The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



Nahl, Charles Christian, VI: 126; XX: 16


NAIL, REILLY, " 36 University Place," X:196-197


Nanteuil, Robert, XXI:170-171


Napoleon, Pages De L'Epoee Imperiale (Tours, 1952), XIV:208-209; books from library of, III:50-51; death mask, XIV:154; letters in the library, III:49; letter to General Loison, V:21; remarks on Berthier, V: 94; use of Eugene Beauharnais, III: 46; mentioned, IV:9; XVII:205


Nash, John, XIV:131


Nassau Hall, "John Notman's Nassau Hall" (Smith), XIV:109-134; activities in, 1799-1801, IX:50; copperplate engraving, VI:157; cornerstone laid, XXV:189; exhibit to commemorate the bicentennial, XVIII:22; fire in,


I, 4:10-11; fire blamed on student body, IX:61; identified on map by Berthier, I, 1:5; naming of, XI:149; painting by Jonathan Fisher from engraving by Henry Dawkins, VI: 153, 157-159; sketch by Charles Godfrey Leland, I, 4:19; theft of bell clapper, VI:49; woodcut used on cover of the Chronicle, V:81; description of in 1758, III:69


Nassau Literary Magazine, I, 4:2; V: 41-50; VI:142; VII:1


Nassau Monthly, I, 4:21


Nast, Thomas, VI:123


The National Gazette, II:65


NAUMBURG, EDWARD, JR., "A Catalogue of a Ford Madox Ford Collection," IX:134-165; "A Collector Looks at Ford Madox Ford," IX:105-118; "A Collector Looks at Walt Whitman," III:1-18; "Elmer Adler: A Memorial Exhibition," XXIV:211-213; "The Princeton Library in New York," XXIV:188-190


Naumburg, Edward, Jr., arranged Whitman exhibit, III:i; Chairman, committee on collectors and collecting of the Friends of the Princeton Library, XIV:196-197; gift to the Library, VII:163; mentioned, XVI: 164


Navigation, books on, in Kane Collection, XI:10-13


Nazis, domination of the press in France, II:97-104


Nelson, Thomas, Jr., letter to Thomas Jefferson, IX:166-167


The New Deal, "The Passing of the Old Economist" (Fetter), IV:65-67


New Jersey, account of Revolutionary War activities in Bordentown, IV: 113-122; boundary disputes, documents relating to, VIII:144; XIX: 183; collection of 18th- and 19th-century American autographs relating principally to New Jersey, XVIII:36-37; document of 1749 relating to Province of New Jersey, X: 54; Field family of New Jersey, IV: I: 13-122; manuscripts relating to, XIX:182-183; Pierson family of New Jersey, XIX:183. See also Maps, Morven, Princeton, N. J., Princeton, Battle of, Princeton University, Rockingham


New York City, books on social life of, in 19th century, Biblia,VIII:1 [13]


New-York Historical Society, XIV:58


New York Tribune, volumes for Civil War years, III:51


Newman, John Henry, Cardinal, VIII: 19


Newton, A. Edward, the Adain-Newton copy of Johnson's Dictionary, IX: 168; books from library of, VII:161-162; disbelief in authenticity of letter by Oscar Wilde, VIII:91; mentioned, II: 112


NEWTON, CAROLINE, "Thomas Mann and Sigmund Freud," XXIV:135-139


Newton, John, XXIV:5-6


Newton, Swift, VII:161


NISBET, ADA B., "Dickens Loses an Election," XI:157-176


Nisbet, Charles, "Charles Nisbet and Samuel Stanhope Smith-Two Eighteenth Century Educators" (Kraus) , VI:17,16; library of, given to Princeton Theological Seminary Library, XV:98; mentioned, IX:11


NOLAN, J. BENNETT, intro. to "Other Times, Other Manners; A Princeton Valedictory of 1789," XVI:17-22


NOLL, BINK, "At Ravenna," XXV:106


Noll, Bink, "A Check list of the Writings of Bink Noll," XXV:114-115; "The Poetry of Bink Noll" (Towers), XXV:107-114


