The Princeton University Library Chronicle

Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938



Ullman, James Ramsey, transcript of, XIX:190; mountain historian, XXV: 227-228


"Uncle Sam," Origin of, VI:120


United States coins. See Numismatics


United States diplomatic history' exhibition, XXIII: 174-176


United States Military Academy, library catalogue, VII:45-46


United States Navy, "The U.S.S. Princeton" (O'Connell) , I, 4:12-15


Upcott, William, extra -illustrated set of William Cowper's works, XXIV: 7-8, 27, 32-33, 38


Updike, Daniel Berkeley, The Altar Book: Containing the Order for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist According to the Use of the American Church . . . (Boston, 1896), X: 56; mentioned, I, 2:23; XVIII:12; XX: 12


Upjohn, Richard, XIV:131


Uzanne, Louis Octave, letters from Aubrey Beardsley, XVI:129-130



Vallance, John, XV:184


Van der Gucht, Benjamin, XXIV:168-169


Vanderlyn, John, XVII:206


VAN DEVANTER, WILLIS, "Photography in the Princeton Library," XVIII:160-163


VAN DOREN, CARL, intro. to "A Recently Discovered Letter of the American Revolution," IV:13-122


Van Doren, Carl, chairman, Comniittee of the Princeton At-chives of American Letters, II:134; III:73; gift of manuscript of Sinclair Lewis, and related documents, II:136; papers, XIX: 188


Van Doren, Mark, II:135


VAN DUSEN, HENRY P., remarks at the dedication of the John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, XXIII:146-149


Van Dyke, Henry, "'Tennyson's Original Issue of Poems, Reviews, etc., 1842-1886.' A Compilation by Henry van Dyke" (Collins), XXIV:39-50; bequest of, Biblia, V, 1 [3-4]; Collection of Tennyson, Vl:131; correspondence with Woodrow Wilson, XVII:176; papers, Biblia, VIII, I [10]; XIX:288; mentioned, V:42; XXV: 182


Van Dyke, Paul, Memorial Library, Biblia, V, 1 [7]


VAN CELL, TYLL R., remarks at dedication of Julian Street Library, XXIII: 64-65


VAN NOSTRAND, ALBERT, "The Plays of Booth Tarkington," XVII:13-39


Van Rensselaer, Alexander, presented Audubon's Birds of America (London, 1827-38) to Library, V:130


Van Vechten, Carl, gift of collection of books, catalogues, pamphlets, and programs, V:79-80; mentioned, II: 135


Vaughan, Donald Cuyler, V:45


Vedder, Elihu, VI:125; XX:26-27


Vega Carpio, Lope F61ix de, "Jerusalen Conquistada" (Willis), XV:159-161


Vergil, Bucolica Virgilii cum Commento Familiari (Paris, ca. 1498), VIII: 193; Eclogues (London, 1529), III: 149; "Sebastian Brant and the First Illustrated Edition of Vergil" (Rabb), XXI:i87-i99; additions to Junius Spencer Morgan collection, Biblia, I, 2 [5-6]


Vernon, William Henry, XVII:200


Versailles Peace conference, material in Ray Stannard Baker: papers, VII:11, 17


Vertue, George, engraving of Milton, XXIV:168, 171


Victorian bindings, XXV:170


Victorian book decoration, XXIV:91-99


Victorian poets, "A Sampling of Victorian Poets at Princeton" (Bayles) , VI:127-132; collection on, Biblia, VI, 2 [16]; Biblia, IX, 1 [4]


Viel6, Emily, letter of, XII:151-152


Viel6-Griffin, Francis, "Two Symbolist Poets" (Alden) , XVI:189-194; acquisition of letters of, XII:150-153; correspondence of, XIX:171; letters from Jonathan Sttirges, XV:6; mentioned, XII:35; XVII:229, 233


Viete, Francois, Opera Mathematica (Leyden, 1646), V:165


Virginia, "Materials for the Study of the Civilization of Virginia" (Wright), McCormick Collection, X: 3-15; "Virginia Impartially Examined and Left to Publick View . . ." (exhibition) , XIX:51-54; in Kane Collection, XI:15-17; XVI:99-100


