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A spring message from Anne Jarvis, University Librarian

Anne E. Jarvis, Robert H. Taylor 1930 University Librarian

I am pleased to share with you our newly revised mission and vision statements as well as six North Star statements.

The past nine months have demonstrated the need for all of us to remain agile and flexible as well as to actively commit to building a culture that welcomes all. I believe these new statements are a strong reflection of our commitment to both.

The use of North Star, as a worldwide symbolic beacon of inspiration, positions these statements as guiding principles that are more purpose-driven than traditional strategic priorities, enabling us to contribute to research, teaching, and learning with ingenuity and heightened awareness during these challenging times.

Our mission

We enrich teaching and learning, facilitate world-class research, and preserve cultural heritage by providing dynamic services and diverse collections.

Our vision

We aspire to be an active and creative partner within Princeton University and across the global community by curating pertinent resources and engaging in emerging forms of teaching, learning, and research in ways that explicitly support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our North Star statements

1-We will be strategically and operationally agile as we build services and resources.

2-We will meet patrons wherever they are, and democratize access to knowledge as a core component of the library experience.

3-As global citizens, we will diversify our collections, preserving the present and the past with awareness, humility, and respect.

4-Diversity, equity, and inclusion will be the cornerstone of our culture.

5-We will leverage library resources to help identify, reveal, and combat systemic racism.

6-We will proactively establish and foster partnerships across the University, at home and around the world.

 Published January 12, 2021



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