Miscellaneous Screenplays Collection


Box/Title Listing

Manuscripts Division
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Princeton University Library

1 Abilene Town 
About Face (cutting continuity, dialogue continuity)
Accidental Death
Accidents Will Happen
Ace Drummond (chapters 1-13)
Ace High
Ace in the Hole
Across the Pacific
Action in the North Atlantic
Adieu l'Ami
2 The Adventures of Jane Arden (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Adventures of Marco Polo
The Adventures of Mark Twain
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventurous Blonde (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Air Force
Al Capone
3 Algiers
Alias Jesse James
The Alibi
All in a Night's Work
All This and Heaven Too
Always in My Heart
Always Together
4 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Amazons of Rome
American Dream: "Welcome to Wicker Park"
Angie: "Angie and the Doctor" (Revised final draft, shooting script)
Angie: "Angie and the Rabbit"
Angie: "Friends in Need"
Anna Karenina
Anthony Adverse
The Apartment
5 Apartment for Peggy
The Archer
Arizona Bushwhackers
Around the World in Eighty Days (dialogue continuity)
6 Around the World in Eighty Days (superimposed version)
Around the World with Douglas Fairbanks
Arsenic and Old Lace
Aspects of Love
The Assassination of Trotsky
The Atomic City
Attack of the Puppet People
7 Baby Take a Bow 
Back of Beyond
Background to Danger
The Bad News Bears Go to Japan
Barbarella (release dialogue script, superimposed spotted list)
8 The Bashful Genius 
Battle Cry
Battle Flame (dialogue continuity)
The Beast of Budapest (dialogue continuity, superimposing instructions, action description, English master titles)
The Beast of Hollow Mountain
Beat the Devil
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
The Behemoth
Belle Starr: The Bandit Queen
9 The Beloved Brat
Ben Hur
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
The Big Bounce
The Big Bus
The Big Noise
The Big Sleep
The Big Stampede
The Big Wheel
10 Billy Budd 
The Bionic Woman: "Jaime's Shield (Part 2)"
Birdman of Alcatraz (dialogue continuity)
Birds Do It
Black Beauty
The Black Camel
Black Fury (dialogue transcript, synopsis, superimposed version)
Black Legion (dialogue transcript)
Black Orpheus
Black Region
Black Sheep of White Hall
11 The Black Swan
Blondes at Work
Blood Money
Bluebeard's Eight Wife
The Bluebeard
Body and Soul
Boeing Boeing
12 Bonnie and Clyde
The Bonnie Parker Story
Border Rangers
Born for Trouble
Borrowed Trouble
Boy Meets Girl
Breakfast at Tiffany's
13 The Bride Wore Black 
The Brides of Fu Manchu (information folder)
Brief Encounter
Bright Eyes
Brink's Job
British Intelligence
Broadway Gondolier (dialogue transcript)
Broadway Hostess
Broadway Musketeers
Broadway Through a Keyhole
14 Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers, Ch. 6: "The Unknown Command"
Bulldog Drummond
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Bullets or Ballots
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
Burn, Witch, Burn
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Bwana Devil
15 Caesar and Cleopatra
Cain and Mabel
The Caper of the Golden Bulls
Captain America, Ch. 7-10
Captain Blood (feature version, foreign feature version, dialogue continuity, dialogue transcript)
16 Captain Sinbad 
The Car
Carmen Jones
The Carpetbaggers
17 Casablanca 
The Case of the Black Cat
The Case of the Howling Dogs
The Case of the Lucky Legs
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop
The Case of the Velvet Claws
Casino de Paris
Casino Royale
The Cat
The Cat and the Canary
The Cat Burglar
La Chamade
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
Charlie Chan at the Opera 
18 The Chase
Chateau en Suede
Chato's Land
La Chatte
