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Tablebase Indexes and presents tables from industry publications, trade and popular magazines, statistical annuals, brokerage reports, trade association reports, and governmental reports.
Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists
Taiwan Electronic Periodicals Service Offers full-text of more than 450 Taiwanese periodicals in different subjects.
Taiyo. Web-ban Nihon Kindai Bingakukan One of the largest journals originally published by Hakubunkan from the Meiji to Showa periods (1895 to 1928). Covers comprehensive fields including history, art, science, literature, literary criticism, politics, economics, etc. with approximately 6,500 contributors.
Takdin Israel Law Database Contains full-text access to over 600,000 Israeli cases and laws, and articles from Israel's leading business finance newspaper -Globes (all in Hebrew). Also provides English access to a limited selection of case law, mostly from Israel's Supreme Court.
Talmudic encyclopedia
Tasveer Ghar A House of Pictures. Picture essays, periodically updated, on South Asia's popular visual sphere including posters, calendar art, pilgrimage maps and paraphernalia, cinema hoardings, advertisements, and other forms of street and bazaar art.
TBRC Digital Library: Core Text Collections Provides digitized copies of a range of Tibetan texts from the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.
Teachers College record reviews
Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL) Digital library of U.S. government technical reports issued primarily prior to 1976. Reports are scientific, agricultural or engineering in nature. Content available through Hathi Trust requires authentication for full-text download.
Telegraph Historical Archive
Television News Archive (Vanderbilt University) Index to the most extensive and complete archive of television news. Streamed video access to NBC and CNN content; other network content available for loan for a fee.  Place loan requests through Interlibrary Loan; depending on costs, fees may be covered.
Testaments to the Holocaust Digital Archive Digital edition of material from the Wiener Library collection of eyewitness accounts, photographs, propaganda, and printed material documenting Jewish life in Germany from 1933 to after the war.
Textual History of the Bible
The Nation
Theatre in Video Streaming video collection in 2 volumes featuring theater documentaries and original productions of dramatic works spanning several decades, including live television broadcasts, revivals of classic works and experimental performances ranging from Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett, and important contemporary dramas. Includes both Broadway and off-Broadway productions of plays, and many interviews with directors, designers, writers, and actors on the craft of theater.
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) Texts of Greek literature from Homer (8th century BCE) to the fall of Constantinople (1453 CE).
Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL) Comprehensive Latin dictionary whose detailed entries cover texts from antiquity to approximately 600 CE and include the etymology and later linguistic development of each word.
Theses Canada Portal Provides information on all the Canadian theses and dissertations in the collection of the National Library of Canada. Free access to the full-text of theses from 1998+.
Thomson Financial CDA Ownership Data Mutual fund holdings 1980+ for U.S. & Canadian Securities; institutional 13(f) common stock holdings and transactions 1980+; insider filing data 1986+.
Thomson One Banker Web version of several SDC databases (VenturXpert, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global New Issues) and most recent years of Thomson Ownership Data.
Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Core Text Collections
Tick-by-tick Intraday Data Provides intraday data. Princeton subscribes to Futures, Cash Indices, VIX (under Market Indicators), London Equities, Euronext Equities, and Forex data. Dates of coverage vary. User's manual includes many helpful tips.
Times (London) (Lexis Nexis) Covers Monday-Saturday.  For Sunday, see the Sunday Times.
Times (London) Digital Archive 1785 - 2011 Full text searchable digital edition of the London Times.  Also see the Sunday Times Digital Archive (1822-2006).
Times (London), Official Index Index to the Times of London. For full text, see Times (London) Digital Archive.
Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive Online Online version of the Times Literary Supplement; includes the full text of book reviews, letters, poems and articles.
Times of India (ProQuest Historical Newspapers) For the most recent years, use Newsbank.
TLS 1902-2010
TOCS-IN Tables of contents of the major journals of classical scholarship. Convenient source for browsing the most current journal literature.
Tolstoy: Complete Works
Toronto Star (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
Toxicology Abstracts One of the 12 subfiles of Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management and separately searchable. Indexes toxicological studies of industrial and agricultural chemicals; food, additives and contaminants; household products; pharmaceuticals; polycyclic hydrocarbons; nitrosamines. Toxicity testing methodology and analytical procedures for toxic substances.
