Digital Camera Use with Collections

General Collections

The use of digital cameras while consulting the Library' general collections is allowed for personal study and research. No photos may be taken of the library itself, other readers, or the staff. Shutter noises and other alert sounds should be set to off to avoid disturbing other researchers.

Images may not be published without written permission of the copyright holder. Images MAY be used for unpublished student papers and class presentations without obtaining permission.

Special Collections

The Special Collections Department permits limited use of digital still cameras. Physical condition, copyright issues, donor restrictions, curatorial decisions and other factors may limit or prohibit photography. Photographs are for personal study purposes only and cannot be reproduced; transferred to any other individual, institution, or collection; exhibited; performed; broadcast; published; posted on the Internet; or used commercially without the express written permission of the Department. For more information about this policy, see the complete Digital Camera Policy.