NORDELL, PHILIP G., "Lotteries in Princeton's History," XV:16-37


Norris, Frank C., manuscript, XIX:190


North, William, "William North and the Blond Poetess" (Hamilton), XXIII:41-53


Northwest Passage explorations, XIX: 15-33


Notman, John, "John Notman, Architect" (Dallett) , XX:127-139; "John Notman's Nassau Hall" (Smith)


XIV:109-134; mentioned, XXV:205


Numismatics, "American Paper Money" (West), XXI:243-244; "The Numismatics Collection" (West) , XX:16o; "United States Coins in the Princeton University Coin Collection" (Hall) , VI: 138-140; additions to coin collection, XXI:252; Chinese coins, Biblia, VI, I [1]; Massachusetts Oaktree and Pine-tree coinage, VI:139; purchase of Roman coins, XI:213; Siamese coins, Biblia, VIII, 1 [10-11]; mentioned, V:162


Nuremberg Chronicle. See Anton Koberger


Nuttall, Thomas, Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and Canada (Cambridge 1832-34), V:132



OAKE, ROGER B., "An Edition of Voltaire's Siecle de Louis XIV," IV:135-136


O'CONNELL, J. HARLIN, "A Collector Looks at the Nineties," II:121-132; "The U.S.S. Princeton," I, 4:12-15


O'Connell, J. Harlin, "The J. Harlin O'Connell Collection" (Taylor) , XIX:149-152; collection of books and manuscripts of English authors of the 1890's, XIX:168; gifts: additions to the Davidson and Symons collections, XV:216-217; letters and cards written by Arthur Symons, XII:93; mentioned, XIII:135; XVI:159


O'Connor, Robert B., architect for Firestone Memorial Library, X:152; gift of letters of Woodrow Wilson relating to construction of Patton Hall and proposed Graduate College, IX:94


O'Connor, Mrs. William D., see Calder, Ellen M.


Odell, Jonathan, IV:119


O'Hara, John, manuscript, XIX:190


"Old Nassau," I, 4:1-5


Olden, Charles Sinith, XIV:122


One hundred great English books, Biblia, VII 1 [15-20]; VI:146-147; VIII:51-52; X:139-141; XVI:152-153, 162; XVII:270


"One Hundred Notable American Books," with introduction by Willard Thorp, XIX:87-91


O'Neill, Eugene, collection, XIX:189; "Eleven Manuscripts of Eugene O'Neill" (McAneny), IV:86-89; mentioned, VII:124


Oranien-Nassau documents, XIX:170


Orchids, collection of books on, XX: 122-123


Osborne, Mrs. Abeel, deposited books owned by Melville, III:156


Osborne, Adlai, early student notebook, XXII:45-46


OSGOOD, CHARLES GROSVENOR, "An American Boswell," V:85-91; "The House of Sapience," X:161-168; "Lady Phillipina. Knight and Her Boswell," IV:37-49


Osgood, Charles Grosvenor, gift of his copy of the Doves Press English Bible, VI:207; mentioned, II:112


Osgood, Irene. See Sherard, Mrs. Robert Harborough


Ottoman Empire, "Early European Books on the Ottoman Einpire" (Sugar), XX:198-201


Ouida. See De la Ramee, Marie Louise


Overton, Robert, "Robert Overton (1609-1688?) Friend of Milton" (Kelley) , IV:76-78


Owen, Joannis, Epigrammatum Libri Tres (London, 1612), VI:90



Pacher, Michael, VIII:64


Paine, Thomas, II:44; VIII:143; XVII: 201


Palmer, Edgar, collection of his United States stamps gift of Mrs. Palmer, IX:233


PALMER, R. R., "The Beauharnais Archives," III:45-51; "Pages de 1'Epopee Imperiale," XIV:208-209


Parmartz, Arnold, XI:28; XVII:107


PANOFSKY, ERWIN, "A Consecration Tablet of the Fifteenth Century," VIII: 63-66


Panofsky, Erwin, comment on alleged Oscar Wilde letter, VIII:191; identification of Book of Hours in the Bibliotheqtie de l'Arsenal, III:128; on Dilrer, XXIII:76


