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Index, Volumes I - XXV, 1939 - 1964

Biblia, Volumes I - X, 1930 - 1938

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Admiranda Rerum Admirabilium Encomia (Nijmegen, 1677), title-page, XVII: facing p. 44


Ahli of Shirdz, manuscript of Divan, X: facing p. 116


al-Busiri, page from ode in praise of Muhammad, manuscript, 17th cent., III: between pp. 144-145


Alchemy, Ripley scroll of alchemical emblems, XIX: between pp. 156-157


Alciati, Andrea, portrait in Emblemata (Paris, 1584), XVIII:79


Alcuin, manuscript of, initial "A" and "Q," IX: facing p. 66


Alexander Street, in Princeton, photograph, XXV: between pp. 184-185


Almanacs, George's Cambridge Almanach ... for ... 1776, Salem [17751, XX: facing p. 32; The Pennsylvania Town and Countryman's Almanack, 1756, Germantown, C. Sower, relief engraving by Leech, VI: facing p. io6


Americans in Paris, XVII: between pp. 228-229


Anderson, Alexander, engravings, after Bewick, I, 2:32; "Spring," after R. Westall, in Thomson's Seasons (New York, 1817), I, 3: facing p. 12; "The Porter," after Bewick, in Emblems of Mortality (New Haven, 18io), 1, 3: facing p. 12; "Practical Joke," in Stories for You (Boston, 1863), I, 3: facing p. 13; "Tomb of Washington," in Trumbull's Life of Washington (New York, 1829), 1, 3: facing p. 13; after S. Pike, in Barbauld, Lessons for Children (Philadelphia, 1818) , VI:IO7; after John Bewick, in The Looking Glass for the Mind (New YOrk, 1795), Vl:io8; after Eliza Leslie, in Atlantic Tales (Boston, 1833), VI:111; portrait, I, 3:8


Asia, western, seals from, XII: facing pp. 49, 52, 54


Astrology, treatise on, for library of a great-grandson of Saladin, X: facing p. 108


Audubon, John James, drawing, "Redshouldered Hawk" (1809), XV: facing p. 169; drawings, "Le Grimperau" (1805), "Le Wip-poor-Will" (1806), "Striped Ground Squirrel" (1841), "Common Scaup Duck" (ca. 1842), portrait of Benjamin Page (1819), XXI: between pp. 48-49; engraving by Havell after Audubon, "Red-shouldered Hawk" (plate 56), XV: facing p. 176; engraving by Havell after Audubon, "Sea-side Finch" (plate 93), XXI: between pp. 48-49; manuscripts, " Glossy Ibis," "Cat Squirrel," "Soft-haired Squirrel," page from journal (Paris, 1828), XXI: between pp. 48-49; letter to William Bakewell (May 20, 1805), XXIV: between pp. 128129; letters, to Dr. Charles d'Orbigny (April 29, 1807), to John Woodhouse Audubon (28 January 1847), to Mrs. J.J. Audubon (September 3, 1826), XXI: between pp. 48-49; Ornithological Biography (inscribed copy) , XXI: between pp. 48-49; instructions to Havell of March 2, 1831; selfportrait (1826), XXI:39; Audubon's seal, XXI:88; Mill Grove Farm, painting by Thomas Birch, XXI: between pp. 48-49; Minnie's Land, XXI:79; exhibition in Princeton University Library, 1959, photographs, XXI:between pp. 48-49



Bainbridge House, in Princeton, XXV: between pp. 184-185


Baker, William Munford, portrait, X: facing p. 61


Barrie, J. M., Richard Savage, program and p. 1 of prologue, by W. E. Henley, XVII: between pp. 74-75


Bartholornaeus Anglicus, anatomy lesson, De Proprietatibus Rerum [Westminster, ca. 14951, XXIII: facing p. 126


Beardsley, Aubrey, "The Black Cape," XII: facing p. 130; design for front cover of The Yellow Book, Volume III, XII: facing p. 72; lithograph of, by William Rothcnstein, 1897, XII: facing p. 67; photograph inscribed to Henry D. Davray, XVI: between pp. 122-123; photograph of, X: facing p. 82; preliminary sketch of initial letter "S" for Volpone, XVI: between pp. 138-139; self-caricature, XVI:115; signature device of three candles, XVI:113; "Volpone Adoring His Treasure," XII: facing p. 144


