The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



SADLEIR, MICHAEL, "An English Memory," VIII:2-5, 51


Sadleir, Michael, exhibit of Victorian fiction from library of, VIII: 141-142


Saint-Evremond, Charles de, "A Letter from Saint-Evremond to the Abbe de Hautefeuille" (Hope), XVIII:183188


Saint-Memin, Charles - Balthazar-Julien Fevret de, "An Album of Saint-Memin Portraits" (Rice), XIII:23-31; "Saint-Memin's Portrait of Jefferson" (Rice), XX:182-182


Sanchez, Rodrigo, de Arevolo, Speculum Vitae Humanae (Augsburg, 1471 and Cologne, 1472), XIII:38


Sanderson, John, XVII:214


Sanskrit manuscripts, III:146


Sargavak, Toros, IV: 109, 111


SAVAGE, HENRY LYTTLETON, "Gospel Narrative-An Association Copy," IX:168-170; "John James Audubon: A Backwoodsman in the Salon," V:129-i36; "Jonathan Belcher and 'Our Young College,'" XIX:191-196; "Jonathan Couch and His Manuscript History of Cornish Fishes," XX:103-110; "The Library of William Allen Butler," XI:49-51; "A Letter Patent of Richard II with the Great Seal," IX:68-78; "Salutem Ad Ricardum Dunnielensis Episcopuni Philobiblon Auctorem," VI:133-137; "The Shakespearean Library of Henry N. Paul '84," XVII:49-50


Savage, Henry Lyttleton, Keeper of Princetoniana, retirement of, XXII: 178


SAVAGE, MARY RADCLYFFE, "The Stoddard-Edwards Porringer," XV:45-48


Savage, William, XVI:159


Savonarola, Compendio di Revelatione (Florence, 1495), XIV:158-159


The Savoy, II:124


Sawitzky, William, IV:3i


Sayre, Daniel C., XVI:23-24


Sayre, Stephen, "The Remarkable Adventures of Stephen Sayre" (Boyd), II:51-64


Schaal, Eric, XIV:152-I53


Schaefer, Bernhard K., gift of Lutheran pamphlets, XVII:266


Schanck, Dr. John Stillwell, VIII:68


Schatzbehalter (Nuremberg, 1491), XVI: 152


Scheide, John Hinsdale, collection of civil, ecclesiastical, and military documents in Latin, French, Italian and English from iith to igth century, XIX:162-i63; collection of French nianuscripts, XIX:170; deposit of two collections of inanuscripts, Biblia, VIII, 1 [9]; copy of the Coverdale Bible on exhibit, Biblia, VII 1 [7-8]; gift of papyri collection, III: 141-142; obituary, IV:36; mentioned, II:36; XVI:159


Scheide, William H., Bayfordbury portrait of John Milton presented to Library, XXIII:24-25; books and manuscripts relating to American Civil Way in library of, XXII:141-145; gifts: first edition of Royal or "authorized" version of the Bible (London, 1611), XVI:152; French historical autographs, XVIII: 189; Scheide copy of the Gutenberg Bible on display, XXII:37-39; mentioned, XIX:202


Scheide Library, XXI:165-167


Schenck, Robert Cumming, XXIV:44


Schiller, Friedrich, IV:69-70


SchoonOver, Frank E., "Illustrated by Frank E. Schoonover" (Woodbridge), III: 19-27


SCHORER, MARK, "The Good Novelist in The Good Soldier," IX:128-133


Schuyler, Philip John, autograph letter to Robert Morris, VII:86


Schweitzer, Albert, "Albert Schweitzer, the Bibliographical Approach" (Rice) , XIX:214-2I8; "Out of Schweitzer's Life and Thought" (Bret), XXI:246-251; exhibit, XVII: 103-104