A Child is Born (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Chinese Ring
Circle of Danger
The Circus
Circus of Blood (information folder)
19 Circus of Horrors (information folder)
Citizen Kane
City for Conquest
Clash by Night
Clive of India (dialogue continuity, superimposed version)
A Clockwork Orange
Code of the Secret Service (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
20 Cold Turkey
The Comedy of Terrors
Comet over Broadway
Commando Assault
Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Confidence Girl
Conflict (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Conquest of Space
Constant Nymph
Convention City
21 The Conversation
The Corn is Green
Corridors of Blood
Cover Up
The Cowboy Quarterback
The Creeping Flesh
Crime School (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Crooked Way
22 The Cropsy Maniac
The Curse of the Cat People
Curse of the Crimson Altar
The Curse of Frankenstein
Cyrano de Bergerac
23 Dallas 
The Dalton Gang
Danger Island
Dangerous (dialogue transcript, synopsis, superimposed version)
Dangerous Adventure
Dangerous Moonlight
Dangerous Venture
Daniel Boone (cutting continuity)
Daniel Boone: Trailblazer (superimposed spotted list)
Daredevil Drivers
24 The Dark 
Dark Passage (dialogue transcript)
Dark Victory
Darling Lili
Daughters Courageous
The Dawn Patrol (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Daydreamer
25 The Dead Are Alive 
The Decision of Christopher Blake
Deliver Us from Evil, Amen
The Deserter
Destination Moon
Detective Story
26 The Devil is a Woman
The Devil Rides Out: Devil's Bride
The Devil's 8
The Devil's Own
The Devil's Saddle Legion (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Dial M for Murder
27 Diamond Horseshoe
Diamonds are Forever (superimposing title list, export script)
Dick Tracy, Ch. 1-6
28 The Disorderly Orderly
Divorce Italian Style
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. No
Dr. Socrates
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. X
Doctor Zhivago
29 Dodge City
Dog Day Afternoon
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (dialogue continuity, dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Don Winslow of the Navy
Donovan's Reef
Don't Play with the Martians
Dope Ship
30 Down Memory Lane 
Down the Stretch
Dreams in a Drawer
The Drums of Fu Manchu (Ch. 1-15)
31 The Duellists
The Duke of West Point
The Dungeon
Dust Be My Destiny
32 Each Dawn I Die
East of the River
Elmer Gantry
Emmanuelle, L'Antiverge
The Enemy General
English Without Tears
Espionage Agent
33 Evening in Byzantium (Part 2, three revisions)
Expensive Husbands
34 Fabiola 
Face of a Stranger
The Face of Fu Manchu
Fall In
False Colors, a.k.a. False Paradise
The Fan
The Fighting Devil Dogs
The Fighting Seabees
The Fighting 69th
The Final Countdown
35 Fingerpopper
Fire Over England
First Lady
First Son of the Morning
Fistful of Dollars
Five Card Stud
Flamingo Road
Flashdance (9/2/82, 10/15/84)
36 Flash Gordon (Ch. 1-12)
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Flaxy Martin
Florentine Dagger
Fog over Frisco
37 Fools for Scandal
Forbidden Planet
A Foreign Affair
Forty-Second Street
The Four Feathers
Four's a Crowd
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
38 Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 
Fraternity Row
Friday the 13th, Part 2
From Hell to Borneo (dialogue continuity, superimposed spotted list)
From Russia With Love
The Front Page
The Fugitive Kind
39 Gambling Lady 
Garden of Allah
Garden of the Moon
Gawain, the Green Knight
The Gay Amigo
The Gay Sisters
Genghis Khan
A Gentleman After Dark
The Gentleman from Texas
Gentleman Jim
40 Gentleman's Agreement 
The Gentleman Misbehave
George Washington Slept Here
The Ghost Goes West
Ghost Guns
Ghost of Zorro 
The Ghost Rider
41 The Girl from Manhattan 
The Girl from San Lorenzo
