The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



JACKSON, AUDREY READ, "In Praise of Old Nassau," I 4:1-5


Jackson, Stuart W., gift of the du Perron manuscripts, III:154-155; gift of Lafayette letter to Jefferson, XV:105-107


Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich, V:6, 9


Jacobi, Mary Putnam, XVII:227


James L The Kings Maiesties Declaration to His Subjects (London, 1618), XI: 144


James, Henry, friendship with Jonathan Sturges, XV:2-9; letter about sale of Hazlitt's portrait of Lamb, VI:195-196; letter in possession of Edward Naumburg, Jr., IX:105-106; member of the Rabelais Club, I, 4: 25; prompt book of The American, XV:49; XI:138-139; XVII:217, 229-230, 233


James Forrestal Research Center Library, XVI:23-28


JANTZ, HAROLD S., "The Samuel Miller Papers at Princeton," IV:68-75


Jantz, Harold S., gift of additions to Hamilton Collection of Early American Illustrated Books, VII:80-82


Japan, "Gift of the Princeton Club of Japan" (Hiraga) , XXII:189-190; "The Recent Development of the Japanese Collection" (Hiraga), XXII: 178-181


Japanese art, books on, Biblia, II, 1 [9]


Jarves, James Jackson, XVII:221


Jefferson, Thomas, Jefferson's Farm Book, three missing leaves presented to Library by Roger W. Barrett, XII: 93-94; The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, V:158-159; "Jefferson in Europe a Century and a Half Later, Notes of a Roving Researcher" (Rice) , XII:19-35; "Jefferson's Notes on Virginia in the Princeton Library" (Bryan), XI:202-205; "SaintM6min's Portrait of Jefferson" (Rice), XX:182-192; "Thonias Jefferson Through the Eyes of His Contemporaries" (Bryan), IX:219-224; comment on, by Samuel Miller, XIV: 60; contribution toward rebuilding of Nassau Hall, IX:61; doubts on college fund-raising, VII:43; eulogy by Nicholas Biddle in 1827, IX:6,1; exhibit of series of Jefferson documents in photo -facsimile, VIII:187; letter from Lafayette, XV:105-107; letter from Thomas Nelson, Jr., IX:i66167; letter to Ebenezer Hazard, 1791, IV:75; letter to Dr. Rittenhouse, VI: 46-47; relations with James Madison, XXII:130-131; volumes from his library, VI:83-84; mentioned, H:65, 74; XVI:99-100; XVII:197-i98; XXIV:109; XVI:172


Jeffery, Jno. B., Jno. B. Jeffery's Guide and Directory for r887-i888 (Chicago, 1887), XXV:213-214


Jenson, Nicholas, VI:85-86


Jepson, Edgar, IX:110


Jerome, Saint, De viris illustribus (Augsburg, 1473), XVI:31


Jesuits in China, XIX:206-209


John, the Evangelist, MS, 12th cent. The Apocalypse of St. John, VIII:94


John Chrysostoin, Saint, commentary On Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews, III:119; Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew, III:133


John Day Company, records, XXIV: 146


John of Glastonbury, III:129


JOHNSON, ALLAN C., "The Papyri," (Garrett collection) III:140-144


JOHNSON, E. D. H., "Louis Coxe," XXV: 11-16; "The Works of Thomas Rowlandson," II:7-20; "Library Notes & Queries," III:31-32


Johnson, E. R. Fenimore, gift to Cruikshank collection, XII:41


Johnson, Hugh, IV:65-67


Johnson, Lionel, II:124, 127


Johnson, Robert, Nova Britannia . . . fruites by planting in Virginia (London, 1609), X:5


Johnson, Samuel, Dictionary (London, 1755), the Adam-Newton copy, IX: 168; Prayers and Meditations (1785) , X:201; "A Letter and a Portrait of Dr. Johnson" (Ryskamp), XXIV: 32-35; books by and relating to, X:19,9-200; conversations as related by Benjamin Rush, V:86-87; On poetry, XI:69-70; reminiscences of contemporaries, IV:37-49