Science, exhibit, Biblia, VI, 2 [12, 131


Scot, Thomas, Philomythie or Philomythologie (London, 1616), IX:231


Scott, Austen, XIX:183


Scott, John, "A Literary Duel" (Patmore), XVI:10-16


Scott, Jonathan P., papers, XIX:183


Scott, Sir Walter, "The Manuscript of Scott's The Pirate" (Hanford) , XVIII:215-222; in the Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:6; influence on Victorian book decoration, XXIV: 93; mentioned, III:35-36; IV:62


SCOTT, WILBUR S., "The Astonishing Chivers: Poet for Plagiarists," V:150-153


Scott, William Berryman, Some Memories of a Paleontologist (Princeton, 1939) , I, 1:38; friendship with Philip Ashton Rollins, IX:183; on Rittenhouse orrery, V:80


Scribner, Charles (1854-1930), donor to Princeton Theological Seminary Library, XV:97; portrait of, by Wilford Conrow, I, 4:5; obituary, Biblia, I, 1 [6-7]


Scribner, Charles (1890-1952), Charles Lamb Collection presented to Library, VI:94-95; editions of Don Quixote in Spanish and English, VIII:93-94, 98; gift of collection of manuscript letters of Charles Lamb, VI:179; mentioned, X:188; XVI:159


Scribner, Charles, Jr. (b. 1921) , gift of Saint-M6min's copperplate of Jefferson, XX: 184


Seals, "Near Eastern Seals and Cuneiform Tablets" (Gordon), XIV:4546; "Seals From Ancient Western Asia" (GOrdon), XII:49-54; ancient Near Eastern, XV:104


Sebbers, Ludwig, portrait of Goethe, IV: 1-4


Seitz, Don Carlos, XIX:189


Seligmann, Johann M., Samndung Verschiedener Auslandischer und Seltener V(5gel (Nuremberg, 1749-76)




Sensi, Gaspare, XIV:194-195


Servan, Joseph, letter from Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, XVIII:189-193


Service, Robert W., II:101


Sessions, Roger, musical manuscripts, XIX: 190


Seven Princeton Poets (Special Issue) XXV:5-115


Seymour, William, theatre collection, Biblia, VIII, 1 [5-6]; II:137-146; VIII: 187-189; IX:45; X:188; XIX:187. See also Princeton University Library, Theatre Collection


Seymour, Zachariah, papers of, XIX: 176


Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper' 7th earl of, liberal candidate for rector of University of Glasgow, 1858, XI:160, 167-169


Shah Nameh, Iranian national epic, manuscripts of, III:136, 138


Shakespeare, William, "The Boydell Shakspeare" (Thompson), I, 2:1724; "The Henry N. Paul Shakespeare Collection" (Parrott), VI:84-85; "The Shakespearean Library of Henry N. Paul" (Savage), XVII:49-50; exhibitions: -Five Shakespearean Plays through Four Centuries," XXV:225-226; "Shakespeare Illustrated 1709-1940," 1, 2:17; Shakespeareana, Biblia, VIII, 1 [3-4]


Shank, Miss Martha Marie, gift of Scott Fitzgerald memorabilia, XXIII: 86-87


Shapiro, Karl Jay, XI:103


SHAW, CHARLES G., "Albert Eugene Gallatin: A Reminiscence," XIV:135-140


Shaw, George Bernard, XXIII:34, 35


Shaw, Henry, XXIV:94


Shaw, Captain John, U.S.N., V:32-34


Sheddon, William Boyd, XV:95


Sheffield, William, V:18


Sheldon, Edward W., gift of private library, Biblia, V, 2 [7]; Sheldon collection enlarged, Biblia, VIII, 1 [7]


Shellabarger, Samuel, manuscripts, XXI: 178


Shellabarger, Mrs. Samuel, XXI:178; gift of Holbein woodcut of Erasmus, XXIII:80


Shelley, Percy Bysshe, Revolt of Islam: A Poem in Twelve Cantos (London, 1829), VI:206