The Girl from 10th Avenue
The Go-Between
Going Places
Gold-Diggers in Paris (dialogue transcript, title sheets for superimposed version)
The Golddiggers of 1935 (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
42 Goldfinger
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The Gorgon (publicity manual)
The Gorilla Man (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Graduate
Grand Hotel
The Great Dan Patch
The Great Guns
43 The Great Race 
The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery
The Great White Hope
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Greeks Had a Word for Them
The Green Berets
The Green Pastures
A Guide for the Married Man
44 The Gun and the Cross
Gun Runner
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Guys and Dolls (Part 2 only)
The Gypsy Moths
45 Hail Hero
Half a Sixpence
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
Hangover Square
Happiness House
Hard to Get
46 Harper
Hate for Hate
Haunted Gold
He Couldn't Say No
He Was Her Man
Head Over Heels (combined continuity)
Hearts of the North
Hearts Divided
47 Heaven Can Wait 
Hell Boats
Hell's Angels
Hell's Belles
Hell's Kitchen
Her Kind of Man
Here Comes the Navy
48 Hey Lenny, Hey Jack
Hi, Nellie
The Hidden Room
Hiero's Journey
High Anxiety
High Noon
High School
Higher and Higher
49 History is Made at Night
Hit and Run
Holiday: Columbia #17, '38 Columbia
Hollywood Cavalcade
Hollywood Hotel
50 Home of the Brave
Honeysuckle Rose
The Horn Blows at Midnight
The Horse's Mouth
Hot Car Girl (dialogue continuity, superimposing instructions, action description, English master titles)
Hot Cargo
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The House Across the Bay
51 House at the End of the World
House of a Thousand Dolls
The House of God
House on Haunted Hill
How Green Was My Valley
52 I Cover Big Town 
I Died a Thousand Times
I Married a Monster from Outer Space
I Was an Adventuress
If...The Illustrated Man
Image of Love (final script)]
In Caliente
In This Our Life
53 Incident at Midnight 
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
Indianapolis Speedway, a.k.a. Devil on Wheels
International Lady
Invasion of the Saucer Men
The Invisible Menace (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Invisible Stripes (superimposed version)
The Irish in Us
54 Irma La Douce
The Island
Island of Desire
Isle of Fury
It All Came True
It Happened One Night
55 It's Alive
It's Love I'm After (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
It's Trad, Dad
56 Jack of Diamonds 
Jack the Giant Killer (dialogue continuity)
Janie Gets Married (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Jaws (final draft)
Jessie James
Jimmy the Gent
57 Joan of Lorraine 
John Loves Mary
Johnny Belinda
The Joker is Wild
Joseph Andrews
58 Joshua and Athaliah
Journey into Fear
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Juke Girl
Jungle Flight
59 Kamikaze Trail 
Keep It on Ice
The Kid Comes Back
Killers Three
The Killing
The Killing of Sister George
The King and the Chorus Girl
60 King Dinosaur
King of the Gypsies
King of the Mounties (Episodes 1-12)
King of the Royal Mounted (Episodes 1-12)
61 King of the Underworld (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Kings Row
Kisses for Breakfast
Knight without Armor (dialogue, superimposed version)
62 Ladies Must Live
The Lady in the Car
Lady from Shanghai
Lady Killer
Lady Liberty, a.k.a. Mortadella
Lady of Burlesque
The Lady Vanishes
Lady with Red Hair (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Land of the Six Guns
63 Larceny, Inc.
The Last Ride
The Last Tycoon (screenplay, dialogue)
The Legacy
The Legend of Lylah Clare
Legend of the Lost
Let 'em Have It
64 Let's Sing Again 
The Letter
Letter to a Husband
Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.