Vizetelly, Henry, "The Vizetelly Extracts" (Colburn) , XXIII:54-59


Voigt, Henry, XII:124


Vollbehr, Dr. Otto H. F., gift of illuminated choir book of early 16th century, Biblia, I, 1 [4, 5]


Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouct de, Candide (n.p. 1759), XI:210; Guerre litteraire with Defense de Milord Bollingbroke (Lausanne, 1759) , VIII: 54; Memoires pour servir it la vie de M. de Voltaire (n.p. 1784), VI: 206; Siecle de Louis XIV (London, 1752), IV:135-136; "The First Edition of Candide; A Problem in Identification" (Wade), XX:63-88; A letter to the Editor by Percy II. Muir on Candide, XXI:168-170


von Briesen, Arthur, papers, XIX:181



WADE, IRA O., "The First Edition of Candide; A Problem in Identification," XX:63-88


WAINWRIGHT, ALEXANDER D., "A Catalogue of the Gallatin Beardsley Collection," XII:67-82; 126-147; catalogue of Woodrow Wilson exhibition, XIII:66-118; "A Check List of the Writings of Albert Eugene Gallatin," XIV:141-151; "A Check List of the Writings of Struthers Burt 104," XIX:123-148; "From Columbus to J. C. Adams: Notable Americana in the McCormick Collection," X:4150; comp., "Moby-Dick, 1851-1951," catalogue of an exhibition, XIII:66118; "The Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists; A Summary Report and an Introduction," XVII:59-67; comp., "Books from Jonathan Edwards' Library," XV:85-89


Wainwright, Alexander D., appointment as Assistant Librarian for Acquisitions, XXIV:70; editor of Princeton University Library Chronicle, XVI: 165


Walcot, D., VI: 141-142; VII: 155-156


Walker, James P., collection of, XIX: 178


WALKER, R. A., ed. "Letters of Aubrey Beardsley, XVI:111-144


Wall, Garrett Dorset, legal papers and correspondence, XIX:183


Wallace, Horace Binney, "Horace Binney Wallace: A Study in Self-destruction" (Hatvary) , XXV:137-149


Wallis, Keene, V:48-49


Walpole, Horace, exhibition of books printed at Strawberry Hill, Biblia, VI, 2 [11, 12]; mentioned, II:154-155; IV:41, 48


Walpole Society, visit of, XV:41


Walter, Thomas U., XIV:133


Wang, Chung-min, XV:116


Ward, Nathaniel, The Simple Cobler of Aggawam (London, 1647), VI:91


Warden, David Bailie, XVII:206


Warner, Olin L., XVII:227


WARREN, DALE, "(Signed) F. S. F XXV: 129-136


Warren, Robert Penn, III:75, 82, 83


Washington, George, The journal of Major George Washington (London, 1754), X:48-49; "Annis and the General: Mrs. Stockton's Poetic Eulogies of George Washington" (Butterfield), VII:19-39; "The Nassau Hall Portrait of George Washington Reproduced in Color" (Egbert) , VIII: 57-62; books on, in Kane Collection, XI:24; bust done by William Rush, VIII:57-58; comments on Philip Freneau, H:65; inaugural address, XX: 39-40; letter of, V:19; part played in Battle of Princeton, XIII:178; miniature of, VIII:88; mentioned, I, 1:7; IV:120; XIV:75


Washington, Martha, set of china belonging to, XV:182-183


Watson, William, XVI:102-103


WATT, DONALD, "Dulles Oral History Project," XXV:228-229; "The Papers of Woodrow Wilson," XXV:155-156


WEAVER, WARREN, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Its Origin and Its Author," XIII:1-17; "The Mathematical Manuscripts of Lewis Carroll," XVI:1-9; "The Parrish Collection of Carrolliana," XVII:85-91


WEBER, CARL J., "Honeysuckles at Princeton: A Sororicidal Investigation," XIX:69-81


Weber, Orlando F., gift of memorial collection of economic history, XII: 216-217


WEBER, SHIRLEY HOWARD, "A Death Mask of Tolstoy by Mercouroff," IV:90-92


Weber, Shirley Howard, editor of Princeton University Library Chronicle, XVI:165


WEBSTER, WILLIAM STEWART CROSS, "How Two Princeton Sttidents Saw Lincoln in 1861,"V:154-157