TOXLINE Bibliographic records from a number of sources dealing with toxicology. Most of the records are from MEDLINE, but a number are from BIOSIS Previews and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts.
TRAC: Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium Profiles of nearly 4000 terrorist groups, including the group's tactics, targets, ideology, associated groups, leaders, theater of operation, links to other resources, and links to TRAC analyses of incidents and events. Also serves as a clearinghouse of news and analysis (both text and video) on terrorist groups with continuous monitoring of unfolding events. Content can be browsed by ideology, tactics, target, group, or region.
TRACFed Data warehouse providing access to detailed data on trends and individual activities/transactions of U.S. federal government staffing, spending, judicial performance, and criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement actions.
Trade Literature and the Merchandizing of Industry (Smithsonian Collections Online) Collection covers 1820-1926 and includes National Museum of American History Library Trade Literature Collection.
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database Comprises nearly 35,000 individual slaving expeditions between 1514 and 1866. Records of the voyages have been found in archives and libraries throughout the Atlantic world. They provide information about vessels, enslaved peoples, slave traders and owners, and trading routes. A variable (Source) cites the records for each voyage in the database. Other variables enable users to search for information about a particular voyage or group of voyages. The website provides full interactive capability to analyze the data and report results in the form of statistical tables, graphs, maps, or on a timeline.
Translated Texts for Historians E-Library
Translations of the Peking Gazette Online Translations of the Peking Gazette Online is a comprehensive database of approximately 8,500 pages of English-language renderings of official edicts and memorials from the Qing dynasty that cover China’s long nineteenth century from the Macartney Mission in 1793 to the abdication of the last emperor in 1912. As the mouthpiece of the government, the Peking Gazette is the authoritative source for information about the Manchu state and its Han subjects as they collectively grappled with imperial decline, re-engaged with the wider world, and began mapping the path to China’s contemporary rise.
Transportation Research Information Services
Travel Writing, Spectacle and World History Brings together hundreds of accounts by women of their travels across the globe from the early 19th century to the late 20th century.
Treasures of the Film Archives
Treasury of Linguistic Maps Selection of linguistic maps published by De Gruyter.
Trenton Times (Newsbank)
Trew Letter Collection Digital edition of Christoph Jakob Trew's collection of scientific correspondence, an important resource for the history of science and medicine in 17th and 18th century Europe.
Trials 1600-1926 (Making of Modern Law Digital Archive)
TRIS Online References to books, technical reports, conference proceedings, journal articles and on-going research in the field of transportation.
Trustee Index, 1746-2001 Indexes the names of those who have served on the Princeton University Board of Trustees from 1746-2001. Contains dates and type of service, and Princeton class affiliation, if applicable, for each University trustee. Those trustees labeled as current were serving as of 2001.
Trustees Minutes, 1746-1894 Lists the general heading, specific subject heading, and the volume and page number for topics which may be found within the first 4 volumes of the minutes of the Board of Trustees (1746-1894). This information was collected from 2 volumes of indices created contemporaneously with the meeting minutes. Therefore, 18th and 19th-century spelling, terms, and usage have not been altered.
Twentieth Century Advice Literature Digital collection of advice manuals, etiquette books, how-to-guides, professional manuals, textbooks, and government and association publications that provide insight into social and economic issues including race, sex, gender, and family life in 20th century America.
Twentieth Century African-American Poetry
Twentieth Century American Poetry Provides full-text access to over 50,000 poems by over 300 American poets.
Twentieth Century American Poetry, Second Edition Brings together over 100,000 of the most important and influential poems representing the full range of movements and traditions in American poetry from 1900 to the present.
Twentieth Century Drama Collection of important works from the 20th century from the English-speaking world. Features plays from noted playwrights as well as lesser known dramatists.
Twentieth Century English Poetry Provides full-text access to 598 volumes of poetry by 283 British poets.
Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library Online collection of important works in twentieth-century Christian, Islamic, and Judaic thought.