Beatty House, in Princeton, XXV: between pp. 184-185


Belcher, Jonathan, mezzotint by John Faber after Richard Phillips, 1734, XIV: facing p. 172; pastel by unidentified English artist, ca. 17451747, XIV: facing p. 169


Bible, The Great Bible, first edition, 1539; sixth edition, 1541; King James Bible, first edition, 1611; Wycliffe Bible, ca. 1410, XXIV: between pp. 16o-161


Biddle, Nicholas, ii)iniattire by Benjamin Trott, IX: facing p. 49


Birch, Thomas, Mill Grove Farm, XXI: between pp. 48-49


Bishop, John Peale, portrait, VII: facing p. 55


Blackburn, Joseph, portrait of Annis Boudinot Stockton, attributed to, VI: between pp. 6-7; portrait of Richard Stockton, attributed to, VI: between pp. 12-13


Blake, William, engraving after painting by John Opie to illustrate "Romeo and Juliet" for "Boydell Shakespeare," 1, 2; facing p. 18; drawings for Milton's Paradise Lost, XI: between pp. 114-115; sketch of Cowper monument attributed to, 1802, XXIV: facing p. 3


Book binding, Armenian silver, dated 1653, VII: facing p. 118; restoration of, VI:201; Victorian, XXIV: pp. 9697


Books of Hours, Arabic printed 1514, IV:6 French, ca. 1425, III: between pp. 144-145; French, ca. 1475, III: between pp. 144-145; French, 15th cent., X: facing p. 103


Boyd, James, portrait, VI: facing p. 55


Bradstreet, Anne, The Tenth Muse (1650), title-page, VII: facing p. 88


Brady, Mathew B., engraving after Brady photograph of William L. Dayton, XX:144-1.15; photograph of Walt Whitman during Civil War, III: facing p. 16


Brevis Relatio (Peking, 1701), leaves 16v-17r, XIX: between pp. 156-157


Broadsides, for New-Jersey College lottery, XV: facing p. 34 and 36; University of Glasgow, 1858, XI: facing p. 157, 162, 164; West Chester and Philadelphia Rail Road (ca. 1848), V: 119


Browne, Sir Thomas, Posthumous Works (London, 1712), original leaf and cancel, XI: facing p. 200


Bude, Guillaume, annotations in his copy of first edition of Homer (Florence, 1488), XVIII: between pp. 89; first page of the Iliad with Bud6 arms and inscription, XVIII: between pp. 4-5


Burgess, Gelett, "The Purple Cow," illustration in The Lark, II:25


Burney, Edward, drawings for Milton's Paradise Lost, XI: between pp. 114-115


Burt, Struthers, photograph by Doris Ulmann, 1929, XIX: between pp. 156-157



Caesar, Julius, miniature in Suetonius, Vitae Duodeciin Caesarum, Kane rriantiscript 44, XIX: between pp. 8-9


Calendar, 15th cent. folding manuscript, XIII: facing p. 164


Caligula, miniature in Suetonius, Vitae Duodecim Caesarum, Kane manuscript 44, XIX: between pp. 8-9


Carroll, Lewis. See Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge


Catlin, George, caricatiire of Emperor Napoleon III, 1862, XVII: between pp. 228-229


Ceracchi, Giuseppe, portrait of James Madison, prospectus for a monument, XXIV: between pp. 112-113


Chancellor Green Library, Princeton, XXIV:i82; XXV: between pp. 184185


Chapman, J. G., frontispiece to the Old Testament (1846), XX: between pp. 24-25


Chinese cribbing garment, XX: between pp. 174-175


Chinese print, "Typesetters at Work," in "The Imperial Palace Movable Type Reprint Series" (Peking, 1774-94), XV: facing p. 129


Chinese silk scroll, "Tribute bearers from many nations," artist unknown, ca. 1795, XV: between pp. 192-193


Cleland, T. M., bookplate for Julian Street Library, XXIII:63


Clouwet, Pieter, engraving of Michel de Montaigne in Les Essais (1659), 1, 2: facing p. 129


College of New Jersey, broadsides for New-Jersey College lottery, XV: facing p. 34 and 36; original subscription list for building college, Biblia, IX, 2: between pp. [2-3]