The Life, Loves, and Adventures of Omar Khayyam
Listen, Let's Make Love
Little Big Horn
Little Big Man
Little Big Shot
65 Little Caesar
Little Iodine
Locker Sixty-Nine
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold
Lone Star Raiders
The Long Goodbye
The Long Voyage Home
The Longhorn
66 Looking for Love
Lost Horizon
Lost in Space: "Blast Off into Space"
The Lost Weekend
Love and Learn
The Love Bug
Love from a Stranger (dialogue, superimposed version)
67 Love Happy 
Love, Honor, and Behave
Love in the Afternoon
Love is On the Air (dialogue transcript, superimposed version, incomplete)
The Lucifer Rig
Lucky Luke
Lust for Life (incomplete)
68 Macabre (dialogue continuity, superimposing instructions, action description, English master titles)
Macbeth (cutting continuity, release script)
The Macomber Affair
Madame Du Barry (trailer, continuity, dialogue continuity, script)
Madame X
69 The Magic Christian 
The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart
The Magic Sword
The Magnificent Seven
Make Your Own Bed
The Maltese Falcon
A Man for All Seasons
Man Hunt (incomplete, superimposed version)
70 The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man Who Came to Dinner
The Man Who Could Cheat Death
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
The Man Who Dared (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Man Who Was Nobody
Man with the Gun (dialogue continuity, superimposing instructions, action description, English master titles)
71 Manhattan
The Marauders
Marked Woman (superimposed version, synopsis, trailer, title sheet for superimposed version)
Mary of Scotland
The Masked Marvel
The Masque of the Red Death
72 McQ 
Me, Natalie
The Median
Meet John Doe
Meet Me in St. Louis
Men are Not Gods
Men are Such Fools
The Midnight Man
73 A Midsummer Night's Dream 
The Mighty Joe Young
Mildred Pierce
A Miracle Can Happen
Miracle in the Rain
Missile Monsters
Mission Mars
Mister Budwig
Mr. Chump
Mister Roberts
74 Moby Dick
Mod Squad II
Modesty Blaze
The Molly Maguires
Money Talks
The Monte Carlo Story
75 The Moonbeam Rider 
Moulin Rouge
Movie, Movie
The Mummy (1933, 1959)
The Mummy's Shroud
Murder in the Air (various materials)
76 Murder on the Blackboard 
My Bill
My Blue Heaven
My Brother's Keeper
My Darling Clementine
My Kind of Guy
Myra Breckenridge
77 The Mysterians (synopsis, feature master list)
Mysterious Island
Mystery House
The Mystery of the Wax Museum
78 The Name of the Game is Kill
Ned Kelly
Nell Gwynn
New Orleans
New York, New York
Night and Day
A Night at the Ritz
Night Has a Thousand Eyes
79 A Night in Casablanca 
Night Raiders
The Night They Raided Minsky's
Nip and Tuck (dialogue continuity)
North West Triangle
Northwest Territory
Now, Voyager
The Nude Bomb
80 Objective Burma 
The Oblong Box
The Odd Couple
Odd Man Out
Odd Obsession
Off the Record (dialogue, superimposed version)
Oh! What a Lovely War
81 The Oklahoma City Dolls
The Old Maid
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
On the Beach
On Trial
On Your Toes
82 Once Before I Die 
Once Upon a Time in the West
One-Eyed Jacks
One Foot in Heaven (dialogue transcript, synopsis, superimposed version)
One Last Fling
One Way Passage (dialogue, superimposed version)
Only When I Larf
83 The Organization 
The Out-of-Towners (original screenplay, pre-production notes)
Outback (release script, superimposed version)
Outpost in Morocco
84 Page Miss Glory
Paid to Kill
Palm Springs
Palmy Days
Panic in the Streets
Panic Offshore
Paris Underground
85 The Passionate Friends 
Peeping Tom (exploitation folder)
The Persuader (dialogue, superimposed version)
The Petrified Forest
The Phantom Planet
86 Phffft
Pink Panther Strikes Again
Pit and the Pendulum (combined continuity, superimposed version)
Place in the Sun
The Plague of the Zombies