Papal letters, V:104-105


Paper collection, additions to, 51


Paper manufacture, "An Old Story Told Again" (Thompson), III:56-63


Papyrus, "The Papyri" (Johnson) , III: 140-144


PARKER, WILLIAM R., "Above All Liberties: John Milton's Relations with His Earliest Publishers," II:41-50


Parr, Mrs. Grace (Peale) , letter from Mary Peale Field, IV:115-122


Parrish, Ethel, VIII:15


PARRISH, MORRIS L., "Adventures in Reading and Collecting Victorian Fiction," III:33-44


Parrish, Morris L., "An English Memory" (Sadleir), VIII:2-5; "The Library at DOrmy House" (Carter) , VIII:6-14; "Morris L. Parrish and the Dormy House Library" (Parrott) , VIII:15-17; "M. L. Parrish and William Makepeace Thackeray" (Metzdorf), XVII:68-70; "Some Observations Upon the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Literature, Its Rarer Books, Usefulness, etc." (Randall), VIII:38-50; "The Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists; A Summary Report and Introduction" (Wainwright) , XVII:59-67; acquisition of mathematical papers of C. L. Dodgson, XVI:2-3; awarded degree of Master of Arts, honoris causa by Princeton, VIII:I; Parrish Collection and additions to, VIII:1-50, 95; XVI:37-39; XIX:i66; XX:2o6-207; XXIII:32-33; Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, XIX:69-81; Trollope Collection On exhibition' Biblia, IV, 1 [5-6]; mentioned, X:187; XVI:159; V:172


Parrot, Raymond T., gift of collection of Thomas Bailey Aldrich, XV:50


PARROT, THOMAS M., "The Henry N. Paul Shakespeare Collection," VI: 84-85; "Morris L. Parrish and the Dormy House Library," VIII:I5-I7; "William Munford Baker: Forgotten Princetonian," X:61-80


Parrott, Thomas M., exhibit on career as teacher and scholar, XVIII:74; papers, XIX:189; mentioned, I, 1:37


Paterson, Stephen Van Rensselaer, papers, XIX:183


Paterson, William, papers, XIX:183


Paterson, William Bell, papers, XIX: 183


Patmore, Coventry, "Coventry Patmore" (Martin), XIV:47-49; "Coventry Patmore," Biblia, VIII, 1 [13-14]; papers, XIX:168


PATMORE, DEREK, "A Literary Duel," XVI:10-16


Patmore, Peter George, "A Literary Duel" (Patniore), XVI10-16


PATRICK, J. MAX, "John Peale Bishop: A Check list," compiled with Robert Wooster Stallman, VII:62-79


PATTERSON, AUSTIN M., "Recollections of Ridgely Torrence," XII:118-120


Patterson, Charles E., Obituary, Biblia, IV, 1 [12]


Patterson, Robert, Horace Collection, X:187


PATTERSON, STEPHEN H., JR., "36 University Place," IX:224-225


Paul, Henry N., "The Henry N. Paul Shakespeare Collection" (Parrott) , VI:84-85; "The Shakespearean Library of Henry N. Paul" (Savage), XVII:49-50; papers, XIX:189; gift of two voltimes from library of Thomas Jefferson, VI:83; mentioned, XVI:161


Payne, Francis H., gifts to collection of Victorian poets, Biblia, VI, 2 [16]; Biblia, VIII, 1 [6]; Vl:129, 147


The "Peace-maker," I, 4:12-13


Peale, Charles Willson, "General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton as Painted by James Peale, Charles Willson Peale, and William Mercer" (Egbert) , XIII:171-194; cominissioned to make portrait of George Washington, VIII:59; portrait of Washington hung in Nassau Hall, VIII:57-62; mentioned, XIV:130


Peale, James, XIII:171-194


Pearce, Katharine S., retirement of, XXII: 178


Peck, George Mann, "A Short Memoir of George Mann Peck" (Baker) , XIV:38-41


Peck, Harlan Page, I, 4:2


Peckham, John F., XVI:183


PECKHAM, MORSE, "American Editions of Festus: A Preliminary Survey," VIII:177-184; "A Bailey Collection," VII:149-154; "Blake, Milton and Edward Burney," XI:107-126; ed., "Selections from the Letters of Philip James Bailey," IX:79-92


