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B.F. Stevens's facsimiles of manuscripts in European archives relating to America, 1773-1783

(ExB Oversize 1081.88.2q // In 2011, reclassed to Ex Oversize 2009-0375Q)

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Manuscripts Division
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

Item List

Volume # Name Document
[see Mss Div.] Adams, John autograph, cut from letter
[see Mss Div.] Bartlett, Josiah DS, Concord, June 19, 1790
XVII: after tp Bouille, Francois-Claude Amour, Marquis de
ALS, Metz, July 19, 1790
I: 58-59 Bowdoin, James Massachusetts Bank share, DS, Aug. 26, 1784
I: 107 (3) Burr, Aaron legal document, DS, NY, Aug. 26, 1784
IX: after tp Carleton, Sir Guy LS to John Powell, paymaster, Quebec, July 1, 1767
VI: before tp Carroll, Charles [of Carrollton]
check, DS, Baltimore, July 28, 1826
III: after tp Clinton, Sir Henry subsistence warrant, DS, Headquarter, NJ, July 21, 1781
VI: h before tp Clymer, George promise to pay, DS, Philadelphia, June I, 1802
IV: after tp Cornwallis, Charles, second Earl Cornwallis
appointment of a major in the East India Co., DS, Nov. 1, 1788
XI: after tp Coutts, Thomas financial document, DS, n.p., n.d.
[see Mss Div.] Cumberland, Richard  ALS to G. Townshend, Warren's Hotel, [May, 1811]
VI: l before tp Edwards, James DS, Oct. 21, 1802
VI: 454-455p Ellery, William General Treasury order, DS, Newport, Nov. 2, 1784
VI: j before tp Ellery, William ship's manifest, DS, Newport, June 27, 1814
XII: after tp Elliot, John (Commodore) ALS to "Gentlemen," Admiralty, Dec. 21, 1758
VI: after tp Elliot, Sir Gilbert ALS to "My dear Hippesby," Bastia, Jan. 7, 1795
[see Mss Div.] Floyd, William ADS Promise to Pay, Middletown, Nov. 9, 1781
VIII: after tp Frederick II, King of Prussia DS with paper seal, Berlin, Jan. 31, 1747
X: before tc Gambier, James, Lord Gambier
military proposal, DS, Admiralty Office, Nov. 17, 1796
V: after tc George III, King of England DS, St. James, Palais, April 25, 1776
I: after tp George III, King of England royal order, DS, April 1, 1790
X: after tp George III, King of England edict, D, 1796
XIX: after tp George III, King of England record of royal appointment of various council members, D, St. James, Aug. 22, 1798
[see Mss Div.] Gerry, Elbridge autograph, clipped and pasted on sheet
VI: 1227 (3) Gorham, Nathaniel appointment of the Justice of the Peace of Hampshire County, DS, [March 5, 1790]
[see Mss Div.] Hancock, John ADS, Boston, Dec. 1, 1781
VI: a before tp Hancock, John appointment of the Justice of the Peace of Hampshire County, DS, [March 5, 1790]
XII: 1227 (3) Harrison, Richard ALS to Stephen van Rensselaer, NY, Jan. 13, 1812
[see Mss Div.] Hart, John autograph signature on six shillings note, paper currency of the Colony of New Jersey, issue of March 25, 1776
VIII: 826 (3) Heath, William warrant, DS, Boston, Aug. 8, 1778
[see Mss Div.] Henry, Patrick DS, June 8, 1765
[see Mss Div.] Hewes, Joseph autograph on a six-dollar note of paper currency issued by Continental Congress, issue May 9, 1776
VII: after tp Hood, Sir Samuel ALS to Lieutenant Lassithill, Agent of the Transports, Bastia, Victory Leghorn Road, Oct. 5, 1794
VI: n before tp Hopkins, Samuel payment order, DS, Rhode Island, Feb., 1773
VI: f before tp Hopkinson, Francis government payment, DS, Oct. 15, 1781
XIII: after tp Howe, Richard, Earl Howe  ALS to Mr. Morris, Admiralty, June 17, 1784
VI: k before tp Huntington, Samuel appointment of an ensign in the Connecticut state militia, DS with a paper seal, Hartford, May 25, 1791
[see Mss Div.]  Jefferson, Thomas  ALS to Thomas Hewson, Washington, Oct. 29, 1808
XII: after tp Jervis, John, Commodore ALS to "My Dear Sir," Mortimer St., May 20, 1807
