V:137-149


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Fairfield, Sumner Lincoln, XXIII:42-46


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FARIS, NABIH AMIN, "The Garrett COIlection of Arabic Manuscripts," I, 3:19-25; "Holy War," IV:82-85


Faris, Nabih Amin, co-compiler Catalog Of Garrett collection Of Arabic manuscripts, III:116


FAULKNER, WILLIAM, "Sherwood Anderson," XVIII:89-94


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Federal politics, first decade of, VII: 120-121


Federalist party, II:71


Feiss, Julian W., gift of collection of Africana, XXIII:178-181


Fennelly, Richard F., memorial to, XX: 123-124


Fenno, John, Desultory Reflections on the New Political Aspects of Public Affairs in the United States of America (New York, 1800), VII:121


FERGUSON, J. WILSON, "The Iconography of the Kane Suetonius," XIX:34-45


Fergusson, Elizabeth Graeme, letter from Annis Stockton, VII:22; mentioncd, VI:1, 5


Ferrer de Valdecebro, Andres, Govierno general, moral, y politico (Madrid, 1683), VI:205


FETTER, FRANK A., "The Passing of the Old Economst," IV:65-67


Field, Mrs. Henry, XVII:220


Field, Mary Peale, letter to Mrs. Grace Parr, IV:115-122


Field, Michael (pseudonym for Katherine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper), Vl:129


Field, Richard Stockton, villa of (Fieldwood), designed by John Notman, XIV:119-120; XX:127


Field family of New Jersey, papers, XIX: 173


"Fieldwood," also called Guernsey Hall, later Marquand estate, Princeton, XIV: 119; XV: 103


Fight for Freedom, Inc., archives, XIX: 181


FINCH, JEREMIAH STANTON, "Charles Lamb's 'Companionship . . . in Almost Solitude'," VI:179-199; "Charles Lamb's copy of The History of Philip de Commines with Autograph


Notes by Lamb and Coleridge," IX: 30-37; "The Norfolk Persuaders of Sir Thomas Browne: A Variant Copy Of the 1712 Posthumous Works," XI: 199-201; "Mrs. Piozzi," XIX':161-164; "The Scribner Lamb Collection," VII:133-148


Fine, Henry Burchard, XIV:185, 189


Fine, Mrs. Henry B. (Philena Fobes) , XIV:i83, 184, 186, 187, 192


Finley, Saintiel, manuscripts, XIX:174; mentioned, V:88


Firestone, Harvey S., Jr., laying of cornerstone of Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library, IX:39


Firestone Memorial Library dedication ceremonies, X: 147 -192. See also Princeton University Library


Fisher, Jonathan, "An American Pioneer Amateur" (Byrne) , VI:153-170


FISHER, MARSHALL H., "The Arnold Collection of Rumanian Stamps," XV: 163-164


Fisk, Harvey Edward, correspondence and documents, XIX:i8i


Fisk, Pliny, "The Pliny Fisk Collection of Railroad and Corporation Finance" (Brayer) , VI:171-178


Fithian, Philip Vickers, manuscripts, XIX: 174


Fitzgerald, Edward, "Fitzgerald's 'Rubaiyat'" (Hanford), XIX:60-62


Fitzgerald, Edward, "The Death of My Father" (Fitzgerald) , XII:187-189; "F. Scott Fitzgerald and the linage of His Father" (Piper) , XII:181-186


FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT, "The Death of My Father," XII:187-189; "Reade, Substitute Right Half," XVII:11-12; "That Kind of Party," XII:167-180


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Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre, "Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald: A Check list" (Piper) , XII:209-210; manuscript of Save Ale the Waltz, XII:192; mentioned, XII: 184, 185, 193; XVII: 240, 249


Fitz Randolph, Nathaniel, early settler in Princeton, XXV:185, 189


Flaccus, Kimball, XIV:10, 16


Flaxman, John, work on monument to William Cowper, XXIV:27-30


FLECK, J. KEENE, "A Dante Collection," XVI: 187


Fleck, J. Keene, appointment as supervisor, Book Acquisitions Division, XXII: 178


Flecker, James Elroy, papers, XIX: 167-168; manuscripts, XV:108


Flexner, Abraham, I Remember (New York, 1940), II:39


Flexner, Bernard, correspondence and other papers, XIX:181


Foch, Ferdinand, Marshal, facsimile of letter to Arthur Krock on American Expeditionary Forces, Biblia, 1, 1 (insert) ; VII: 11


Folklore., Arabian, IV:82-85


Fonblanqiie, Albany, collection of lettcrs to, VI:48; correspondence, XIX: 168


Fonte, Bartholomew de, "Benjamin Franklin Defends Northwest Passage Navigation," with an introduction by Bertha Solis-Cohen, XIX:15-33; "Benjamin Franklin's Defense of the De Fonte Hoax" (Adams), XXII:133-140


Foote, Capt. Ebenezer, papers, XXII: 101-102


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Ford, Paul Leicester, XVI:58


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Forsyth, John, class of 1799, letters, journals, Biblia, IX, 1 [3]


Fossati, Domenico, XVIII:200-201


Foster, A. E., I, 1: 15


Foster, Augustus John, visit to Princeton, XIX:47-51; 196-198


Foster, John, "John Foster and the 'White Hills' Map" (Hamilton) XIV:177-182; "Portrait of a Puritan: John Foster's Woodcut of Richard Mather" (Hamilton) , XVIII:43-48; mentioned, VI:101-102


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Foxcroft, Thomas, "The Foxeroft Papers" (Craven) , XIV:203-205; correspondence, XIX: 174


Fraktur, IX:98


Les Francais Peints par Eux-memes (Paris, 1840-1842), XIV:103


Franck, Peter, letter to Elmer Adler, VI:202-203


Franco- Aiii erican relations in the Far West, books on, XXV:164


Frank, James M., IH:75, 76, 78


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Franklin, James, VI:102


Franklin, Lady Jane, IX:168-170


FRANKS, SIR OLIVER, "A Great Act of Faith," X:169-172


Frederick II (1194-1250), De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus (Augsburg, 1596), XI:146; forbids use of paper for public documents, III:62


Frederick II (1712-1786) , anecdotes from Alexandre Berthier's diary, V: 95-103; mentioned, II:59


Freedom House, archives for period of second world war, XIX:181


French revolution (exhibit) , V:120


Frencau, Philip, Poems, II:76; "The Time-Piece: Philip Freneau's Last Venture in Newspaper Editing" (Leary) , II:65-74; translation of lines of Vergil in copy of Pope, IV:9495; undergraduate years at Princeton, III:69


Freud, Signitind, "Thomas Mann and Sigmund Freud" (Newton), XXIV: 135-139; mentioned, XI:140


Frick Chemical Laboratory, library of (Tams), XV:41-42


FRIEND, ALBERT m., "The Greek Manuscripts," in Garrett Collection, III: 131-135


Friend, Albert M., collection of theatrical drawings, XVIII:194-201; description of portrait of Goethe by Sebbers, IV: 2


Friends of the Princeton University Library, organization of, Biblia, I, 1 [1-2]; activities, 1930-1938, Biblia, IX, Passim; 1939-1962, "Biblia, devoted to the interests of the Friends of the Princeton Library" (ed. Heyl) , in Chronicle, I-XXIII, Passim; "Friends of the Princeton University Library," XXIV-XXV, Passim; "The First Twenty-five Years" (Thorp), XVI:157-165


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