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Manuscript material:

Howard C. Rice Collection on the Rittenhouse Orrery, 1943-54. This model representing the motion of the planets was acquired for the College of New Jersey by John Witherspoon in 1771 and lost after 1893. Upon its rediscovery in 1948 and subsequent restoration in 1952-53, an exhibition was presented by the Library under Rice's research and direction, concerning not only this item but others like it and their history. [AC066]

Duffield, Edward Dickinson. Scotch Granite: typescript, [1941?]. An account of John Witherspoon's presidency at Princeton. [C0199]

List of subscribers to the second edition of Witherspoon's works: manuscript [1801?]. This list, written in an unknown hand, is bound between covers, the pastedowns for which are a printed prospectus for the work, "The Works of John Witherspoon, 2nd edition" published by William W. Woodward, No. 17, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1801. [C0199]

Lectures on Moral Philosophy, 1795: notebook, containing notes by James Agnew on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy, dated 1795. [C0199]

Lectures on Criticism, 1790: notebook, containing notes in an unknown contemporary hand on Witherspoon's lectures on criticism, dated c. 1790. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, criticism and chronology, 1790-1791: notebook, containing notes by Samuel Sharp Dickerson on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy, criticism and chronology, dated 1790-1791. [C0199]

Lectures on eloquence, moral philosophy and chronology, [1787?]: notebook, containing notes by Antonio Marvine on Witherspoon's lectures on eloquence, moral philosophy and chronology, dated c. 1787. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, 1786-1789: notebook, containing notes by Robert G. Johnson on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy, dated 1786-1789. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, 1782: notebook, containing notes in an unknown contemporary hand on Witherspoon's lectures on philosophy, dated 1782. [C0199]

Manuscript lectures upon eloquence and oratory, 1782: notebook, containing lecture notes, possibly by John A Hanna, on Witherspoon's lectures on eloquence and philosophy, dated 1782. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, 1774: notebook, containing notes by John Ewing Colhoun on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy, dated Princeton 1774. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, 1772-1773: notebook, containing notes by Thaddeus Dod on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy and including problems in natural philosophy with their solutions by Thaddeus Dod, dated 1772-1773. [C0199]

Lectures on moral philosophy, 1771-1772: notebook, containing notes by Andrew S. Hunter on Witherspoon's lectures on moral philosophy, dated 1771-1772. [C0199]

Ledger, 1770-1775: account book, in unknown hand, containing accounts with John Witherspoon, Alexander McWhorter, and others from Princeton, New Jersey. [C0199 oversize]

Diary and accounts, 1786: Diary and account book, kept by Witherspoon, while at Princeton, dated 1768; text written throughout a printed almanac titled "Edinburgh Almanack for the year M,dcc.lxvii," Edinburgh: Printed for and sold by R. Fleming at the Cross, and by the other booksellers in Town and Country. [C0199]

John Witherspoon Collection, 1765-1794 (bulk 1767-1790): consists mainly of correspondence and documents of Witherspoon, with works and miscellaneous material as well. Included are receipts (1779) for four Scottish prisoners-of-war, for whom Witherspoon made himself accountable, letters (1767-1768) by Witherspoon to Benjamin Rush, who was then a medical student in Edinburgh, Scotland, and letters to John Bayard, Henry Lee, James Madison, Jonathan, Sergeant, George Washington, and others. One letter (1787) to St. George Tucker discusses Witherspoon's theory of education and the establishment of a grammar school. A signed circular letter (1784) to the Presbytery of New Brunswick seeks funding support in order to deal with consequences of the American Revolution on the College of New Jersey campus. Also included are receipts and bills from the Treasurer's Office of the College of New Jersey, two deeds, and notes taken by Abel Johnson (Class of 1784) of Witherspoon's history lectures. One box of this two-box collection consists entirely of photostats. [C0274]
N.B. The bulk of John Witherspoon's personal papers are at the Library of Congress, but there are also materials at the New Jersey Historical Society.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence Collection, 1765-1813: contains one or more letters and/or documents of each of thirty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. Among those represented in the collection are John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Francis Hopkinson, Thomas Jefferson, Arthur Lee, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Rush, James Wilson, and John Witherspoon. Included are several signed paper shilling notes issued by the colonies and the Provincial Congress. [C0197]

Witherspoon Family: Manuscript, [1915?]: printed book for genealogical information, containing manuscript notes and data on the Witherspoon and Wise families of New Jersey, dating to the 18th and 19th century. Includes handwritten genealogical chart laid in. Journal compiled c 1915, compiler unknown. [C0199]

Books: [Selected titles -- In addition to these, search the Main Catalogue < >]