Collins, Wilkie, page from manuscript of Poor Miss Finch, XVII: between pp. 74-75


Connett, Eugene V. 3rd, Random Casts (New York, Derrydale Press, 1939), frontispiece and title-page, XVIII: between pp. 12-13


Consecration tablet, 15th cent., VIII: facing p. 64


Cotton, John, book label and inscriptions in copy of Henrich Smet, Prosodia [Frankfurt ?, 1620 ?], XXII:36


Couch, Jonathan, water-color drawing of pilot fish in his "A N-itural History of Cornish Fishes," XX: between pp. 86-87


Couture, Thomas, head of, by William Morris Hunt, XVII: between pp. 228-229


Cowper, William, "The Cast-away," March 20, 1799, XXIV: between pp. 24-25; engraving of, by Francesco Bartolozzi, 1799 (?) after sketch by Lawrence, XX: between pp. 144-145; letter to John Duncombe [?] June 16, 1757, XXIV: facing p. 24; letter to John Newton, April 11, 1799, XXIV: between pp. 24-25; pencil and wash sketch, perhaps by Lawrence, 1793, XX: between pp. 144-145


Coxe, Louis, photograph, XXV: betwcen pp. 20-21


Coypel, Charles Antoine, frontispiece in Houdar de La Motte, Fables Nouvelles (Paris, 1719)V: between pp. 138-139


Cozzens, James Gould, By Love Possessed, corrected typescripts, XIX: between pp. 8-9


Cresswell, Robert, photograph, VII: facing p. 95


Cruikshank, George, "Annual Emigration of Birds," IV: facing p. 62; "The Elves and the Shoemaker," IV:54; "Fagin in Prison," IV: facing p. 58; India paper proof from Bentley's Miscellany, IV: facing p. 64; self-portrait from Twiddle Twaddle, IV: between pp. 50-51


Currier, Nathaniel, "Awful explosion on board the Princeton," lithograph, 1844, 1, 4: facing p. 12


Cushing, Otho, cartoon of Woodrow Wilson, VII: facing p. 7



Darley, F. O. C., "Retreat from Manassas," engraving in Robert Tomes, The War With the South, II:108; engraving by H. W. Herrick after Darley in The Big Bear of Arkansas, and Other Sketches (1845), VI: facing p. 107


Dassier, Jean, Milton medal, XXIV: between pp. 168-169


Davidson, Jo, bust of Woodrow Wilson, VII: between pp. 5-7


Davidson, John, Foreword to Fleet Street and Other Poems, manuscript, XIII: facing p. 140; portrait by William Rothetistein, 1894, XIII: facing P- 123; poster issued by the police after disappearance of Davidson, XIII: facing p. 128


Dayton, William L., engraving by J. C. Buttre after photograph by Brady, XX: between pp. 144-145


Dearborn, Nathaniel, wood engraving in Mother Goose's Melodies (Boston, 1835), VI:110


Les Demi-Cabots (Paris, 1896), cover illustration by Henry-Gabriel lbels, XIII: facing p. 196


Derrydale Press, frontispiece and titlepage of Random Casts (New York, Derrydale Press [1939]), by Eugene V. Connett, 3rd, XVIII: between pp. 12-13


Device book. See emblem books


Dickens, Charles, broadsides issued by students at University of Glasgow for election of their lord rector in 1858, XI: facing p. 157, 162 and 164; "Forn of Requiring Entry of Proprietorship" for A Christmas Carol, XIX: between pp. 84-85


Dogson, Charles Lutwidge (Lewis Carroll), page from Alice in Swahili (London, 1840), XIII: facing p. 10; "Circular to Stationers," July 31, 1890, addressed to the illustrator E. Gertrude Thompson, XVII: between p. 74-75; Dogson's arguments for and against remodeling "The Chestnuts," XVI: facing p. 1; the Liddell sisters, photograph by Dodgson, XIII: facing p. 1; two of Dodgson's syzygies, XVI: between pp. 8-9; geometrical exercise (1844), VIII: between pp.8-9


Domitian, miniature in Suetonius, Vitae Duodecim Caesarum, Kane manuscript 44, XI: facing p. 42.