Johnson, Stanley, III:75, 77


JOHNSON, THOMAS H., "Jonathan Edwards," XII:159-160


Johnson, Thomas H., bibliography of works of Jonathan Edwards, I, 2:30


Johnson, Thomas Potts, papers, XIX: 182-183


Jolas, Eugene, XVII:250


Joline, John and John Van Dyke, hotel proprietors in New Brunswick, New Jersey, registers and account books, XIX:182


JOLINE, JOHN F., JR., "The Pierson Civil War Collection," II:105-110


Jones, Carl W., collection of works on magic, XX:47-53; established the Elmer Adler Graphic arts fund, XVII: 260-261


Jones, Mrs. Carl W., gift of 15th-century manuscript calendar, XIII:164


Jones, Owen, XXIV:94, 95


JOHSON, BEN, The Nevve Inne, or The Light Heart (London, 1631), VII: 127


Joseph Henry House, Princeton, VIII:54


Joyce, James, V:57-58; XI:134, 138


Jubinal, Achille, XIV:194-195


JUDSON, SHELDON, "Lecture Illustrations Used by Arnold Guyot," XXI:94-96


Jugtown, area in Princeton, N.J., XXV:195


Julius 11, Pope, IV:5


Jurgi, Edward J., Illumination in Islamic Mysticism (Princeton, 1938), III:118


Justinian, Digests, 14th cent. MS copy, IX: 100


Juvara, Filippo, XVIII:,97-i98



Kahler, Hugh, correspondence with Booth Tarkington, XVI:52; mentioned, II: 134


Kahn, Otto H., personal papers, XIII: 209; XIX:I79


Kalm, Pehr, "Pehr Kahn and His Travels in North America" (Sjoqvist), XVI:145-I48; mentioned, I, 4: 27-28


Kane, Elisha Kent, IX:168-170


Kane, Grenville, "Grenville Kane" (Lydenberg), XI:1-3; "The Grenville Kane Americana" (Penrose), XI:4-25; "The Incunabula of the Grenville Kane Collection" (Buhler), XI:26-36; "The Manuscripts in the Grenville Kane Collection" (Miner), XI:37-44; the miscellanea of the Kane Collection, XI:45-49; XIX: 162, 164


Karpet, Shamir, VII:118


Katzenbach, Edward L., Obituary, Biblia, VI, 1 [5]


Keels, James M., Chief, Department of Building and Technical Services, XXII:178; Assistant Librarian for Building and Technical Services, XXIV:69


KELLEY, MAURICE, Introduction to Henry A. Murray, "In Nomine Diaboli; An Address Delivered at Princeton University on the Centennial of the American PublicatiOn of Moby Dick," XIII:47-48; "Robert Overton (1609-1668?) Friend of Milton," IV: 76-78


Kelley, Maurice, Acting Librarian of Princeton University, XIV:152


Kelmscott Press, XIII:215-216; XVI:33


Kemmerer, Edwin W., papers relating to his work, Xl:102; XIX:179


Kensett, John F., VI:121; XX:21, 24


Kent, Fred L, personal papers, XVI: 195; XIX:181


Kenworthy, Mrs. G., gift of pastel portraits of Samuel and Susan Shippen Blair, VIII:qo


Keokuk, "The Madison Medal and Chief Keokuk" (Bentley), XIX:i53158


Keynes, Geoffrey, Bibliography of William Blake, 1, 2:19-20


Kienbusch, Carl OttO v., books on fresh water angling from collection, VII: 157; contributed tO room for sporting books, XVII:99; donor of Woodrow Wilson letters, VII:40; IX:174; XVII: 175; establishment of the Kretzschmar Y. Kienbusch Germanic collection, XIX:56-58; gift of books from his collection on angling, XVII: 271-272; gift of Boudinot material, XVI: 148; gift of manuscript by Arnold Bennett, VII: 123; gift of In anuscript by Jonathan Couch, XX:103; gift of Witherspoon letters, VIII: 140-141; gift of Princetonian theatrical material, XIX:103; gift of Rider Haggard collection, XVII:272273; portrait of Jonathan Belcher presented to University, XIV:171; presented 16th-century manuscript work on heraldry, IX:23i-232; room for the Kienbusch Angling Collection, XXII:145; mentioned, X:188