Sherard, Mrs. Robert Harborough, XIX:76-8i


Shippen, Dr. William, XIV: 113, 115


Shirley, James, acquisitions of books by, V:121; VI:147


Short, William, XVII:200


Shorter, Dora Sigerson, VI:129


Siam, coin collection of, Biblia, VIII, I [10-11]; Prince of, V:18


Sidney, Philip, III:108


The Signature, VI:207


SILZ, WALTER, "The Library's Goethe Exhibition," X:193-196; "A Recent Gift of Goetheana," XIII:165-167


Simms, William Gilmore, The Cassique of Accabee . . . (New York, 1849), VIII:54; Mellichampe. A Legend of the Santee (New York, 1836) , VI: 148


Simonton, John Snodgrass, VIII:68-69


Sino-European block book, Brevis Relatio (Peking, 1701), XIX:205


SIZER, THEODORE, "Trumbull's 'The Battle of Princeton,'" XII:1-5; "The Failure of a Falsehood," XXII:51-57


SJOQVIST, ERIC, "Pehr Kalin and His Travels in North America," XVI:145-148


Sjoqvist, Eric, XIX:97


Skeel, Mrs. Roswell, Jr., gift to Library, IX:100


Sloan, John, letters from John Butler Yeats, IX:231


Sloane, Ulric, Jr., bequest of' XX:111


Slodtz, Michel-Ange, XII:35


Small, Albert, VII:123


Smith, Abigail Adams, XVII:197


Smith, Mrs. Alexander, gift of silver porringer, XV:45-48


SMITH, E. BALDWIN, "The New Princeton Library," with James Thayer Gerould, Biblia, V, 2 [2-5]


Smith, E. Baldwin, X:151


Smith, F. Berkeley, XVII:237


Smith, H. Alexander, papers, XXII:98-99


Smith, John, books by, in the McCormick collection, X:6-7


Smith, John Jay, Jr., XIV:118


Smith, Lloyd W., gift to Library, IX:41


Smith, Logan Pearsall, "A Logan Pearsall Smith Collection" (Heaney) XXIII:181-183


SMITH, MAURICE H., "The James Forrestal Research Center Library," XVI: 23-28


Smith, Robert, XIV:113-117; XXV: 189-190


SMITEI, ROBERT C., "John Notman's Nassau Hall," XIV:109-134


Smith, Samuel Stanhope, "Charles Nisbet and Samuel Stanhope Smith Two Eighteenth Century Edticators" (Kraus), VI:17-36; "The Smith-Blair Correspondence, 1786-1791" (Bowers) , IV:123-134; correspondence with Samuel and Susan Shippen Blair, X:137-139; letter to Elias Boudinot, XIV: 115; mentioned, IX: 50-5 1; XVI: 18


Smith, Seba, The Life and Writings of Major Jack Downing (Boston, 1833) , VI: 113


Smithers, Leonard, letters from Aubrey Beardsley, XVI:115-142


SMYLIE, JAMES H., "Madison and Witherspoon: Theological Roots of American Political Thought," XXII:118-132


Smyth, Mrs. Charles H., Jr., gift to collection of early American periodicals, IV:93


SNOWDEN, GILBERT TENNENT, "The Journal of Gilbert Terment Snowden," edited by J. Albert Robbins, XIV: 72-90


SOLIS-COHEN, BERTHA, introduction to "Benjamin Franklin Defends Northwest Passage Navigation," XIX:15-33


Songs in the Justiciary Opera (Auchinleck, 1816), VI:41


Sorsby, William, commonplace -book of, early example of Fraktur, IX:98-99


Soule, Oscar F., gift of books by and relating to Johnson, Boswell, and Goldsmith, X:199-200


Southard, Samuel L., "An Error of judgement and not of the Heart" (Bentley), XXII:1-20; "Samuel L. Southard and Political Patronage" (Bentley), XXIII:1-15; obituary of Williain Pinkney written by, XXII: 170-177; papers (Clark), XX:45-47; XIX:176; mentioned, VlII:108-110


Southern history, committee on, Biblia, V, 2 [5]


