Library Services Survey


In November 2010, the Princeton University Library began administering a triennial Library Services Survey to document and analyze how members of the campus community view and make use of library services, collections, facilities, and information discovery and access tools (collectively defined as library services for the purpose of this project). Information gathered from this survey will allow the organization to identify and clarify service priorities and allocate current and future resources so that library services are in strong alignment with the evolving needs of our core patron groups. 

Our survey instrument was adapted from one used by MIT Libraries in previous years. Survey questions center around five key aspects of the library user experience: 1) awareness of services; 2) importance of services; 3) frequency of use of services; 4) satisfaction levels with services; and 5) interest in service innovations and improvements. The survey instrument itself was created using Qualtrics online survey software. Jed Marsh, Vice Provost for Institutional Research, oversees sample creation, survey administration, data collection, and delivery of survey results. 

2010 Survey