Doyle, Peter, letter to Walt Whitman, III: facing p. 8


Drumthwacket Lodge, in Princeton. See Thomas Olden House.


Dulles, John Foster, portrait by William Draper, XXIII: between pp. 150-151


Durandus, commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, miniature from a manuscript of, 1336, III: between pp. 144-145


Durer, Albrecht; illustration from Vier bucher von menschlicher Proportion (1528), XXIII:78



Edison, Thomas A., sketches of phonograph, XXV:224


Edward IV, page from Account Book of the Great Wardrobe, 1478-1479, XXIV: facing p. 169


Edwards, Jonathan, notes for sermons, ca. 1743-1744, XV: facing p. 76; porringer with initials of grandparents, XV: facing p. 48


Ehrhart, S., "Democratic Sanitarium," cartoon of Woodrow Wilson, VII: facing p. 7


Eisenhower, Dwight D., and Robert Goheen approaching Firestone Library, May 15, 1962, XXIII: between pp. 150-151


Elizabeth I, portrait engraved by Crispijn van de Passe in Effigies Regum ac Principum (Cologne, 1598), XIX: between pp. 8-9


Emblem books, Achille Bocchi, Symbolicorum Quaestionum . . . Libri Quinque (Bologna, 1555), XV: facing p. 60; Johan de Brune, Emblemata of Zinne-werck (Amsterdam, 1624), XV: facing p. 60; Device book, manuscript, 16th cent., XVIII: between pp. 214-215; William Holmes and John W. Barber, Religious Emblemes (New Haven, 1847), XV:67; Francis Quarles, Emblems (London, 1684), XV: 65; Nicolas Reusner, Aureolorum Emblematum Liber (Strasbourg, 1587), XVIII: facing p. 82; Georg Stengel, Ova Paschalia (Ingolstadt, 1672), XVIII: facing p. 82; Octavio van Veen, Arnorum Emblemata (Antwerp, 16o8), XV: facing p. 62


Emerson, Ralph Waldo, letter recomiiiending lVhitiTian to Salmon p. Chase, Secietary of the Treasury, 10 Jan. 1863, VII: between pp. 100-101



Faber, John, mezzotint of Jonathan Belcher after Richard Phillips, 1734, XIV: facing p. 172


Fables, Fables d'EsoPe (Paris, 1689), engraving by Gilles Sadeler, V: facing p. 139; Gabriello Faerno, Fabulae Centum (Rome, 1563), V: facing p. 143; S. Lavalette, Fables (Paris, 1847), etching by Grandville, V: facing p. 142; Houdar de La Motte, Fables Nouvelles (Paris, 1719), frontispiece by Coypel, V: facing p. 138; G. M. Verdizotti, Cento Favole Bellissime (Venice, 1661) , V: facing p.144


Faerno, Cabriello, Fabulae Centurn (Rome, 1563), V: facing p. 143


Fairfield, Genevra G., portrait of, XXIII: facing p. 41


Faulkner, Williain, manuscripts and typescripts of As I Lay Dying, The Hamlet, Intruder in the Dust, Sanctuary, The Sound and the Fury, XVIII: between 128-129; manuscripts and typescripts of "Abraham's Children," Absalom, Absalom!, "Apotheosis," "Barn Burning ," "Cathay," "Elmer," "Father Abraham," "Fool About a Horse," poem in The Green Bough, "The Marionettes," Mosquitoes, Pylon, Sanctuary, Sartoris, Soldier's Pay, The Sound and the Fury, "Was," XXI: between pp. 136-137; "Nocturne" (poem in The Ole Miss), XXI: between pp. 136-137; The Town, galley proof, XVIII: between pp. 128-129; speech on receiving Legion of Honor, 1951, XVIII: between pp. i28-i2q; letters to Maurice E. COindreau, 1932, 1937, XVIII: between pp. 128-129; photograph of Faulkner in RAF uniform, XXI:118; Faulkner and William Spratling, drawing by Spratling, 1926, XXI:122


Fenn, Harry, wood engraving by Anthony after Fenn in John Greenleaf Whittier, Ballads of New England (Boston, 1870), VI: facing p. 123


"Fern Hill," Germantown, Philadelphia, photograph, XX: between pp. 134-135


Fevret de Saint-Memin, Charles. See Saint-M6min


"Fieidwood" (Guernsey Hall), in Princeton, photograph and drawing for grounds, XXV: facing p. 185; photograph, XX: between pp. 134-135