Planet of the Apes
87 Planet of the Vampires 
Point Blank
Portrait of Jennie
Portrait of Maria
Possessed (dialogue, superimposed version)
88 Prairie Thunder 
The Premature Burial
Presenting Lily Mars
The Prince and the Showgirl
Princess O'Rourke
Prisoner of the Iron Mask
89 Private Benjamin 
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (combined continuity, screenplay)
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
90 Prophecy 
Public Cowboy #1 (Gene Autry)
The Purple Gang
Quartet: The Facts of Life
Queen Christina 
91 Rabbit Test 
A Race of Strangers
Radio Patrol
Rasputin the Mad Monk
The Rawhide Trail
Ready, Willing, and Able
Red Barry
The Red Dragon
Red-Headed Woman
92 Red Hot Tires 
Red, White, and Zero
Red River
Remember the Night
The Return of Dracula
The Return of Frank James
The Return of the Pimpernel
Return of Sabata
Return to Sender
93 Rhapsody in Blue
Rich Kids
Richard III
Ride Out for Revenge
Ride the High Wind
Riding on Air
The Rising of the Moon
The Rivals
The River Changes
94 Road to Zanzibar 
The Roaring Twenties (screenplay and dialogue transcript)
Rocky II
Roman Holiday
Romance of the Pink Panther
95 Romance on the High Seas 
Romeo and Juliet
Room for One More
Roseanna McCoy
Rosemary's Baby
Running Hot
The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming 
96 S. O. S. Coast Guard (Episodes 1-12)
The St. Louis Kid
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
The San Antonio Kid
San Quentin
97 Sands of Iwo Jima
Sands of the Kalahari
Saratoga Trunk
The Satan Bug
The Satanist
Say Hello to Yesterday
98 The Scalp Hunters
Scared Stiff
Scared to Death
Scarlet Dawn
The Scarlet Empress
Sea Devils
Sea Fighters
The Sea Hawk
The Sea Wolf
99 Second Fiddle 
The Secret Bride (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Secret Ceremony
The Senator
The Sender
100 Sergeant York 
The Set-Up
Seven Days in May
The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Seventh Dawn
101 The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 
Sh! The Octopus
The Shanghai Chest
The Shanghai Gesture
Sherlock Holmes
Shipmates Forever (dialogue transcript and continuity)
102 Ships with Wings
The Shoes of the Fisherman
Shoo-be-doo-be Moon
A Shot in the Dark
The Shuttered Room
Silent Conflict
The Singing Kid
Singing Marine
Sinister Journey
103 Sink the Bank 
The Sisters
The Six Million Dollar Man: Death Probe, Part II
The Skull
Sky Dragon
Sky Giant
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Blood
104 A Slight Case of Murder 
(titles not found on list)
Soldier Blue
105 Some Kind of a Nut
Son of Dracula
Son of Monte Cristo (superimposed version)
Son of Oh, God
South Riding
The Space Children
Special Agent (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
106 Special Delivery 
Spellbound (dialogue continuity)
The Spikes Gang
The Spirit of St. Louis
Springtime in the Rockies
Spy in Your Eye
Stage Fright
107 Stage Struck 
Stagecoach (rough draft, release cutting continuity)
Star (revised pages)
A Star is Born
Star-Spangled Girl
Station West (studio handbook of publicity data, superimposed version)
The Statue
108 Stay Hungry 
Stella Dallas
Stepping Out
Stick to Your Guns
Story Within/ Story Without
A Strange Infirmity
109 The Strange One 
The Strange Woman
Street Scene
The Street with No Name
Submarine D-1
Suddenly, Last Summer
110 Sumuru 
Sun Valley Serenade
Sunday in New York
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset in Wyoming
111 Superman
Superman II
Support Your Local Gunfighter
Susie Steps Out
Swan Song
The Swashbucklers
Sweepstakes Winner
Sweet Body of Deborah 
112 Sweet Charity 
Sweet November
Sweet Revenge
Swing High, Swing Low
Swing Your Lady (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Sword of the Avenger
113 Take a Girl Like You 
Take 2
Tales that Witness Madness