Wecter, Dixon, VII:111


Wedmore, Frederick, in J. Harlin O'Connell Collection, XIX:150


Weems, Mason Locke, The Philanthropist (n.p., 1799), IX:43


Weinberg, Sidney J., gift of Lincoln letter, IX:174


Weir, Robert W., VI: 115


Weitzmann, Kurt, Mount Sinai expedition, XXI:237


Welch, Roy Dickinson, Biblia, VI, 2 [6-7]


Weld, Isaac, Jr., Travels Through the States of North America (London, 1799), IV: 122


Wertenbaker, Thomas J., XIV:41-43; XIV: 132


West, Andrew Fleming, Stray Verses (Princeton, 1931), II:39; VIII:161; XIV: 185-192


West, Benjainin, I, 2:17; V:86; XII:2


WEST, LOUIS c., "American Paper Money," XXI:243-244; "The Numismatics Collection," XX:16o; "Recent Additions to the Coin Collection," XXI:252


West Indies, books on, in Kane Collection, XI:22-23


West Point, VII:45-46


Western Americana, "Walt Whitman's notes of His Western Trip," Biblia, I, 1 [3]; Hawaii collections, Biblia, IX, 1 [5]; Schoonover's illustrations for Western fiction, III:21-25; "A Conversation with Mr. Rollins," IX: 178-190; "The Rollins Collection of Western Americana," IX: 191-204; "The Writings of Philip Ashton Rollins," IX: 205-210; narratives of the Spanish Southwest in the Kane Collection, XI:10; "Horsemen of the Americas," XIV:198-201; Audubon On the Missouri, XXI:73-77; in McCormick Collection, X:49-50; FrancoAmerican relations in the Far West, XXV: 164


Westwood, Thomas, letter describing Charles and Mary Lamb at Enfield, VI:181-182


WEYER, SUZANNE, "The American Summer Theater," XX:56-58; "The Kneisel Quartet at Princeton: The First Concerts Sponsored by the Ladies Music Comixiittee," XIV:i83-193; "Summer Theatre U.S.A., 1955," XVII:52-54


Whales and whaling. See "Moby-Dick ... Catalogue of an Exhibition"


Wharton, Edith, XVII:238


Wheelwright, Jere H., Jr., manuscript of, XIX:190


Whig Hall, XXV:202


Whistler, James McNeill, XV:6; XVII: 221, 234


White, Harry Dexter, papers, XIX:182


White, John G., chess collection, II: 148-152


Whiting, Arthur, XIV:189, 193


Whitman, Walt, "A Collector Looks at Walt Whitnian" (Nauniburg), III: 1-18; "Whitman's Calamus Poems" (Winwar), III:66-68; "The Road to Concord: Another Milestone in the Whitman-Emerson Friendship" (Baker), VII:100-117; exhibit of Whitman items, XIII:162-163; notes of his western trip, Biblia, I, 1 [3]; mentioned, IV:93


Widgery, Alban C., collection of Persian manuscripts part of Garrett Collection, X:110


Wier, Johann, De Praestigiis Daetnonunt (Bascl, 1563), XX:201-204


WIGGINS, JAMES RUSSELL, "Beyond History," XXIII:157-166


Wightman, Thomas, VI:109


Wikoff, Henry, "Chevalier Henry Wikoff" (Delarue), XV:215-216; mentioned, XVII:213-214, 220


Wild, John, autograph collection, XIX: 165, 167


Wilde, Oscar, association with The Yellow Book, II:124; friendship with Lord Alfred Douglas,II:130-131; in J. Harlin O'Connell Collection, II:121-132; XIX:150; letter of tipped into front of A. Edward Newton's copy of Browning's Pauline, VIII:90, 191; mentioned, XXI:8-9; XVI:101


Wiley, Louis, letters from Woodrow Wilson, XVII: 182


WILKIN, JAMES w., Class of 1785, diary of, XII:55-66


William L. Clements Library, VII:83


William of Nassau, collection of books concerning, XXI:175-177


Williams, Jesse Lynch, "Papers of Jesse Lynch Williams" (Lewis) , XXII:187-189; mentioned, VII:1, 3


Williams, John S., gifts: letters by John James Audubon and members of his family, V:131; water-color and wash drawings by Audubon, VI:144


