Theatre (ProQuest / Alexander Street theater portal)

Portal page cross-referencing and searching the community of theater and drama resources from ProQuest / Alexander Street that offer playscripts and performances of theatrical works by American, European, Asian, and other worldwide dramatists from the past several centuries as well as documentaries and interview about theater and its history, acting methods, pioneering playwrights and actors, and much more: Asian American Drama, Audio Drama: The L.A.

Dance Online. Dance Studies Collection

New and expanding curated collection of primary and secondary full-text materials to support informed performance, pedagogy, and scholarship in dance. Presents the historical context of 20th- and 21st-century dance and ballet through online monographs and reference works on dance history and studies, choreographers and dancers, choreography, notation, and technique; complete, in-color issues of selective dance periodicals (including Dance Magazine 1996 to near-current); correspondence; and exclusive photographs and other content.


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