Kilham, W. H., Jr., X:152


KIMBALL, LEROY E., "A Word of Greeting," X:180-184


KIMBALL, MARIE, "Notes On the Jefferson Sophocles," VI:83-84


King, Edward S., XVII:228


King, Frederick A., theatre collection, II:145


KINGSLAND, DOROTHFA, "The Ridgeley Torrence Collection," XV:213-214


Kingsley, Charles, Brave Words for Brave Soldiers and Sailors (Cambridge, 1855), IX:45; Charles Kingsley's American Notes: Letters from a Lecture Tour, 1874 (Princeton, L958), edited by Robert B. Martin, XIX:198; XX:40-41; Cheap Clothes and Nasty (L0ndon, 1850), IX:4445; "The Kingsley Collection" (Thorp) , Vlll:18-2o; annotated copy of Letters and Memories of His Life by Mrs. Kingsley, Biblia, IX: 2 [6-7]; his copy of Tennyson's In Memoriam, gift to his wife, XI: 53; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:9; XIII:168; XVII:62-63; XXI: 182; manuscript sermons, XXIII: 181; ninety-five letters to his wife, X1:209


KINNELL, GALWAY, "Nightfall of the Real," XXV:54-55


Kinnell, Galway, "A Check list of the Writings of Galway Kinnell," XXV: 65-70; "Galway Kinnell: Moments of Transcendence" (Hawkins), XXV: 56-65


Kipling, John Lockwood, drawings, XXTI:108, 111, 113, 116


Kipling, Rudyard, On Dry-Cow Fishing as a Fine Art (Cleveland, 1926), VII:162 "'Into the hold of Remembrance': Notes on the Kipling Material in the Doubleday Collection" (Rice), XXII:105-117; additions to collection, XI:150-I5I; XXIV:191193; mentioned, XVI:63-64, 68-69


KIRK, RUDOLF, ed., "An Elegy on Princeton College," XVIII:15-19; introduction to "A Princeton Poem of 1822," VIII: 164


Kirkland, Samuel, "Sarnuel Kirtland's Accompt with the Christian World," XXIII:25-27


Knapp, Dr. Arnold Herman, XXIV: 145


Kneisel, Franz, "The Kneisel Quartet at Princeton: The First Concerts Sponsored by the Ladies' Music Committee" (Wever), XIV:183-193


Knight, Lady Phillipina, "Lady Phillipina Knight and Her Boswell" (Osgood), IV:37-49


KNUBEL, HELEN M., "Alexander Anderson and Early American Book Illustration," I, 3:9-18


Koberger, Anton, "Anton Koberger's Biggest Enterprise" (Koch), XVII: 267-270


KOCH, ROBERT, "Anton Koberger's Biggest Enterprise," XVII:267-270; "Florentine Incunabula," XIV:157160; "Hans Holbein's Triumphal Portal of Erasmus," XXIII:79-82


Koch, Roscoe, R., gift of Continental paper currency, VI:86


KOENIG, DUANE, "Two Unpublished Papal Letters," V:104-105


KOHN, JOHN S. VAN E., "Mark Twain's .r6oi," XVIII:49-54


Koran, codices in Garrett Collection, III:118. See also Alcoran.


Korn, Christoph Heinrich, Geschichte der Kriege (Nuremberg, 1776-1784), VI: 9 2


KRAUS, MICHAEL, "Charles Nisbet and Samuel Stanhope Fmith-Two Eighteenth Century Educators," VI:17-36


Krebs, John, early donor to Princeton Theological Scriiinary Library, XV: 97


Krilof, Ivan A., V:147


KRITZECK, JAMES, "Albert von Le Coq," XXIII:115-120; "Notes to A 'Motu Proprio' of Pope Pius VII," XXIII: 124-125


Krock, Arthur, letter from Marshal Foch, Biblia, I, 1 (insert)


Ku Ying-lung, XV:125


KUEHL, JOHN, "The Armstrong Morley Collection," XXIII:130-132; "Scott Fitzgerald's Reading," XXII:58-89


Kuhn, Warren B., Assistant Librarian for Circulation, appointment of, XXIV:69


KURDIAN, H., "An Armenian Miniature of the 14th Century," IV:109-II2; "An Armenian Silver Binding Dated 1653," Vll:118-119