Williams, Oscar, ed., New Poems, 1943, an Anthology of British and American Verse, original typescript, VI: 148


Williamson, Thoinas, Oriental Field Sports (London, 18ig-20) , IX:172-173


Willis, Nathaniel Parker, XVII:212


WILLIS, RAYMOND S., "Lope de Vega's Jerusalen Conquislada," (Madrid, 16og) , XV:159-161


Wills, Jesse, III:75, 82-83


Wills, Ridley, III:75, 82-83


Wilson, Alexander, XV:171


WILSON, EDMUND, "Thoughts on Being Bibliographed," V:51-61


Wilson, Edmund, "Edmund Wilson, The Campus and the Nassau 'Lit'" (Gauss), V:41-50; "Edmund Wilson: A Checklist" (Mizener) , V:62-78; letters of in Fitzgerald papers, XII:194


Wilson, Ellen Axson, letters of, XVII: 180; letters of Woodrow and Ellen Axson Wilson presented to Library, XXIV:75-77


Wilson, Harry Leon, XVII:14-15, 17-18, 35-39


WILSON, J. CHRISTY, "The Persian and Indo-Persian Miniatures," in Garrett Collection, III:136-139


Wilson, James, Xl1I:161-162


Wilson, James Harrison, correspondence with General Adam Badeau, XXII:43-45


WILSON, T. G., "The Death Masks of Dean Swift," XVI:107-110


Wilson, Woodrow, "Hide and Seek Politics," manuscript typed by Wilson with autograph corrections, VI: 149; The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, published by Princeton University Press, XXI:167-168; "Madison and Wilson: An Interrupted Philosophy" (Stewart), XXIII: 91-108; "The Papers of Woodrow Wilson" (Watt), XXV:155-156; "President Wilson's Plan to Resign in 1916" (Link), XXIII:167-172; "Woodrow Wilson and My Mother" (Thackwell), XII:6-i8; "Woodrow Wilson and the Power of Words" (Motter) , XVII:163-172; "The Woodrow Wilson Collection" (Bragdon), VII:718; "The Woodrow Wilson Collection; A Survey of Additions Since 1945" (Clark), XVII:173-182; additions to collection from estate of Charles L. Swem, XVIII:225-226; bust of, by Jo Davidson, VII:6; campaign speeches of 1912, XVIII:75-76; catalogue of an exhibition commemorating the centennial of his birth, XVII:113-i62; comments on by Edmund Wilson, V:51; editorial in Princetonian written by, IV:22; evaluation as a writer by Bliss Perry, XVII:165; letter of about Arthur Bullard, V:114; letters of, IX:174; letters of Wilson and Ellen Axson Wilson, XXIV:75-77; letters relating to Patton Hall and proposed Graduate COllege, IX:94; letter to Mr. Henry B. Thompson and Edward W. Sheldon, VII:40-41; letters to James Burrill Angell, IV:137-i38; letters to Robert Bridges, III:151153; letters to Robert Garrett during years 19o4-v6, VII:156; manuscripts of, XIX:i8o; script of motion picture "Wilson" given to Library, VI: 45; shorthand notebooks of Wilson's secretary covering period 1912-21, X:55; mentioned, VIII:161; XVII: 207, 242


Windust, Bretaigne, theatre records of, XXIII:82-86


Winslow, Edward, XV:45, 47-48


WINTERICH, JOHN T., "Man About the House," IX:13-16


WINWAR, FRANCFS, "Whitman's Calamus Poems," III:66-68


Wise, Thomas J., suspected Tennyson and Swinburne forgeries, VI: 13 1; two famous Wise forgeries of Rossetti and Tennyson, Vll:163; mentioncd, I, 1:39; 1, 2, 30; VI:45; VIII:12


