Bijutsu Shinpo

Journal of modern Japanese art and modern culture, not exclusively focused on the art of Japan, but also treating Western art.  Index searchable by keyword. Accessible within the JapanKnowledge Lib (click on login).

Jinbutsu Sōsho

Collection of biographies of historical figures in Japan edited by the Nihon Rekishi Gakkai (The Society of Japanese history). Contains 270 volumes/persons from ancient to contemporary times within a wide range of areas such as politics, economics, literature, religion and art. Accessible from within JapanKnowledge Lib (click on login).

Arcadian Library Online

Provides access to online reproductions of rare books and manuscripts held at the Arcadian Library. These are important primary sources for the history, transmission, and reception of early science and medicine in the Middle East and Europe. Texts cover such topics as medicine, natural history, travel, astronomy, and philosophy.

nano Online

Database of physics, chemistry and materials science research at nanoscale. Includes journals, books, and open access content. Browse by structure, materials, techniques, properties, applications, and societal issues.


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