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The Blue Mountain Project is the common work of scholars, librarians, curators, and digital humanities researchers whose mission is to create a freely available digital repository of important, rare, and fragile texts that both chronicle and embody the emergence of cultural modernity in the West.

Drawing on Princeton University’s exceptional collections and curatorial and academic expertise, the Blue Mountain Project is a digital thematic research collection of art, music and literary periodicals published between 1848, the year of the European Revolutions, and 1923 – a functional boundary for works presumed to be in the public domain.

By offering high-quality digital images, full-text searching, deep indexing of contents, and detailed metadata and descriptive essays, the Blue Mountain Project aims to generate new avenues of critical and pedagogical engagement with this complex material. The project is unique in its goal of collecting full runs of rare journals of international provenance and multilingual scope, of experimental content and complex layout, and to organize them with high-level descriptive and technical precision.

For a list of journals to be digitized in Phase I (September 2012- August 2014) go to The Journals.

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Scott's Blue Mountain IAML presentation online

Music Librarian Darwin Scott's materials from his presentation at the International Association of Music Libraries and Archives in Antwerp, Belgium (July 15, 2014) are now available on the Mendel Music Library website.Click here to see his sildes, handout and flyer, "Searching Modernism and the Avant-Garde in Arts Periodicals from 1848 to 1923 (and Beyond):  Musical Discovery in Princeton University Library’s Blue Mountain Project."  


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