Lacretelle, Jacques de, "Jacques de Lacretelle" (Alden) , XIII:212-214; manuscript drafts of La Vie Inquiete de Jean Hermelin and La Mort d'Hippolyte, XIX:171


Lactantius, Opera (Rome, 1470), XVII: 107


La Farge, John, illustrations by, VI: 125; XIII:72; XX:16, 26-27


Lafayette, Marquis de, impression of Frederick II in letter to Washington, V:94; letter to Charles Hodge, VIII:108-109; letter to Thomas Jefferson, XV:105-107; visit to Princeton, in 1824, VIII:6I; letters, XVI: 173


La Follette, Senator Robert Marion and family, letters in Ray Stannard Baker papers, VII:14


La Fontaine, Jean, V:146


Lamb, Charles, The Original Letters, etc., of Sir John Falstaff and His Friends (London, 1796), VIII:94; "Charles Lamb's 'Companionship ... in Almost Solitude'" (Finch), VI: 179-199; "CharIes Lamb's Copy of The History of Philip de Commines with autograph notes by Lamb and Coleridge" (Finch), IX:30-37; "The Scribner Lamb Collection" (Finch) , VII:133-148; Charles Scribner's collection presented to Library, VI:9495; friendship with S. T. Coleridge, V:3-4; manuscripts, XIX:168


Lamb, Mary, "The Scribner Lamb Collection" (Finch), VII:133-I48; manuscripts, XIX:168


Lambert, Mrs. Gerard B., gift of William Blake Collection, XXI:172-175


The Lamentable History of the Beautiful and Accomplished Charlotte Temple . . . (Philadelphia [18651), VI: 148


Lanahan, Mrs. Samuel J.' gift of F. Scott Fitzgerald papers, XII:190; mentioned, XIX:47


Landor, Walter Savage, Poems (London, 1795) , V: 123; letters regarding publication of Lady Blessington's memoirs, VI:48; visit to Lamb at Enfield, VI:190; mentioned, VI:127, 130


Landshoff, Ludwig, collection of music, XIX: 171


Lane, John, disposal of his library, XIII: 134; letter from Ford Madox Ford, IX:111; publisher of the Yellow Book, II:123-124; XVI:io3; mentioned, II:125, 129, 130; XIX:150


LANGE, VICTOR, "The Kretzschmar v. Kienbusch Germanic Collection," XIX:56-58


Langlotz, Karl, "In Praise of Old Nassau" (Jackson), 1, 4:1-5; concert of, IV:14; mentioned, VIII:69


Lanham, General C. T., letters from Hemingway, XXIV:102-104


Lansdale, Marie, collection of letters to, XIX:i85


Lansing, Garret, Choice Emblems, contains woodcuts by, VII:80-81; mentioned, VI:110


Lansing, Robert, VII:12


The Lark, II:25


Larkin, John A., gift of Donatus' Ars Minor (Cologne, 1495), VIII:192


Latin-America, course in history of, Biblia, III, 1 [7, 8]; William Edmond Gates collection of Latin American documents, 16th-igth century, XIX: 171


LatrObe, Benjamin Henry, help in rebuilding Nassau Hall, XIV:115-117; XXV: 196


LAWALL, DAVID B., "American Painters as Book Illustrators," XX:18-28; "Notes on a Newly Acquired Manuscript Device Book," XVIII:210-215


Lawrence, D. H., writing for The Signature, VI:207; mentioned, IX:116


Lawrence, T. E., Seven Pillars of Wisdom, copy wanted, Biblia, VI, I [11]; gift of 1926 edition by Hon. G. Howland Shaw, X: 100; in Doubleday collection, XXIV:193-195; mentioned, 1, 3:27


Lawrence, Thomas, "Lawrence's Portrait of Cowper" (Ryskamp), XX: 140-144


League of Nations, covenant, various drafts, VII:11; letters of Arthur Bullard, V:35


LEARY, LEWIS, -The Time-Piece: Philip Freneau's Last N'enttire in Newspaper Editing," II:65-74


LeBrun, Pierre L., his collection of Montaigne presented to Princeton, Biblia, IV, 1 [7-8]; "The LeBrun Collection of Montaigne" (Buffum), I: 2:11-16; mentioned, 1, 4:16