Fisher, Jonathan, A North West Prospect of Nassau Hall, painting after Dawkins, 1807, VI: facing p. 153; Scripture Animals (Portland, 1834), title page, VI: facing p. 168


Fitzgerald, F. Scott, bookplate of, XXII: 77; corrected typescript of "Babylon Revisited," 1931, XVII: between pp. 228-229; photograph by Carl Van Vechten, 1937, XII: facing p. 167; The Great Gatsby, page of manuscript, XII: facing p. 182; poster for Fitzgerald's Civil War melodrama, XII: facing p. 19o; Scott Fitzgerald in his comedy The Coward, St. Paul, 1913, XVII: between pp. 8-9; Shelley reading list prepared for Sheilah Graham, XXII:58


Flagg, James Montgomery, portrait of Julian Street, XXIII: facing p. 28


Foch, Ferdinand, letter to Arthur Krock on American Expeditionary Forces, Biblia, I, i (supplement)


Ford, Ford Madox, letter to Joseph Conrad, IX: facing p. 114; page of manuscript of autobiography, IX: facing p. 108; photograph, IX: facing p. 105; "To Petronella at Sea," from manuscript of New Poems, IX: facing p. 156


Forrester, A. H., letter, July 12, 1837, XXIII: p. 134


Foster, John, woodcut of Richard Mather, XVIII: facing p. 43; "White Hills" map of New England, XIV: facing p. 180


Fouquet, Jean, portrait of Marguerite de Rohan attributed to, III: between pp. 144-145


France, royal arms of, heading a manuscript genealogy of the kings of France, 15th cent., IX: facing p. 216


Freneau, Philip, portrait, engraving in Duyckinck's edition of Freneau's Poems (New York, 1865), II: facing p. 65


Friend, Albert M., Collection of Theatre Drawings, XVIII: between pp. 194-195 and between pp. 198-199


Frossard, Edouard, forgeries, sketches of Talleyrand and Joshua Barney purporting to be by John Trumbull, XXII:54; sketch of Napoleon purporting to be by John Trumbull, XXII:51


Furniss, Harry, self-caricature (1892) , XXIII: 134



Galen, translation by Hunayn ibn-Ishaq, X: facing p. 110


Garmany, Frank C., lines inscribed by Woodrow Wilson in his autograph album, XVII: between pp. 120-121


Garrett, George, photograph by Alice Dunn, XXV: between pp. 20-21; scene from "Garden Spot U.S.A.," XXV: between pp. 20-21


Garrett, Robert, collection of manuscripts, selections from, III: between pp. 144-145, P- 135; IV: facing p. 109


Gerould, James Thayer, photograph, XIV: facing p. 92


Gest, Guion Moore, photograph, XV: facing p. 113


Gest Oriental library, Commander I. V. Gillis supervising packing of books for Gest collection, Peiping,


1930, XV: facing p. 120; Shili-kang Tung and Dr. Hu examining volume from Gest library, 1952, XV: facing p. 136; photograph of Guion Moore Gest, founder of library, XV: facing p. 113; fine bindings from Gest library displayed in 1952 Princeton exhibition, XV: facing p. j36; Chinese print, "Typesetters at Work" (Peking, 1774-94), XV: facing p. 129


Gillis, I. V., supervising packing of books for Gest collection, Peiping, 1930, XV: facing p. 120


Glackens, Louis M., "Lion Tamer," cartoon of Woodrow Wilson, VII: facing p. 18


Godwin, Parke, manuscript of "Progress of the 19th Century," XVIII: facing p. 39


Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, portrait in crayon by Ludwig Sebbers, 1826, IV: facing p. 1


Goheen, Robert, with Dwight D. Eisenhower, j962, XXIII: between pp. 150-151


Gospels, manuscript, 9th cent., iith cent., 13th cent., III: between pp. 144-145


Grandville, jean, etching in S. Lavalette, Fables (Paris, 1847), V: between pp. 142-143


Gray, H. p., illustration for Washington Irving's Sketch Book (New York, 1864), XX: between pp. 24-25


