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Equipment & Facilities

Mendel Music Library provides a comprehensive computing environment in support of the overall study of music. Both Mac and PC computers are available throughout the library, most with printing capabilities. The library is also home to music notation software, a photocopier, scanners, and microform equipment.

Multimedia Room

Our Multimedia Room is equipped with iMacs, fully programmed to take care of all the functions you'd expect on a Mac, but don't forget you can also listen to CDs and view DVDs from these computers as well. All of these computers print to the print cluster on the first floor in Mendel (in the bank of computers adjacent the reference collection). This is the only printer option on these computers. Note that these iMacs DO NOT print to the printer located in the Multimedia Room under the clock.

iMac stations

Multimedia room: iMac stations

We also have 3 iMac stations, supplemented with piano-type keyboards, that offer Sibelius and Finale music notation software, located along the wall under the clock in the Multimedia Room. These machines print to the printer located near them and do not require logging in to the print cluster. The workstations are maintained by the Music Department. Please contact Jeremiah LaMontagne directly for any troubleshooting tips.

Music authoring stations

The Multimedia Room also contains two DVD/Video viewing stations, complete with large flat-screen monitors. These DVD players will play both BluRay and "normal" DVDs from any region and multiple formats (we have yet to find a DVD in the collection that won't play on these machines). Note: you will need to check out the remote control player from the circulation desk to do anything other than play a DVD (subtitle selection, skipping around, etc.). See the instructions posted on these workstations. The viewing stations also have a VHS player for any videos that are not available in DVD format. These machines are fully operational from their front panels, but remote controls are available at the circulation desk.

We also have two "nostalgia" stations that offer LP and cassette playback. Most of our LP and cassette recordings are housed offsite in Princeton's ReCAP facility and must be requested through the library's main catalog. A reminder that if you need digital conversions of analog materials, the Multimedia Center, operated by OIT, in the Lewis Library building can provide this service among many others. We cannot do this conversion in the Music Library (except for course reserve).

General Computing

Public access computers with access to the Internet, Library Resources, Microsoft Office, and print capabilities are located throughout the Mendel Music Library. Wireless Internet access is also available to patrons throughout the building. For more information regarding Wireless Access please see the Library Wireless Access Page.

Please note the PC nearest the tables on the first floor is specially configured to accommodate the few CD-ROMs we have that require pre-loaded programs to run. Please see a staff member if you need assistance.


A print cluster is located on each floor of the library. The first floor station is located near our reference collection and the second floor station is in the Reading Room on the far left wall. A Princeton NetID is required to use all print clusters in Mendel Music Library.

Documents can be sent to print clusters from the equipment and computers in our Microfilm Room and Scanning Room(2nd floor).

Print cluster station

Print station

Guest Printing

A Princeton NetID is required to print from all print clusters in the library. Guest users holding access/borrowers cards may obtain printing logins and passwords in the Access Office of Firestone Library. For more information, see: Printing in the Library: Visitors


An Epson Expression 10000XL Professional Graphic Arts Scanner is located in the Scanning / Microform Room on the 2nd floor of the library. This workstation provides users with equipment for high quality, large volume scanning projects, offering 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution and captures smooth color gradations with 48-bit color processing. Large format scanning is supported for media up to 12.2" x 17.2" and supports fast batch scanning.

This workstation also provides user access to image manipulation software, Adobe Photoshop.

Scanned images may be saved to removable media (thumb drives), printed or via e-mail attachments. Please note that files saved to this computer may be deleted at any time—the library is not responsible for lost data saved on public computers.

An iVina A3 large format book edge scanner that is specifically designed for scanning books / scores is also available on the 2nd floor of the library next door to the Scanning / Microform Room. This high-powered scanner has a maximum optical resolution of 600dpi and has the unique capability to eliminate shadowy areas near the center margins of books that normally appear on traditional photocopiers or scanners. Users may scan images up to 11" x 17", in color, and scanned images can be saved to USB removable media (such as a thumb drive), directly to GoogleDocs, or sent through email.

If this is your first time using Mendel's scanning equipment, or if you would just like more information, I encourage you to read through our Scanner Instructions & Tips located on our FAQ Page for log-on instructions and a basic and advanced user guide.


One photocopier is located on the first floor of Mendel Library. This copier is maintained by the OIT Copier Center and operates with PAW points on University I.D. cards or generic photocopy cards only. The cost is 10 cents per copy. Coin access to the Mendel Music Library photocopier is no longer available. To make photocopies, patrons will need to purchase a copy card.


Generic Copy Cards

During regular weekday business hours (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.), generic copy cards can be purchased at the Firestone Library, as well as these locations: the Engineering Library, Stokes Library, Lewis Library, and Marquand Library. During the evenings and on weekends, however, patrons can only purchase copy cards from the Firestone Library Circulation Desk. Please consult the Mendel Music Library Circulation Desk for a map showing these locations.

Paw Points

Faculty, staff, and students may add PAW Points to their existing ID Card at the Princeton University Online Card Office, at the VTS machine in the Frist campus center, or at the TigerCard office in the New South building. Please visit the TigerCard website for more information.

Please note:The Value Transfer Station (VTS) that is located on the 100 Level of the Frist Campus Center will accept CASH only to add additional PAW Points to your TigerCard or to add value to pre-valued cards you have previously purchased.

Microform Equipment

The Mendel Music Library is home to one ScanPro2000 microform reader/scanner connected to a PC workstation located on the 2nd floor in the Microfilm Room across from the oversize score collection.

The ScanPro 2000 is available for reading and scanning microfilm, microfiche, microcards and micro-opaques. It can scan filmed images to PDF files, TIFF files, and JPEG files. It can also enhance filmed images that are too dark or too light, so that the image can be read more easily. Scanned files can be saved to USB drive, written to CD's, send via email attachment or printed. Users with a valid Princeton NetID may print scans at any print cluster station.

Printing and scanning of all materials is self-service, but our staff is happy to assist first-time users with set-up or answer any specific questions as they arise.

Microfilm reader

Periodicals Reading Room

Located on the second floor of the Mendel Music Library, our Periodicals Reading Room is home to our vast collection of scholarly journal, magazine, and newspaper subscriptions. A few comfortable chairs are available for reading, as well as traditional tables and chairs for studying. A few study carrels are also located in the Reading Room.

Periodicals reading room

Edward T. Cone Graduate Seminar Room

The Cone Seminar Room, also located on the second floor, is used by faculty and graduate students for seminars and study. It is equipped with a piano and multimedia equipment suitable for teaching. For more information about the Cone Seminar Room, contact Mendel Music Library staff.