Le Coq, Albert von, "Albert von Le Coq" (Kritzeck) , XXIII:115-120


Le Coq, Elinor von, letters, XXIII: 116-120


Lee, Arthur, II:58-59


Lee, Ivy L., papers, XXI:180


Lee, Robert E., letters, XVI:176


Lee, Admiral Samuel Phillips, correspondence, XIX: 175


Leech, John, IV:59


Le Feron, Jean, De la Primitive institution des toys . . . (MS., France) , IX:231-232


Legal history, "The McIlwain Collection" (Strayer), IX:211-214


Le Gallienne, Richard, The Junk-Man and Other Poems (Garden City, 1920), with inscription from Le Gallienne to Newton, VII:162; in J. Harlin O'Connell collection, XIX: 150; interpretation of Wilde's career, II:131-132; member of Rhymers' Club, II: 124


Legouis, Emile, correspondence with George McLean Harper on Wordsworth, XI:91


Leland, Charles Godfrey, "Charles Godfrey Leland Rabelaisian" (Coindreau) , I: 4:16-26; papers, XIX:185; mentioned, 1I:106; XVII:219


Lenox, James, presented library and grounds to Princeton Theological Seminary, XV:91-92, 94, 97


Leo XII, unpublished letter, V:104-105


Leonard, Thomas, XXV:186, 192


Leslie, Captain William, "Love and Valor; or Benjamin Rush and the Leslies of Edinburgh" (Butterfield) , IX:1-12


Lever, Charles, in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:11, 145; XVII:66


Lewes, George Henry, letter to John Chapman, III:43


Lewis, Adler and Laws, records from 1889-1914, XXI:180


LEWIS, ALLEN, "The Southern Collection Bookplate," Biblia, VII, 1 [11-13]


LEWIS, ROBERT E., JR., "Papers of Jesse Lynch Williams," XXII:187-189


Lewis, Sinclair, XI:134, 139


LHOMBREAUD, ROGER A., "Arthur Symons' Renderings of Mallarme," XX:89-102


Libraries, European, effect on of World War II, II:81-90


Liddell, Alice. See Mrs. Alice L. Hargreaves


Liebert, Herman W., gift of Johnson's Prayers and Meditations (London, 1785), X:201


Lincoln, Abraham, "How Two Princeton Students Saw Lincoln in 1861" (Webster) , V: 154-157; draft of a speech on "Sectionalism," XXII:141-142; letter to James Gordon Bennett in defense of Secretary of War Stanton, IX:174; letters' XVI:176-177; mentioned, 1, 4:7


Lindabury, Mrs. Richard V., gift of volumes from library of her father, Henry Young, Jr., XII:219-220


Lindsay, Vachel, "Vachel Lindsay at PrincetOn" (Baker) , II: 1 -6; an analysis of, by Edgar Lee Masters, XIV:89; collection of manuscripts, XXI: 178; visit to Princeton campus in 1914, V:46


LINK, ARTHUR S., "President WilsOn's Plan to Resign in iqi6," XXIII:167-172


Link, Arthur S., editor of The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, XXI:167-168; XXV: 155-156


Linton, W. J., I, 1:16; VI:121-122


Lippincott, Joseph W., II:134


Lippold, Franz, portrait of Jonathan Belcher, XIV: 171


Little magazines, place in American literature, II:21-26; revival of, II:116


The Little Review, contributors to, H:25


Littmann, Enno, Littmann collection, sub-division of Garrett Collection of Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Armenian manuscripts, X:110; mentioned, VIII:158; X:107, 110


Livermore, Mary A., manuscripts of lectures and essays, XIX:185


Livingston, Peter Van Brugh, XV:20


Livy, early edition with marginalia in New Jersey State Library in Trenton, Biblia, III, 1 [12-13]


Lloyd-Smith, Parker, memorial fund, Biblia, III, 1 [6]


Lloyd-Smith, Mrs. Wilton, gift of volumes in English literature and history from library of Wilton Lloyd-Smith, XIV:207-208; gift of Piozzi collection; XIV:161; XVI:159


Locke, John, An Essay concerning Humane Understanding . . . (London, 1690) , VI: 146-147; IX:230