Southey, Robert, letters of, in Hannay CO]Iection XXIV:6


Spackman, William, XIX:62-64


Spaeth, John Duncan, manuscripts, professional notes and correspondence, XVII:195; XIX:189; the Spaeth Fund, Biblia, VIII, 1 [7]


Spaeth, Sigmund, XIV:189


Spanish America, books on, in Kane Collection, XI:9-10


Spicer-Simson, Theodore, "Letters to Theodore Spicer-Simson" (Clark), XXIII:33-35


Sporting books, "A Room for Collections of Sporting Books" (Dix) XVII:99-100


Sprague, William B., XV:97, 99


Sprigg, Osborn, letters to Samuel L. Southard, XXII:1-20


StaK Mme. de, De I'Allemagne (Paris, 1814), III:51


Stage design, eighteenth century (exhibit), XIV:100


STALLMAN, ROBERT WOOSTER, "John Peale Bishop: A Checklist," compiled with J. Max Patrick, VII:6279


Stanley, Henry M. V:23


STAUFFER, DONALD A., "George McLean Harper 1863-1947," X1:59-61


Steadman, Charles, XXV:198-203


Stedman, Edmund, XXV:181


STEFSE, EDWARD, "The Pleasures and Treasures of Amassment," X:85-90; intro. to "A Letter from A. E. HOusman" (Abeel), XIII:18-22


Stein, Aaron Marc, manuscript, XIX: 190


Stein, Gertrude, XVII:246-247; XX: 156-157


Stephens, Henry L., VI:120


Sterne, Laurence, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (London, 1760-67), V:122; "Laurence Sterne at Princeton" (Monk) , X:137-139; mentioned, IV:41


Steuart, George, XIV:132


Stevens, Henry, letter concerning purchase of Gutenberg Bible, XXII:38-39


Stevenson, Alec B., III:75, 77


Stevenson, Robert Louis, "The Stevenson Collection" (Randall), XVII:92-95; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:11-12, 16; XVII:66; member of Rabelais Club, I, 4:25; Stevensoniana presented by Henry E. Gerstley, XIII:167-168; XIV:105; XV:107; XVI: 100-101; XVII:105-106


Stewart, George R., manuscript, XIX: 190


Stewart, James, gift of collection of moving picture scripts, XXII:151-152


STEWART, JOHN q., "Madison and Wilson: An Interrupted Philosophy," XXIII:91-108


Stickney, Trumbull, XVII:236


Stiles, Ezra, XXII:95-96


Stilling, Heinrich Jung, letter to Samuel Miller, IV:70-71


Stillwell, Richard, XIX:97


Stimson, Frederick B., gift of Boudinot material, XVI:148


Stockton, Annis, "Annis and the General: Mrs. Stockton's Poetic Eulogies of George Washington" (Butterfield), VII:19-39; unpublished poems,


Stockton, Mrs. Bayard, an account of the Field family of New Jersey, IV: 95; 113-115; gift of The Four Gospels in One Narrative, Arranged by Two Friends (London, j854), an association copy (Jane Franklin) , IX: 168-170


Stockton, Frank R., XVI:57


Stockton, John, XIV:119


Stockton, Richard, help in New Jersey College lottery, XV:34; letters, V: 118; VI:3-4; papers, XIX:173; role in American history, VI:2-4; mentioned, I, 1:5; IV:114


Stockton, Robert Field, papers, XIX: 173; mentioned, I, 4:12-15, 22; V: 18; VIII:74; XIV:86, 119


Stockton family, XIX:173; XXV:187-189


The Stoddard -Edwards porringer, XV: 45-48


STOHLMAN, W. FREDERICK, "The Marquand Art Library," I, 1:9-14


STORY, CULLEN I. K., -SN riac Manuscripts of the New Testament," XXII:90-92


Stovall, Floyd, On Whitman's "Calamus" Poems, III:68-69


Strachey, William' manuscript copy of Historic of Travell into Virginia Britania, gift of Cyrus H. McCormick, Biblia, VI, 2 [3]; X:8; XIX:172


