Firestone Library Renovation: Stack Access Update

Posted: Monday, 13 February 2017 - 9:15am

Areas of active construction include some parts of the general collection and the NEC (Near East Collection) on C floor. Active construction zones must be closed off for safety, but we have identified the most heavily used portions of these parts of the collection and have moved them to other areas so that they can remain open and accessible. Materials in the less-frequently used call number ranges (listed below) will stay where they are, and will be securely protected from damage by heavy plastic sheeting. They will not be available for general browsing until completion of this phase of the construction work, it is expected this will be completed during the spring semester.

Collections sections to remain in active construction zone:

  • A-AZ
  • Q-ZA
  • (NEC) A-BL
  • (NEC) BT-DR
  • (NEC) DT-KA
  • (NEC) KG-VM
  • (XL) 

Fortunately, we’ve been able to arrange a means for you to continue to access any materials you may need from these sequestered call number ranges.  Our catalog records for these items will have a prominent PAGING REQUEST button which will cause our staff to go into the construction zone and pull out the books you need. (Paging requests can also be submitted via email to or made in person at the Circulation Desk).  We've coordinated with the construction workers to allow for specific periods when our paging staff will be able to go into the closed zones to retrieve your wanted books. They will retrieve requested books three times per day, Monday through Friday.

Items requested (online, via email, or in person) any time before 3:00 pm (weekdays) will be available for you to pick up at Circulation no later than 5:00 pm the same day (and often much sooner). If you have not picked up a requested book by the end of the same day, you will receive an email reminder that your book is available for you at Circulation.

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