Lockhart, John Gibson, editor of Blackwood's, XVI:10-11, 15; impression of Goethe, VIII:119; on writings of Sir Walter Scott, XVIII:219


LOCKWOOD, THEODORE D., "James McCosh, An Educator in an Age of Transition," XI: 127-133


Loeb, Harold, collection of Flemingway material, XXIV: 102; editor of Broom, XXI:177


LOEHR, GEORGE R., "A.E. van Braarn Hotickgeest, the First American at the Court of China," XV: 179-193


Log College, V:27-29


Logbok Islendinga, code of laws for Iceland, III:129


Lombard, Peter, Sentences, Paris, 1336, a commentary by Durandus, III:127


Long, Breckinridge, loan of portraits of Samuel Miller and his wife, XIV: 55


Longfellow, Henry W., member of Rabelais Club, I, 4:25; XVII:208


Lorichs, Melchior, "A Panoraina of Constantinople" (Thomas), XXII: 92-95


Lossing, Benson J., I, 3:15, 17; VI: 112


Loth, David, gift of his manuscript of Woodrow Wilson, II:136


Lotka, Alfred James, papers, XIX:181


Lotteries, XV:16-37


Lowrie House, in Princeton, N.J., XIV: 119; XXV:205


Ltice, Henry, comments by Edmund Wilson, V:53, 59-61


Lucena, "Treatise on the Game of Chess," II:151-152


LUCKrR, JAY K., "Phonograph Is Now Perfect: The Edison-Mayer Letters," XXV:220-224


Lucker, Jay K., Assistant Librarian for Science and Technology, appointment of, XXIV:70


Ludington, Dr. Paul H., stained glass window in University Chapel in his memory, I, 3:21


Ludlow, James Meeker, collection of manuscripts of essays and stories, XIX:185


LUDWIG, RICHARD M., "Ford Madox Ford Letters," XXIV:148; "The Manuscript of Ford's It Was the Nightingale," XXII:190-191; "The Muted Lyrics of William Meredith," XXV: 73-79; "A Reading of the James Gould Cozzens Manuscripts," XIX:1-14


Lunt, Alfred, XVII:23-24


Luther, Martin, "Luther Pamphlets" (Harbison), XVII:265-267


LYDENBERG, HARRY MILLER, "Grenville Kane," XI:1-3


Lyly, John, Euphues, the Anatornie of Wit (London, 1636), VII:163


LYON, MARY, "Robert Cresswell '19, 1897-1943,- written with Jay Cooke, VII:95-99


Lytton, Sir Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, "The Bulwer-Lytton Collection" (Dickson), VIII:28-32; "Dickens Loses an Election" (Nisbet), XI: 157-176; contest for the Lord Rectorship of the University of Glasgow, III:34; first editions, III:34; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII: 9; XVII:61; letters to Lady Blessington, VI:48



MABBOTT, T. O., a reply to "A Minor Poe Mystery," V:106-108


McAdoo, Mrs. Eleanor Wilson, gift of letters of Woodrow and Ellen Axson Wilson, XXIV:75-77


McAdoo, Mr. and Mrs. Francis H., gift of English and American first editions of 19th and 20th centuries, XIV:205-207


McAlpin, Charles W., clipping file of, XVII: 179; scrapbooks containing Woodrow Wilson material, VII:16; retirement as Chairman of Council of Friends, Biblia, VII, 1 [1, 2]; mentioned, VIII:160-161; XVI:161


McAlpin, David H., formation of a bibliographical browsing collection, X:203-204; gift of autograph letter of Benjamin Thompson, XI:52; gift of books on photography, XVIII:167; gift of The Pencil of Nature, XXIV:203; mentioned, IX:39; X:150; XVI:162


McAneny, George, papers, XV:217-218; XIX: 179


McAneny, Mrs. George, XVII:227


MCANENY, HERBERT, "Some Notes On Princeton Amusements, Civil War to 1887," IV: 10-29


MCANENY, MARGUERITE, "Coincidences in the Theatre Collection," XXII:152-153; "Confessions of a Custodian," II:137-146; "Eleven Manuscripts of Eugene O'Neill," IV:86-89; "Bretaigne Windust '29," XXIII:82-89; "Memorabilia of Richard H. M. Pleasant ',32," XXIII:183-185; "Some Theatrically Guided Reflections," XXV:212-218; "Renton Collection of Programs and Playbills," VIII:187-189