Talk of the Town
The Tall Texan
Taming of the Shrew
114 Tank Battalion 
Taras Bolba
Tarzan and His Mate
Tarzan and the Amazons
Tarzan and the Great River
Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (combined continuity, dialogue)
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
Tarzan and the Mermaids
Tarzan and the Slave Girl (cutting continuity, English master titles)
115 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold 
Tarzan, the Ape Man
Tarzan the Magnificent
Tarzan's Peril
Task Force
Taxi Driver
Telegraph Trail
The Telephone Book 
Tell Me that You Love Me, Junie Moon
116 The Ten Commandments (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Texas, Brooklyn, and Heaven
Texas City
Texas Kid
Texas Lawman
That Certain Woman
That Darn Cat
117 That Man from Rio 
That's Entertainment
That's a Good Girl
That's Where the Money Is
Theatre of Blood (combined continuity, postproduction script)
There Was a Crooked Man
They Died with Their Boots On
They Drive by Night
118 They Made Me a Criminal 
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (combined continuity, script)
They Won't Forget
Things to Come
The Thirty-Nine Steps
119 This Man Reuter
This Property is Comdemned
The Thomas Crown Affair
Those Amazing Animals
Those Fantastic Flying Fools
A Thousand Clowns
Three Men on a Horse
3:10 to Yuma
The Threepenny Opera
120 Thunder in the East
Tiger Shark
The Tiger Woman (script continuity, episodes 1-12)
The Time of Her Life (?)
Time of the Sword
The Time of Your Life
Time to Remember
121 Tin Pan Alley
To Catch a Thief
To Have and Have Not (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
Tom Jones
Tom Thumb
The Tomb of Ligeia
Too Much, Too Soon
Torchy Blaine in Chinatown (dialogue transcript, superimposed version)
122 Torn Curtain 
Tough Kid
Trade Windes
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Trojan Women
Trunk to Cairo
Tugboat Annie
The Turning Point
24 Hours of Le Mans
Twenty Thousand Pound Kiss (?)
123 Twilight on the Rio Grande
Two Against the World
Two for the Road
Two Gentlemen Sharing
Two Hundred Motesl
2001: A Space Odyssey
124 The Ugly Dachshund
Under My Skin
The Undergraduate
The Underwater Elite
Unearthly Stranger
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax
125 Vacation Bound
Valiant Hombre
Valley of the Dolls
The Vicious Circle
A View from the Bridge
The Vigilantes are Coming (episodes 1-12)
Villa Rides
126 Wait Until Dark (dialogue transcript)
The Walking Dead
We're in the Money
West of Rainbow's End
West of the Law
Western Union
The Westerner
What a Widow
What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?
What Price Hollywood? a.k.a. Hollywood Merry-go-round, or The Truth About Hollywood
127 What's the Matter with Helen? (dialogue continuity, superimposing title list)
When Eight Bells Toll
When the Music is Over
When Worlds Collide
Where Eagles Dare
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
Whispering Tales
Whistle Stop
128 Whistling Hills (various materials)
White Banners (dialogue transcript, synopsis, superimposed version)
White Heat
Wholly Moses
129 Whoopee (dialogue version, superimposed version)
The Wild Angels
The Wild Eye (superimposed spotted list)
Wild Stallion
Willie Boy
Windows (combined continuity, feature spotting list)
Wings of the Navy
Wings over Africa
130 The Wolf Hunters 
Woman of Straw
The Woman of the Town
The Woman on the Beach
A Woman Rebels
Women are Like That (superimposed version)
The Working Man
The World of Henry Orient
Wyoming Roundup
131 Yellow Sky
Yes, Mr. Brown (dialogue continuity, release script)
Yes, My Darling Daughter 
You Can't Get Away with Murder
You're a Big Boy Now
You Only Live Twice
The Young Girls of Rochefort
The Younger Brothers
132 Zachariah
Zandy's Bride
Zorro Rides Again
Zorro's Black Whip