The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



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Hugo, Victor, autograph manuscript of "John Brown," XIV:94-96; member of Rabelais Club, I 4:25


Hulbert, Mary A., transcripts of Woodrow Wilson's letters to, XVII:181


Hume, David, A Treatise of Human Nature (London, 1739), first two volumes given to library by Daniel Maggin, XII:95-96


Humphrey, Ozias, chalk drawing of Samuel Johnson, XXIV:33-34


Humphreys, Col. David, VII:19; XVII: 198


Huneker, James G., II:24


Hunt, Leigh, VI:48


Hunt, Richard, designed library building for Princeton Theological Seminary, 1879, XV:94


Hunt, William Holman, letters to Lowes Dickinson, VI:143-144


Hunt, William Morris, XVII:215


Hunter, Dard, Papermaking by Hand in America (Chillicothe, Ohio, 1950), copy no. 2, XII:94-95


Hutton, Laurence, Talhs in a Library with Laurence Hutton (N.Y. 1905), autobiography, edited by Isabel Moore, XIV:154; collection of masks, IV:92, XIV:152-155; manuscripts and correspondence, XIV:155; XIX: 184


Huygens, Christian, sive de Terris Coelestibits (The Hague, 1698), VI:205


Hyatt, Alpheus, correspondence, XI: 209-210; XIX:177


Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Donald F., donations to Parrish Collection, XII:163-164, XVI:37; mentioned, XVI:164; XVII:60



Iams, Samuel H., Jr., manuscript, XIX: 190


Ibels, Andre, XIII:196-197


Ibn-al-Dubaythi, autographed manuscript on the early history of Baghdad, XXV: 150-152


Illuminati controversy, IV:74-75


Imbrie, Andrew C., gift to coin collection, VI: 140


Imperial Palace Movable Type Reprint Series, XV:116-119


Incunabula, "Incunabula" (Ruese), VI:85-86; "Florentine Incunabula" (Koch), XIV:157-160; "The Incunabula of the Grenville Kane Collection" (Buhler), XI:26-36; in Princeton Library, XIII:35-36


Index of Christian Art, photographing project (Green) , XVIII:159-160


India, fables originating in, V:140; manuscripts from, III:145-147


Industrial Relations Section, library of (Benjamin), XV:151-155


Institute for Advanced Study, Gest Oriental Library acquired by, Biblia, VIII, I [I]; help in planning for Firestone Library, X:150


Institute of Pacific Relations, papers relating to, XXI:180


International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Transcript of Proceedings (Tokyo, 1948), XVIII:33-36


International Relations collection (Barr), XIV:96-97


Iredell, James, essay of, VII:90


Irving, Sir Henry, The Drama (London, 1893), presentation copy to Charles Kent, Vll:162; member of the Rabelais Club, I, 4:25


IRVING, WASHINGTON, "Illustration to the Legend of Prince Ahmed: An Unpublished Sketch by Washington Irving," XIV:30-36


Irving, Washington, friendship with Alexander Anderson, I, 3:14; mentioned, II:65; XVII:204, 207; XI:53


Isbister, William, "Author to Publisher: Anthony Trollope and William Isbister" (ed. Booth) , XXIV: 51-67; correspondence as head Of publishing firm of Isbister and Company, London, XXII:42-43


Isham, Col. Ralph H., collection Of Boswell Papers on exhibition, Biblia, IV, 1 [3-5]


Islam, cultural traditions (exhibition) , XV:39-41


Isola, Emina, VI:179-199


Italy, fables produced in, V:147; folklore collection, II:35; V:137; Napoleonic kingdom of, III:45-51; paper-making industry in, III:62


Ivy Hall, Princeton, design attributed to John Notman, XIV:119; mentioned, XXV:204



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