Strater, Henry, letters froin Ernest Hemingway, XXIV:104-106


Stratton, Wilder L., gift of cotisiilar papers of Henry Hill, XIV:106


Strawberry Hill, exhibition of books published at, Biblia, VI, 2 [11, 12]


STRAYER, JOSEPH R., "The McIlwain Collection," IX:211-214


Street. Julian, "The Papers of Jtiliaii Street" (Clark) , XXIII:28-32; dedication of the Julian Street Library, XXIII:6o-67; collaboration with Booth 'rarkington, XVII:IS; correspondence with Booth Tarkington, XVI:52; papers, XXI:178; XXIII: 69-73


STREETER, THOMAS W., "Princeton's Mason and Dixon Map," XVI:97-99; "The Rollins Collection of Western Americana," IX:191-204


Streeter, Thomas W., gift of railroad and corporate materials, VI:177; railroad documents, V:119; mentioned, XVI:164


Strong, George Templeton, on Richard McCulloh, IX:21-22, 24-27; Purchased Lamb's Coleridge-annotated books, IX:32


Strother, David Hunter (Porte Crayon), VI:117; XX:16


Strunk, Oliver, gift of material relating to Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer's production of Romeo and Juliet, XXII: 153


STUART, DUANE REED, "Modernistic Critics and Translators; An Unpublished Essay by Duane Reed Stuart," edited by Francis R. B. Godolphin, XI: 177-198


Stuart, R. Douglas, gift of Robert Burns, Poems (KilmarnOck, 1786), X: 142


Stuart, Robert, The Discovery of the Oregon Trail; Robert Stitart's Narratives (New York, 1935) , ed. by Philip Ashton Rollins, IX:209


Stubbs, John, The Discovery of a Gaping Gulf (London, 1579), VI:42


Student collections, exhibition of, Biblia, VI, 2 [13-14]


Sturges, Jonathan, "Jonathan Sturges" (Edcl), XV:1-9; mentioned, XVII: 233


Siietonitis, "The Iconography of the Kane Suetonius" (Ferguson), XIX: 34-45


SUGAR, PETER F., "Early European Books on the Ottoman Empire," XX:198-201


Stillv, Thomas, V:160


Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. H., bequest of, XX:111


Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, letters from Coventry Patmore, XIV:47-48


Swaine, Charles, Northwest passage expedition, XIX:19; XXII:134-135, 140


SWARZENSKI, HANS, "Two Romanesque Illuminated Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library," IX:64-67


Swern, Charles L., Woodrow Wilson's secretary, shorthand notebooks and typed transcriptions, X:55; XVII:177-178; XVIII:75-76, 225


Sweynheym, Conrad, XI:28; XVII:107


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Swinburne, Charles Algernon, The Undergraduate Papers (Oxford, 1858), Biblia, VI, 2 [14-16]; VI:131-132


Symonds, John Addington, III:8-11


Simmons, Arthur, "Arthur Symons' Renderings of Mallarmel, (Lhombreaud) , XX:89-102; collection of books, mantiscripts, letters, gift of A. E. Gallatin, XII:92-93; XV:216217; member of Rhymers' Club, II: 125; papers, XIN":49-50; XIX:169


Syria, "Syrian Archaeology in Princeton" (Downey) , I, 3:1-7; "Syriac Manuscripts of the New Testament" (Story) , XXII: go-92; "A Syriac Maiiiiscript of the Prophetic Books of the Old Testaiyient" (Fritsch) , IV:79-81



Tai Chen, XV:140-141


Tait, Arthur F., VI:124


Talbot, William Henry Fox, "The Pencil of Nature" (Griffin), XXIV:202-203


Talleyrand, Charles Maurice de, letters to Eugene Beauharnais, III:48


Tallrnadge, Benjamin, papers (Bush), XXIV:196-201


Tamerlane, III:139


TAMS, MADGE P., "The Library of Frick Chemical Laboratory," XV:41-42


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Tasso, Torquato, Godfrey of Boulogne (London, 1624), VI:91