Ecclesiastical Characteristics, or, The arcane of church policy: being an humble attempt to open up the mystery of moderation: wherein is shewn a plain and easy way of attaining to the character of a moderate man, as at present in repute in the Church of Scotland.
[Ex] 5935.981.1754
[WIT] 0099.695 v.55

A serious enquiry into the nature and effects of the stage. Being an attempt to show, that contributing to the support of a public theatre, is inconsistent with the character of a Christian
[Wit] 0099.695 v.11
[Ex] 3577.981.1757

The absolute necessity of salvation through Christ: a sermon preached before The Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge in the High Church of Edinburgh, on Monday, January 2, 1758
[Ex]5010.999 v.1

Case of the magistrates and town-council of Paisley, the minister and session of the Laigh Church, and the minister of the High Church of that town, appellants: The Reverend the Presbytery of Paisley, respondents. The appellants case to be heard at the bar of the Venerable Assembly met at Edinburgh in May, 1758.
[WIT] 0099.695 v.35

The charge of sedition and faction against good men, especially faithful ministers, considered and accounted for. A sermon preached in the Abbey-church of Paisley, on Thursday, Sept. 7th, 1758. At the ordination of Mr. Archibald Davidson, as one of the ministers of that church. To which is subjoined, the charge to the minister, and the exhortation to the people.
[Ex] 5010.999 v.1

Trial of religious truth by its moral influence; sermon, Oct. 9, 1759
[Ex] 5849.981

Case of the town-session of Paisley, appellants from a sentence of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, at Glasgow, October 15, 1760, disapproving a plan for uniting the offices of English schoolmaster and session-clerk in the town of Paisley.
[WIT] 0099.695. v35

A serious apology for The ecclesiastical characteristics. By the real author of the performance.
[Ex] 5935.981.1754
[WIT] 0099.695 v.55

A Practical Treatise on Regeneration
[Ex] 5012.978.2.1764
[Ex] 5012.978.2 [1800]

Essays on important subjects: intended to establish the doctrine of salvation by grace and to point out its influence on holiness of life to which are added Ecclesiastical characteristics, or the arcane of church policy, with a serious apology, which have been generally ascribed to the same author.
[WIT] 5707.981 v.2
[Ex] 5707.981.1768 v. 1-2

Practical discourses on the leading truths of the gospel
[Ex] 5268.981 v.1

Innocent blood crying to God from the streets of Boston: a sermon occasioned by the horrid murder of Messieurs Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, and Crispus Attucks, with Patrick Carr, since dead, and Christopher Monk, judged irrecoverable, and several others badly wounded by a party of troops under the command of Captain Preston on the fifth of March, 1770: and preached the Lord's-Day following
[Ex] p94.763.010.01

Address to the inhabitants of Jamaica, and other West-India islands in behalf of the College of New Jersey
[Ex] LB41.xW5 [2 copies]

The dominion of Providence over the passions of men. A sermon preached at Princeton, on the 17th day of May, 1776. Being the general fast appointed by the Congress through the United Colonies. To which is added, An address to the natives of Scotland residing in America.
[Ex] 5959.98

Miscellanies for sentimentalists
Contents: I. Life of David Hume, written by himself. II. Travels of a philosopher, by Le Poivre. III. Principles of politeness, and of knowing the world, by Lord Chesterfield. IV. Maxims and moral reflections, by the Duke de la Rochefoucault. V. Travels of the imagination; a trye journey from Newcastle to London, by J. Murray VI. American independence, an everlasting deliverance from british tyranny, by Philip Freneau. VII. The humble confession, declaration, recantation, and apology of Genjamin Towne, printer in Philadelphia
[title pages each inscribed Philip Freneau, plus mss notes by Freneau on flyleaf]
[Ex] 3584.648

Scots anticipation; or, A summaruy of a debate: containing the substance of some of principal speeches that are to be delivered in the G[eneral] A]ssembly] of the C[hurch] of S[cotland], upon an overture, transmitted by the P---l S-----d of G--- and A--- relating to popery.
[Ex] 1446.999 v.5

Essay on money as a medium of commerce : with remarks on the advantages and disadvantages of paper admitted into general circulation
[Ex] HG521.W65

Christian magnanimity: a sermon, preached at Princeton, September, 1775, the Sabbath preceeding the annual commencement, and again with additions, September 23, 1787: to which is added an address to the senior class, who were to receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts
[Ex]NJI 737.787
[Ex] LD4622.xW5 1787

The works of the Rev. John Witherspoon To which is prefixed an account of the author's life, in a sermon occasioned by his death, by the Rev. Dr. John Rodgers.
[Ex] 5012.978 v.1-4

The miscellaneous works
[Ex] BX8915.W58 1803 v.3, 4