Gray, Thomas, Christmas piece, 1727, XXII: 24


Greece, inscription from Athenian Agora, Biblia, VII, 1 [9]


Grilninger, Johann, illustrations of Stultifera Navis (1497), XXIII: between pp. 20-21


Guernsey Hall. See "Fieldwood"



Hakluyt, Richard, title-page of Virginia Richly Valized (London, 1609), X: facing p. 6


Hamilton, Sinclair, illustrations from collection of American woodcuts and wood engravings, VI: 106-112, 114, between pp. 122-123; XX: between pp. 8-9, 24-25, 32-33; bookplate for collection by Bruce Rogers, VI:100


Hardy, Thomas, Tess of the D'Urbervilles [London, 1891], bindings, XIX: between pp. 74-75


Harper, George McLean, portrait, XI: facing p. 59


Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library, X: facing p. 147, facing p. 170


Hay, John, letter to Alexander Gunn, June 24, 1880, XVIII: between pp. 50-51


Hennessy, W. J., illustrations for Alfred Tennyson, Enoch Arden (Boston, 1865), XX: between pp. 24-25


Henry Holt and Company, selection of material from Holt archives, XIII: facing p. 208


Hermits of Mount Calvary, account book for October, 1787, XII: facing p. 28


Herrick, H. W., wood engraving after drawing by F. 0. C. Darley, VI: facing p. 107


Hodge, Charles, letter from Marquis de Lafayette, January 1827, VIII: between pp. 108-109


Hodge, William, photograph of, in Tarkington's play, The Man From Home, XVII: between pp. 16-17


Holbein, Hans, triumphal portal of Erasmus, XXIII: facing p. 80


Hollis, Thomas, devices on Hollis books at Princeton, inscription in John Locke, Two Treatises of Government (London, 1764), XX: between pp. 174-175


Holmes, Theodore, photograph, XXV: between pp. 20-21


Homer, Winslow, "Art Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery," 1867, XVII: pp. 228-229; "The Charge of the Light Brigade," 1, i:ig; "For a Wild Holiday," I, 1: 17; illustration for Festival of Song (New York, 1866), XX: between pp. 24-25; "There Sat Huldy All Alone," 1, 1:21; wood engraving by ChadlerDuran after Homer, VI: facing p. 123


Homerus, editio Princeps (Florence, 1488), Bude's copy, XVIII: facing pp. 4, 8


Hoppin, Augustus, wood engraving after Hoppin in R. Fellow, The Game of Croquet; Its Appointment and Laws (New York, 1866), VI: facing p. 122


The Horseinen of the Americas, XIV: facing p. 198


Houckgeest, A. E. van Braam, reception by the Viceroy, Canton, October 13, 1794, engraving in Voyage de I'Ambassade de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales Hollandaises (Philadelphia, 1797), XV: facing p. 184


Howard, J. H., wood engraving by Roberts after Howard in Major Jack Downing's Letters (New York, 1859) , VI: facing p. 123


Hu Shih, examining volume from the Gest library, 1952, XV: facing p. 136


Hugo, Victor, "Un Mot sur Georges [John] Brown," page of manuscript, XIV: facing p. 94


Humplary, Ozias, etching of Samuel Johnson by Mrs. Dawson Turner after Humphry, XXIV: facing p. 37


Hunt, William Morris, head of Thomas Couture, 1848, XVII: between pp. 228-229



Ibels, Henry-Gabriel, illustrations for cover of Les Demi-Cabots (Paris, 1896), XIII: facing p. 196


Ibn-al-Dubaythi, pages of Arabic manuscript on history of Baghdad, XXV: between pp. 150-151


Inner Temple Library after World War 11 bombing, II: facing p. 84


Irving, Washington, manuscript of "Illustration to the Legend of Prince Ahmed," XIV: facing p. 32; illustration by H. p. Gray for Sketch Book (New York, 1864), XX: between pp. 24-25


Ivy Hall, in Princeton, photograph, XX: between pp. 134-135



Janizary, from De Origine Imperii Turcorum (Wittenberg, 1560), XX:200


Jefferson, Thomas, account book, October, 1787, XII: facing p. 28; Portrait by Saint-Memin, XX: between pp. 182-183; letter to Isaac Zane, 8 November 1783, XVI: facing p. 157