TATE, ALLEN, "The Fugitive 1922-1925, A Personal Recollection Twenty Years After," III:75-84


Tate, Allen, "Allen Tate: A Checklist" (Thorp), III:85-98; gift of manuscript of The Fathers, II:136; papers, XIX:i87; mentioned, II:135


Tate, Caroline Gordon, manuscripts' XIX:i87


Tate, John, XXIII:129


TaylOr, Bayard, XXV:181-182


Taylor, Hugh S., XVI:24


Taylor, John, All the Works of John Taylor, the Water Poet (London, 1630), VII:90


TAYLOR, ROBERT H., "The J. Harlin O'Connell Collection," XIX:149-152; "On Rereading Barchester Towers," XV:10-15; "The SingularAnomalies," XVII:71-76; "The Trollope Collection," VIII:33-37


Taylor, Robert H., donations to the Parrish Collection, XVI:39; exhibition of Letters of English Authors, from the collection of, XXI:200-236; gifts: the Account book of the Great Wardrobe of Edward IV, King of England, for the year 1478-1479, XXIV:174; books by Charles Dickens, XX:158-160; books by English novelists of the 19th century, XX: 117-118; Chatsworth copy of first edition of De Proprictatibus Rerum (Westminster, ca. 1495), XXIII:126; copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (London, 1859), XIX: 60-62; copy of The Head of the Family (London, L852) by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, XVI:153; 15th-cent. manuscript, Lament of the Virgin, XXII:148-151; Hannay collection of William Cowper, XXIV:3; Kingsley autograph items, XlII:168; manuscript device book, XVIII:210; 16thcentury scroll of alchemical emblems, XIX:201; Trollope items, XVII:io6; Wilkie Collins manuscript, Poor Miss Finch, XV: 04-165; help in purchase of Charles Kingsley letters, XI:209; introduction to Anthony Trollope's Did He Steal It? first published edition by Princeton University Library, XIV:41; manuscript of Thomas Gray, owned by, XXII:2125; mentioned, VIII:89; XVI:162; XXII:60; XIX:202


Taylor, Thomas, Regula Vitae (London, 1631), VI:42


Teilhard de Chardin, XXIII:107-108


Templeton, Maria, watercolor painting of "Prospect," XXV:210


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Terment, William, drawing of Nassau Hall, V:158; founder of the Log College, V:28


Tenniel, Sir John, XIII:3-5


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Texas, University of, Wrenn Collection, II:40


Thackeray, William Makepeace, "M. L. Parrish and William Makepeace Thackeray" (Metzdorf), XVII:68-70; acquisition of brief manuscript and four autograph letters, VIII:95; refusal to publish story by Trollope in The Cornhill Magazine, III:39; friendship with Baxter family, III: 40-41; impressions of Goethe, VIII: 119; in Morris L. Parrish Collection, VIII:10, 145; XVII:64; manuscript comprising notes for The English Humorists, VIII:145; works published in Cambridge periodicals, III:40


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Thielen, Benedict, "Benedict Thiclen: An Introduction and a Check List" (Carlson) , XIII:143-I55; manuscripts, XIX:190


This Quarter, II:25-26


Tholuck, Friedrich August Gottreu, VIII:110


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Thompson, Benjamin, XI:52


Thompson, Charles Willis, papers, XIX:181


Thompson, Francis, II:128-130


Thompson, Henry Burling, letter books, XVII: 179


Thompson, Henry B., Jr., gift of cOrrespondence between Woodrow Wilson and his father, VII:40


Thompson, John Reuben, XII:83-87


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Thompson, Lawrance, XVI:165


Thompson, Vance, II:24


Thoreau, Henry David, exhibition on, XI:99


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Thorne, Mrs. Landon K., gift of Boudinot material, XVI:148


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Thrale, Hester Lynch. See Piozzi, Hester Lynch


Tibet, manuscripts from, III:146


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