Miscellaneous Playscripts Collection


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Manuscripts Division
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

This collection includes some playscripts stamped or addressed by theater agencies in Chicago, New York City, and Hollywood, while others were used at McCarter Theater or by the Princeton University Players. There are wartime scripts from both world wars, as well as government plays from the Federal Theater Project, the Works Progress Administration, and the Department of Agriculture's War Food Commission.
Box                                                                                   Range
1 Adams, Frank R. The Great Prophet's Own Bank Robbery to Backeus, Maud Verandan
2 Banim, John Damon and Pythias to Bernstein, Henry Promise
3 Besier, Rudolph Lady Patricia to Brookfield, Charles and F.C. Philips A Woman's Reason
4 Brooks, Fred Emerson The Merry Mormon to Burnside, R.H. Easy Money
5 Burnside, R.H. and Anne Caldwell Jack O'Lantern to Campbell, Bartley, The Galley Slave
6 Campbell, Bartley My Partner to Cartstarphen, Frank E. Mastering Flames
7 Carton, R.C. Robin Goodfellow to Cohan, George M. The Farrell Case
8 Copeau, Jacques and Jean Croue The Brothers Karamazoff to Coxe, Louis O. and R.H. Chapman Uniform of Flesh
9 Coyle, J.J. The Ninety-Day Mistress to Dawley, J. Searle The Dancer and the King
10 Dazey, Charles E. The Girl From Texas to Demille, Henry C. and David Belasco Men and Women
11 Demmon, W.A. The Green Eyed Monster to Elliot, Rand Naked Before Him
12 Emmett, Katherine Killarney to Fitch, Clyde The Happy Marriage
13 deFlers, R. What Woman Wills to Fraser, I.A. A Yankee in Mexico
14 Friedman, I.K. The Remittance Man to Gavault, Paul and Michael Morton The Richest Girl (more ff)
15 Gavault, Paul and Michael Morton The Richest Girl (cont'd) to Geyer, Siegfried Candle-Light
16 Gilbert, Raymond The Red Heart to Gillette, William All the Comforts of Home
17 Gillette, William Held By The Enemy to Golding, Samuel Ruskin The Girl Who Came Back (more ff)
18 Golding, Samuel Ruskin The Girl Who Came Back (cont'd) to Gordon, Ruth The Leading Lady
19 Grayson, Mark Struck By Lightning to Hall, Owen The Girl From Kay's
20 Hall-Rogers, Thomas Altars of Steel to Harvey, Frank Brother for Brother
21 Harvey, Frank Woman Against Woman to Herlzeg, Geza and Alfred Aiken Sisters, Inc.
22 Herndon, Venable Independence Night to Howard, Ada Money Mad
23 Howard, Bronson Young Mrs. Winthrop to Howard, Lorin J. Her Father
24 Howard, Lorin J. The Man In The Iron Mask to Havell, Stoddart The Magic Top
25 Hueston, Norman It's On The House to Hugo, Victor Hernani
26 Hymer, John B. Aloma to Hymer, John B. Timberland Jim
27 Hymer, John B. Tom Walker in Dixie to Jackson, Harry Over the Sea
28 James, Bernard My Wife's Gone to the Country to Kalmer, Bert and Harry Ruby The Acquittal
29 Kalmer, Bert and Harry Ruby All God's Chillun to Kester, Paul When Knighthood Was In Flower
30 Kettering, Ralph Thomas Which One Shall I Marry to Klein, Charles Third Degree (more ff)
31 Klein, Charles Third Degree (cont'd) to Koessler, Peter J. Dust of the Earth
32 LaBiche, Eugene La Grammaire to LaPorte Rene Federigo
33 Levy, Benn W. Topaze to Logan, Joshua The Wisteria Trees 
34 Longmine, Robert In Louisiana to deLorde Andre and Pierre Chaing Mon Cure Chez Les Riches
35 MacArthur, Charles and Ben Hecht Ladies and Gentlemen to Marshall, Robert His Excellency the Governor
36 Mattia, P. An Angelic Imp to McElhany, Tim Central Park West
37 McElhaney, Tim Central Park West (cont'd) to Miles, Homer Cheaters
38 Miramura, Elena Tender Loving Care to Munro, C.K. Storm of the Battle of Tinderlay Down
39 Murdoch, Mortimer Hoop of Gold to Nobles, Milton The Phoenix
40 Norris, I.N. The Last Stroke to Osborn, Paul The Vinegar Tree
