John Steinbeck: The Collection of  Preston Beyer: Donated to the Princeton University Library   
 By His Daughters:  Barbara A. Rice,  Marilyn S. Shuffler,  Lynne B. Sagalyn.
 Annotated Catalogue of the Collection
CONTENTS Book and such like items are serviced by the Rare Book Division of the Department.
Call number for the collection as a whole is (Ex) PS3537 .T3234 1994 which is subdivided by BEYER number.
     A. Biographies Devoted to JS
     B. John Steinbeck's Work
     C. Various
          Film, Theater, Performance (flyers, playbills, articles)
          Others (Study Aids, Bibliographic and Book Collecting Fragments, Obituary Notices, Posters and Pictures)
     A. Biographies Devoted to JS     (top)
          In the Biographies of Others
          In the Correspondence of Others
          Anecdotes about JS
          Friends and Associates
          Books Dedicated to JS
          Books Associated with JS
          Literary Criticism: Exclusively devoted to JS, written before his death
     B. John Steinbeck's Work     (top)
          Literary Criticism: Exclusively devoted to JS, written after his death
          Literary Criticism: Of JS and Others, written before his death
          Literary Criticism: Of JS and Others, written after his death
               California and Panama
               The Depression
               The Dust Bowl
               The Legend of King Arthur
          Additional Sources:
               Theater, Radio and Film
               Banned Books/Censorship
          Books and Stories Inspired by JS
     C. Various     (top)
          University Theses and Dissertations
          Bibliographies and Catalogues
          Reference Guides
          Literary America
          On Book Collecting
          On Reading
          On Writing
          Books with No Mention of JS
     Non-Books     (top)
          Journals     (top)
               Agora - The Antioch Review
               Antiquarian Bookman AB - Books Abroad
              The Catholic World - College English
              College Literature - Discourse
              The English Journal, November 1959 - October 1971
              The English Journal, March 1972 - April 1973, - Horns of Plenty
              Image - Kyushu American Literature, December 1988 
              Kyushu American Literature, December 1990 - December 1993, - Modern Fiction Studies, Summer 1960
              Modern Fiction Studies, Winter 1962-1963 - Winter 1989
              The New England Quarterly - The Paris Review
              Partisan Review - Renascence
              San Jose Studies - South Dakota Review
              Southern Humanities Review - Steinbeck Essay Series
              Steinbeck Monograph Series, 1971 - 1979
              Steinbeck Monograph Series, 1980 - 1991, - The Steinbeck Newsletter
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1969 - 1973
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1974 - 1978
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1979 - 1983
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1984 - 1988
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1989 - 1991
              The Steinbeck Quarterly, 1992 - 1993, - Cumulative Indices of the Steinbeck Bibliographic Series
              The John Steinbeck Society of Japan Newsletter - The University of Windsor Review
              The Virginia Quarterly Review - Wisconsin Studies in Contemporary Literature
          Magazines     (top)
                   Air California Magazine - The New York Times Magazine
                   The New Yorker - Second Spring
                   Shield - Western's World
              Literary Criticism
              Book Reviews
              Film and Theater
              Book Collecting
              Passing Mention
                   ABMR (Antiquarian Book Monthly Review) - Fortune
                   '47:  The Magazine of the Year - McCall's
                   Modern Maturity - Saturday Review, February 5, 1966
                   Saturday Review, August 20, 1966, - Writer's Yearbook '66
         Newspapers     (top)
         Film, Theater, Performance (flyers, playbills, articles)     (top)
              Burning Bright
              Cannery Row
              Cassette flyers
              The Chrysanthemums
              East of Eden
              The Grapes of Wrath
              The Long Valley
              The Moon Is Down
              Of Mice and Men
              Once There Was A War
              The Pearl
              Pipe Dream
              The Red Pony
              Viva Zapata
         Pamphlets     (top)
              Publisher's Announcements
              Passing Mention
         Flyers     (top)
         Study Guides     (top)
              Study Master
         JS Inspiration
         Bibliographic and Book Collecting Fragments
         Obituary Notices
         Posters and Pictures
         Audio Cassettes
         Video Cassettes
         Video Sources
         Video Mention
         Miscellaneous Items
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