Witchcraft, books on history of, XII:91; XX:201-204


Witherspoon, Mrs. Flora B., gift of the Wilson-Bridges letters, III:153


Witherspoon, John, "Memorial for the College of New Jersey-1784," VII: 41-43; autograph manuscript of, VII: 86; three hundred books purchased for Library, XI: ioi; list of twenty-one Witherspoon letters, VIII: 140-141; influence of IX:50; letters to Benjainin Rush, V:36-37, 161; "Madison and Witherspoon, Theological Roots of American Political Thought" (Sarylie) , XXII: I 18-132; manuscripts of, XIX:174; notice by in Pennsylvania Evening Post, V:161-162; on comittee for "Delaware Lottery," XV:35; on first editions, XI:143; Purchase of Rittenhovise orrery, VI:46; quotation from, VII:157; recommendation of Charles Nisbet, VI:17; use of The Edinburgh Almanack, 1768, V:36; mentioned, IV:123; XIV:79


Wodhull, Michael, IX:100


WOLF, EDWIN, 2ND, "The Bible in Transition," XXIV:155-167


Wolfe, Thomas, collection of material relating to, XXI:184


Wolgemut, Michael, XVI:152


Wood, Mrs. Henry, in Parrish Collection, XVII:75


WOODBRIDGE, RICHARD G., III, "Illustrated by Frank E. Schoonover," III:19-27


Wood engraving in United States, I, 1:15-22; VI:101-126; XX:1-38


WOODRESS, JAMES, "The Tarkington Papers," XVI:45-53; ed., "Tarkington's New York Literary Debut: Letters Written to His Family in 1899," XVI:54-79


Woodrow, Harriet Augusta, "Woodrow Wilson and My Mother" (Thackwell), XII:6-18


Woolett, William, VII:44-45


Woolf, S. J., exhibit, "Drawn from Life," XI:99


Woollcott, Alexander, XVI:49, 52


Woolley, Mrs. Knight, XXT:io6. See also Lloyd-Smith, Mrs. Wilton


Worde, Wynkyn de, III:149; XXIII: 126-130


Wordsworth, Dorothy, XI:65


Wordsworth, Gordon, correspondence with George McLean Harper, XI:92-94


Wordsworth, William, "The Infinite Sea: The Development and Decline of Wordsworth and Coleridge; An Account of Professor Harper's Unfinished Book" (Baker), XI:62-75; "Wordsworth's Voice of Calm" (Dunklin), XI:76-88; mentioned, I, 2:29


World War I, writers at Princeton during period of, V:41-50, 62


World War II, effect on archaeological excavations, 1, 3:4; effect on European libraries, II:81-90; III:64; propaganda in, II:91-96; publishing in France during, II:97-104


Wright, Joseph, VI:47


WRIGHT, LOUIS B., "Materials for the Study of the Civilization of Virginia," McCormick Collection, X:315


Wright, Willard Huntington, series of scrapbooks relating to work of, XIX: 190


Writing materials, experiments with, III:56-63


Wroth, Lawrence C., VIII:44-45


Wyatt, Matthew Digby, XXIV:94-95


Wycherley, William, Love in a Wood (London, 1672), V:121


Wycliffe, John, XXIV:160, j83-184


Wyeth, N. C., III:19, 21


Wylie, Philip, manuscripts of, XIX: 179


Wytfliet, Corneille, Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Avgmentvni (Louvain, 1598) IX:228-229



Yeats, John Butler, letters to John Sloan, IX:231; manuscripts of, XIX: 169


Yeats, William Btitler, Poems and Ballads of Young Ireland (Dublin, 1888), IX:230; exhibition on, XVI: 186; member of Rhymers Club, II: 125; manuscripts and letters of, XIX: 170; prompt-copy of Deirdre with annotations by Yeats and Mrs. Campbell, VI:44; plays written for Abbey Theatre, VI:132; typescript of The Player Queen, VII:51; mentioned, VI: 127, The Yellow Book, II:123; XVI:101-103


Yonge, Charlotte Mary, in Parrish Collection, XVII:67, 74


Yorktown, III: 153-155


Young, Henry, Jr., gift of books from his library, XII:219-220


Young, Mahonri, XVII:248


YOUNG, MAI,COLM O., "Library Notes & Queries," I, 1:37-40; I, 2:29-32; I, 3:26-28; I, 4:27-28; II:38-40; comp. "James Boyd: A Checklist," VI:77-81


Young, Malcolm O., retirement of, XX: 154


Yuan Chen, XV:122


Yung-lo ta tien, XXIV:201-202



Zanuck, Darryl F., gift of motion picture script "Wilson," VI:45



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