V: before tc Keith, Sir Robert LS to Masters of his Majesty's ships Inconstant, Astrea, Roebuck, and Experiment, Off Alexandria, May 18, 1801
II: after tp Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de
AL, July 14, 1788
[see Mss Div.] Langdon, John DS, Portsmouth, NH, March 9, 1786
V: 487 (14) Langdon, John order of payment, DS, Portsmouth, NH, March 9, 1786
[see Mss Div.] Livingston, Philip ALS to Robert Yates, NY, July 27, 1771
XIII: 1307-1308 Louis XVI, King of France promotion, DS, Versailles, Sept. 24, 1779
XVI: after tp Macartney, George, Earl ALS to William Crauford, Fort St. George, Jan. 27, 1782
XV: after tp Morris, Robert bill of exchange, DS, Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1784
VI: before tp Morris, Robert promise to pay, DS, 1795
I: after tp Mulgrave, Baron See: Phipps, Constantine John, Baron Mulgrave
VI: g before tp Nicholson, John DS, Philadelphia, Feb. 25, 1795
V: before tc Palliser, Hugh warrant of commission, DS, Woolwich, Dec. 19, 1774
IV: 374 Palmerston, Viscount See: Temple, Henry John, third Viscount Palmerston
I: after tp Phipps, John Constantine, Baron Mulgrave
ALS to "My dear Rose," Admiralty, Feb. 4, 1809
[see Mss Div.] Pickney, Charles Cotesworth DS, [Aug. 12, 1790]
XX: after tp Pitt, William ALS to "My dear Lord," Hollwood, June 4, [1799]
[see Mss Div.] Read, George ANS to Gunning Bedford, Dec. 18, 1799
XIII: before tc Rochford, Earl of See: Zulestein de Nassau, William Henry, fourth Earl of Rochford
VI: m before tp Rodney, Caesar mortgage payment receipt, DS, Dover, June 29, 1774
V: 454-455o Ross, George document regarding lawsuit, DS, Lancaster County, May, 1752
[see Mss Div.] Sherman, Roger DS, Fairfield, Conn., Feb. 28, 1783
XXIV: after tp Shuldham, Molyneux, Lord Shuldham
LS to Paul Henry Ouvry, Dunkirk, Sept. 15, 1780
XIV: after tp Soubise, Charles de Rohan, prince de
ALS, Paris, Oct. 7, 1786
I: 101-102 Sparks, Jared ALS to "Gentlemen," Cambridge, Feb. 20, 1845
X: after tp Spencer, George John, second Earl Spencer
military proposal, DS, Admiralty Office, Nov. 17, 1796
VI: i before tp Stockton, Richard ALS to "My dear Sir", Trenton, April 4, 1817
XXIV: 2042 Sullivan, John New Hampshire Treasury check, DS, NH, 1788
VI: 589-590 Sullivan, John ALS to Elbridge Gerry, Boston, June 1, 1790
IV: 373-374 Temple, Henry John, third Viscount Palmerston
LS to the Paymaster General, War Office, June 23, 1821
[see Mss Div.] Tilghman, Mat DS, June 9, 1770
VI: d before tp Tracy, William DS, Oct. 26, 1803
[see Mss Div.] Trumbull, Jonathan ALS to Thomas Mumford, Lebanon, April 7, 1778
II: before tp Vernier, Theodore, Count ALS to the Chief of the Bureau of Contributors, Senate, n.d.
XIV: after tp Viomenil, Charles Joseph Hyacenthe du Houx, Marquis de
ALS to a Lieutenant General, Rennes, April 18, 1816
VI: before tp Walton, George petition for American citizenship, DS, 1802
VI: before tp Walton, George petition for American citizenship, DS, 1803
[see Mss Div.] Ward, Samuel ALS to Mr. Arnold Warwick, Dec. 12, 1783
XXIV: before tc West, Benjamin ALS to Mr, N. Carlisle, Neuman Street, June 10, 1819
V: 487 (14) White, Phineas ALS to Samuel Lathrop, Putney, Nov. 4, 1822
VI: b before tp Whipple, William document regarding a session of the House of Representatives, ADS, Jan. 27, 1781
[see Mss Div.] Wilson, James signature on a statement that he has received certain patents for land, n.d.
VII: 733 (9) Wolcott, Oliver legal document, DS, Litchfield, Oct. 27, 1775
X: before tc Young, Sir William [Admiral]
military proposal, DS, Admiralty Office, Nov. 17, 1775
XIII: before tp Zulestein [de Nassau], William Henry, fourth Earl of Rochford
stay of execution by the King's pleasure, DS, St. James, Oct. 24, 1775