Peirce, Caleb C., music library of, Biblia, X, 1 [4]


Pemberton, Ebenezer, XV:20


Penn, William, religious tracts, exhibition of, VI:49


Pennington, Penelope, "Friend to Mrs. Piozzi: Penelope Pennington in Miniature" (Thorpe), XXI:105-110; gift of Pennington material by Robert F. Metzdorf, XXI:106


Pennsylvania Evening Post, V:161


Pennsylvania German imprints, XX:30


PENROSE, BOIES, "The Grenville Kane Americana," XI:4-25


Perkins, Maxwell, member of COmmittee of the Princeton Archives of American Letters, II:135


Perry, Bliss, evaluation of Woodrow Wilson as a writer, XVII:165; member of Committee of the Princeton Archives of American Letters, II: 135; XXII:115


Persia, exhibit of Persian literature, A.D. 1000-1500, XI:99


Persian miniatures, "The Persian and Indo-Persian Miniatures" in Garrett Collection (Wilson), III:136-139; XXIV:72-73


PERSONS, STOW, "The First Decade of Federal Politics," VII:120-121


Peru, entertainment handbills from Cuzco, VII:161


Peruzzi, Baldassare, XVIII:197


Peterkin, Joshua, VIII:71


Peters, John, VI:158-159


PETERSSON, TORSTEN, "An Exhibition of Horace," Biblia, VII, 1 [4-7]


Il Petrarcha Spirituale [Giralamo Malipiero] (Venice, 1536), VIII:145


Pfeiffer, Timothy N., gift of travel literature, XIX:58-60; mentioned, XIX:205


Phelps, Francis N. L., papers, XIX: 176


Phelps, Oliver, papers, XIX:176


Phelps, Oliver L., papers, XIX:176


Philadelphia, College of, list of required reading in 1756, VII:156-157


Philadelphia Navy Yard, letters received by Commanders of, XIX:178


Philately, "The Arnold Collection of Rumanian Stamps" (Fisher), XV: 163-164; "A Philatelic Medley" (Tower), V:14-26; additions to the stamp collection, XII:213; curator for stamp collection, XI:97; gift of E. L. Pierce collection, Biblia, X, I [5]; Henry Nelson Pierce collection, V:14; Tower stamp collection, XII: 218-219


Philip of Lavagnia, Sommola di Pacifica Coscienza (Milan, 1479), VI: 201-203


Phillips, David Graham, XIX:189


Phillips, HOward Crathorne, gift of historical documents, V:115


Phillips, Stephen, in J. Harlin O'Connell collection, XIX:150


Phillips Exeter Academy' loan exhibit, Biblia, V:1 [5-6]


"Phiz." See Brown, Hablot K.


Phonograph, "Phonograph Is Now Perfect: The Edison-Mayer Letters" (Lucker), XXV:220-224


Photography, XVIII:160-163, 167-168; XXIV:202-203


Physiognotrace, XIII:23-24; XX:191


A Picture of New York (New York, 1846), VII:82


Pierrepont, Mrs. Seth L., gift of two letters exchanged between Governor Belcher and Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, VI:203


Pierson, John, XV:27


Pierson, John Shaw, "The Pierson Civil War Collection" (Joline), II:105-110; letter about, by Lathrop C. Harper, III:65-66


Pierson Family of New Jersey, deeds and Other documents, XIX:183


Pigouchet, Philippe, XVI:32


Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, II:72


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PIPER, HENRY DAN, "F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Check list," XII:i96-208; "F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Image of His Father," XII:i8i-i86; "F. Scott Fitzgerald's Prep-School Writings: Several Newly-Discovered Additions to the Canon of His Published Works," XVII:1-10; "Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald: A Check list," XII:209-210; introduction to F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Death of my Father," XII:187-189


Piracy, XI:23


Pius VII, "Notes to a 'Motu Proprio' of Pope Pius VII" (Kritzeck) , XXIII: 124-125