Joannes Climacus, Saint, The Heavenly Ladder, manuscript, 11th cent., III: between pp. 144-145


Job, J. G., Anleitung zu denen curiosen Wissenschafften (Frankfurt, 1717), XIX: between pp. 8-9


John, the Evangelist, Initial "A," St. John writing his revelation from the Cantica Canticorum et Apocalipsim ... IX: facing p. 64


Johnson, Samuel, etching by Mrs. Dawson Turner, after Ozias Humphry, XXIV: facing p. 37


Johnston, David Claypoole, wood engraving, in Seba Smith, The Life and Writings of Major Jack Downing (Boston, 1833), VI: 112


Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress . . . September 5, 1774, title page showing "earliest device of the colonies," X: facing p. 120


Juvara, Filippo, drawing of a large hall, XVIII: between pp. 198-199



Kane, Grenville, incunabula froni collection of, XI: facing p. 26; portrait by Frank O. Salisbury, 1929, XI: facing p. 1


Keoktik, chief of the Satik tribe, in James O. Lewis, The Aboriginal Port-Folio (Philadelphia, 1835), XIX: between pp. 156-157; Keoktik's silver peace medal with its deerskin pouch, XIX: between pp. 156-157


Keppler, Joseph, Jr., "Second Yorktown," cartoon of Woodrow Wilson, VII: facing p. 18


Kingsley, Charles, Brave Words for Brave Soldiers and Sailors (1855), IX:44


Kinnell. Galway, photograph by Betty C. Brown, XXV: between pp. 20-21


Kipling, John Lockwood, "Illustration done in the solid" for his son's poem "What the People Said," letter to F. N. Doubleday concerning illustrations for the Outward Bound Edition, 22 January, 1897, sketches made during his son's convalescence, Lakewood, New Jersey, 24 April, 1899, XXII: between pp. 112-113


Kipling, Rudyard, "An Error in the Fourth Dimension," with revisions, 1898; corrected proof of Introduction to Outward Bound Edition, 1896; corrected proof of prospectus to Outward Bound Edition, 1896'XXII: between pp. 112-113


Koran, manuscript, 11th cent., III: between pp. 144-145


Kurdian, H., miniature of St. Luke by Toros Sargavak, 14th cent., from collection of, IV: facing p. 110



La Farge, John, illustration for Alfred Tennyson, Enoch Arden (Boston, 1865), XX: between pp. 8-9 and 2425


Lafayette, Marquis de, letter to Charles Hodge, January 1827, VIII: between pp. 108-109


Lansing, Garret, wood engraving, VI: facing p. 107


Lawrence, Thomas, engraving by Francesco Bartolozzi, 1799 (?) after sketch by Lawrence, XX: between pp. 144-145; pencil and wash sketch, perhaps by Lawrence, 1793, XX: between pp. 144-145


Lee, Robert E., letter to Jefferson Davis, j2 April, 1864, XVI: between pp. 168-169


Leland, Charles Godfrey, "About to move," sketch of corner of his room in Nassau Hall, I, 4:19


Leslie, Captain William, photograph of his gravestone in Pluckemin, New Jersey, churchyard, IX: facing p. 1


Lewes, G. H., letter to John Chapman, February 12, 1859, VIII: facing p. 8; XVII: between pp. 74-75


Library Place, in Princeton, Number 72, XXV: between pp. 184-185


Lincoln, Abraham, speech in Douglas campaign, manuscript, XVI: between pp. 176-177


Lo-ichs, Melchior, at his drawing board, in Konstantinopel unter Sultan Suleiman dem Grossen, XXII:94


Lotteries, for College of New Jersey, broadsides and tickets, XV: pp. 26, 34 and 36


Lowrie House (83 Stockton Street) , in Princeton, photograph, XX: between pp.134-135


Luke, Saint, miniature by Toros Sargavak, ca. 1311, IV: facing p. 110



McCormick, Cyrus H., portrait, X: facing p.1


Maclean, John, letter to William L. Dayton, December 2, 1862, XX: between pp. 144-145; photograph of, I, 4: facing p. 6; student's caricature of, I, 4: p. 9


McLenan, John, wood engraving by D. C. H. after McLenan in Maria Maxwell, Ernest Grey; or The Sins of Society (New York, 1855), VI: facing p. 107


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