McCaddon, Joseph T., circus material, II:145; XIX:177


McCarter Theatre, exhibition of fall and winter drama series (1962-1963), XXIV:70-72


McClellan, George Brinton, papers, XIX: 178


McClintock, Gilbert S. gift, XI:53


McClure, Samuel S., XVI:55-61; XXII: 112


McComb, John, XIV:116; XXV:197


McCormick, Cyrus H., "Cyrus H. McCormick '79" (Garrett), X, 1-2; McCormick Collection, "Materials for the Study of the Civilization of Virginia" (Wright) , X:3-15; "English and American Literature in the McCormick Collection" (Thorpe), X: 16-40; "From Columbus to J. C. Adams, Notable Americana in the McCormick Collection" (Wainwright), X:41-47; Biblia, VI, 2 [34]; gift by his widow, IX:233-234; XVI:161; XIX:52, 172


McCormick Hall, I, 1:12; I, 2:2; I, 3:1


McCosh, James, "James McCosh; An Educator in an Age of Transition" (Lockwood), XI:127-133; mentioned, IV:15; VII:15; XI:96


McCulloh, Richard Sears, "Professor McCulloh of Princeton, Columbia and Points South" (Thomas), IX: 17-29


MCMARMID. FRRFTT WEIR. "Friends and Libraries," X:173-179


MacDonald, Francis C., collection, Biblia, VIII, 1 [12-131; mentioned, II:1, 3, 5


McEntee, Jervis, VI:125; XX:21, 24


MacGregor, Charles R., gift of two albums kept by Princeton students during Civil War, VII:122-123


Machiavelli, Niccol6, Opere ([Venice], 1550), VIII:145


Mcllwain, Charles H., "The Mcllwain Collection" (Strayer), IX:211-214


McKaig, Alexander, V:47


MacKaye, Marion and Percy, XIV:16, 18-19, 27-28


MacKenna, Kenneth, gifts: scrapbook, XXII:152; theatric memorabilia, II: 145


MCKENZIE, KENNETH, "Some Remarks On a Fable Collection," V:137-149; mentioned, X:186


McKnight, Charles, diary, VIII:189-190


MCLAURY, HELEN C., Coulp., "James Boyd, A Checklist," VI:77-81


Maclean, John, Sr., I, 4:8; IX:51


Maclean, John, "'Dear Old Johnny' Maclean," I, 4:6-11; "The Maclean Papers" (Beam), Biblia, VI, 2 [8-11]; letter to, Biblia, VI, 1 [2-3]; help in paying debt for Nassau Hall, XIV: 134; letter on Nassau Hall bell clapper, VI:49; letters and papers, I, 4: 6-11; papers, XIX:176; additions to papers, XXI:181; mentioned, I, 4: 18; V:155; VIII:68, 70, 71, 73-74, 78, 79, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87; XI:95-96; XIV: 111, 112, 118


MacLeish, Archibald, The Irresponsibles, typescript, VI:207; collection by Arthur Mizener of works, VI:93-94; mentioned, II:90


McLenan, John, VI:119


McMaster, John B., I, 1:39; 1, 3:26


McNamara, Robert C., II:134


McPhee, Henry Roemer, gift of White House press releases of Eisenhower administration, XXII:102


Macready, Williain, "The Reminiscences of William Charles Macready" (Downer), XVII:51-52; collection of autograph letters, XI:211-212; letters and papers, XIX:168


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Morristown National Historical Park, VII:41


Morse, Jedidiah, II:68


Morse, Samuel F. B., XVII:211


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Mount Sinai, Monastery of St. Catherine, XXI:237-243


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Mousterberg, Count Carl von, diary, III:49-50


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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, XVIII: 195-196


Mughouse Diversion, Or a Collection of Loyal Prologues and Songs, Spoke and Sung at the Mughouses . . . (London, 1717), VII:50


MUIR, PERCY H., a letter to the Editor on Candide, XXI:168-170


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Munn, Charles Allen, VIII:60


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Muybridge, Eadweard, XVIII:161


Myers, William Starr, papers, XIX: 181



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