Platt, Mrs. Dan Fellows, gift of letters of Ruskin, Millais, Rossetti, Ford Madox Brown, and Hunt, VI:143


Platzer, Josef, XVIII:194-196, 201


Playbills, VIII:187-189


Plant, Edward, gifts, IX:101, 232


Pleasant, Richard H. M., memorabilia, XXIII:183-i85


"The Pliny Fisk Collection of Railroad and Corporation Finance" (Brayer) , VI:171-178; mentioned, V:119


Po Chu-i, XV:122


Poe, Edgar Allan, "A Minor Poe Mystery" (Thorp), V:30-31; "Two Poe Letters at Princeton" (Thorp) ' X:gi94; "Two Replies to 'A Minor Poe Mystery' " (Mabbott and Gravely) , V:106-114; as a journalist, V:56; daguerreotype portrait of, XII:83; exhibition of early editions of, X1:99; friendship with Thomas Holley Chivers, V:150-153; letter to John Reuben Thompson, XII:86-87; literary relationship with Horace Binney Wallace, XXV:137-140, 144-145; manuscript of "Annabel Lee," XII: 83-86


POLEMAN, HORACE, "The Indic Manuscripts," in Garrett Collection, III: 145-147


Political science, books in field of, gift of Innie de Vegh, XIII:210-212


Pollock, Charming, collection of his uncorrected typescripts of plays and scenarios' XIX:igo


Pollock, Sir William Frederick, XI: 211-212


Polo, Marco, 14th-century copy of writings of, III: 125


Pomeroy, Eugene C., gift of United States silver coins, VI: 139


Poole, Ernest, manuscripts, XIX:190; mentioned, II:39


Pope, Alexander, Imitations of Horace, six variants of, VII:87; The Rape of the Lock (London, 1714), VI:I47; with illustrations by Beardsley, VII:162; Letters (London, 1757), association-copy in Freneau collection, II: 76; "A Pope Exhibition and an Unpublished Letter of Pope" (Root) , VI:37-40; mentioned, VI:4; "The Receipts for Pope's Iliad" (Ryskamp) , XXIV:36-38


Porte Crayon. See StrOther, David Hunter


Pound, Ezra, XI:177-i98; mentioned, III:81


Poupard, James, Vl:105


Powys, John Cowper, XIV:15


Pozzo, Fra Andrea dal, XVIII:199


Prentice, William Kelly, VIII:157-158


Pre-Raphaelites, VI:130


Presbyterian church, General Assembly, IV:124, 132; XV:90-91


PRIEST, GEORGE m., "A Little Known Portrait of Goethe," IV:1-4


Priest, George M., VIII:158; XVII:181


Priestley, john Boynton, II:95


Priestley, Joseph, collection of pamphlets, VI:206; mentioned, XXIII: 102, 104


Prime, Wendell, XV:97


Primers, American, Vl:162


Prince, Thomas, letter from Jonathan Edwards, XV:84


Princeton (U.S. Frigate), I, 4:12-15


Princeton Alumni Weekly, Biblia, VI, 1 [26]; VII:16


Princeton Bibliographical Society, Biblia, VI, 2 [11]


Princeton Library in New York, XXIV: 188-190


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Princeton, New Jersey, battle of, "Trumbull's 'The Battle of Princeton'" (Sizer), XII:1-5; "General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton as painted by James Peale, Charles Willson Peale, and William Mercer" (Egbert), XIII:171-194; XIV:41-43; "A Drawing for Trumbull's 'The Battle of Princeton"' (Homer), XIX:212-2I4; centennial, IV:26; sesquicentenniaI celebration, XIV:92, 93; painting of, IV:31, 32; used as background in Peale portrait of Washington, VIII:60; mentioned, IV: 120


The Princeton Packet and the General Advertiser, II:153-154; XXV:193


The Princeton Press, I, 1:26


The Princeton Standard, IV:10-14


Princeton Theological Seminary, "The Theological Seminary Library" (Gapp), XV:90-100; exhibition in Princetoniana Room, XXIV:186-187; mentioned, IV:132; V:29; XXV:197


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Princeton University Archives, XXI:94


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