41 Oxenford, John Pauline to Patrick, John The Hasty Heart
42 Peake, Richard Kinsley Cornish Miners to Peterson, Louis Take a Giant Step
43 Petit, Henry Hands Across the Sea to Pontoppodau, Henrik and Hjalmar Bergstrom Thora Van Deken
44 Poole, W. Howell The Wheel of Fortune to Reich, John The Dream
45 Ren, James Haller The Confession to Rice, Elmer and Philip Barry Cock Robin
46 Rice, Elmer We The People to Ritter, John D. Tennessee Tess
47 Roberts, Sir Randal H. A Dangerous Game to Ross, Aaron and Arnold Reeves The Woman He Wanted
48 Rostand, Edmond L'Aiglon to Rowe, George Fawcett Pop: The Tale of a Wild Dog
49 Russell, F.L. The Great Barrington to Ryerson, Florence and Colin Clements Strange Bedfellows
50 Salacrou, Armand Nights of Wrath to Saroyan, William The Time of Your Life
51 Sayre, R.H. A Lively Girl to Scott, Clement and B.C. Stephenson Diplomacy
52 Segall, Harry Justified to Shakespeare, William As You Like It (more ff)
53 Shakespeare, William As You Like It (Promptbook) (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William Cymbeline (Promptbook) (more ff)
54 Shakespeare, William Cymbeline (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William Hamlet (more ff)
55 Shakespeare, William Hamlet (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice (more ff)
56 Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet (more ff)
57 Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet (more ff)
58 Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet (cont'd) to Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet 
59 Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew to Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night
60 Shaw, W.J. Caught in a Corner to Sheridan, Richard Brinsley The Rivals
61 Sherwin, Judith Johnson Belisa's Love to Shipman, Louis Evan Le Bonhomme Richard
62 Shipman, Louis Evan La Dame Au Tigre to Shipman, Louis Evan The Lady of Niger
63 Shipman, Louis Evan The Nabob's Daughter to Shipman, Samuel and John B. Hymer Crime
64 Shipman, Samuel and John B. Hymer The Woman at the Bar to Smith, Moyne and Nancy Haight The Magic Apple
65 Smith, William Jay The Straw Market to Spence, Wilfred Wall The House of Fear
66 Spooner, Cecil For Jack's Sake to Spooner, Cecil My Irish Cinderella
67 Spooner, Cecil and Charles E. Blaney It's On The House to Spooner, Cecil The Unkissed Bride
68 Spooner, Cecil Wanted a Family to Spooner, Edna May The Better Half
69 Spooner, Edna May The Lie to Spooner, Edna May Untitled
70 Stange, Stanislaus The Two Roses to Stewart, John D. Danger, Men Working
71 Stieglitz, Perry Fall to Storm, Lesley Heart of a City
72 Strong, Austin And What Happened Then: A Fantasy to Sutro, Alfred, The Way of a Fool
73 Szilagyi, Laszlo Dance 'Round the World to Taylor, Charles A. The White Tigress of Japan
74 Taylor, Tom Dundreary to Thomas, A.E. and Clayton Hamilton The Big Idea
75 Thomas, Albert Ellsworth Merely Murder to Thomas, Brandon Charley's Aunt
76 Thompson, Dennan and George W. Ryan The Old Homestead to Tootle, Harry Ring His Own Daughter
77 Totten, Joe Byron The Strange Death of President Harding to Valency, Maurice Jacques and David Driscoll All Desirable Young Men (more ff)
78 Valency, Maurice Jacques and David Driscoll All Desirable Young Men (cont'd) to Veiller, Bayard The Thirteenth Chair
79 Vernon, Andrew Michael Strogoff to Verne, Jules Around the World in 80 Days
80 Volk, John Baga to Walsh, Marie A Package of Love Letters
81 Walkes, Wir A Pair of Lunatics to Watson, Lucile Reflexions in a Spangle
82 Watson, Malcolm The Haven of Content to Wilson, John G. Monarch and Minstrel
83 Wilson, John G. The Mount Desert Document to Wilson, John G. The Advertisement
84 Wilson, John G. The Star of Fortune to Wodehouse P.G. The Play's the Thing (more ff)
85 Wodehouse P.G. The Play's the Thing to Zilahy, Lajos Firebird