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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Grec 1971 13th Philosophy Porphyry, Aristotle
BN Grec 1973 13th Philosophy Porphyry, Aristotle, Ammonius, John of Damascus
BN Grec 1976 13th Philosophy Porphyry, Plotinus
BN Grec 198 13th Theology Theophylact of Ochrid
BN Grec 1984 13th Anthologion Stobaeus
BN Grec 2019 13th, 14th Philosophy Aristotle, John Philoponus
BN Grec 2034 13th Philosophy Aristotle
BN Grec 204 13th Bible Theophylact of Ochrid
BN Grec 2089 11th, 13th Philosophy, Saints lives David, Porphyry
BN Grec 2098 13th Philosophy Aristotle, Epiphanius
BN Grec 211 13th Theology
BN Grec 212 13th Bible
BN Grec 2140 12th, 13th Medicine Hippocrates
BN Grec 2142 13th, 14th Medicine Hippocrates
BN Grec 215 13th Theology
BN Grec 2154 13th, 14th Medicine Galen, Michael Psellus
BN Grec 218 13th Theology
BN Grec 2195 13th Medicine Aetius, Galen
BN Grec 220 13th Theology Andrew of Crete
BN Grec 2207 13th Medicine Paul of Aegina, Galen
BN Grec 2229 13th, 14th Medicine Symeon Seth, Hippocrates, Theophilus Protospatharius
BN Grec 2231 13th Medicine, Poems, Theology, Philosophy, Stephanites and Ichnelates Symeon Seth, Philagathus of Cerami, Michael Psellus
BN Grec 2237 13th, 14th Medicine Aetius, Hippocrates
BN Grec 2265 13th Medicine Galen
BN Grec 2266 13th Medicine Galen, Hippocrates
BN Grec 228 13th Poems, Letters Michael Glykas
BN Grec 2293 13th Medicine Paul of Aegina
BN Grec 2301 12th, 13th, 14th Medicine, Saints lives Symeon Seth, Hippocrates
BN Grec 2325 13th Alchemy
BN Grec 2345 13th Geometry Euclid
BN Grec 235 13th Theology Theophylact of Ochrid
BN Grec 238 13th Bible
BN Grec 2390 13th Mathematics, Astronomy, Optics Ptolemy, Theon, Euclid
BN Grec 2399 13th, 14th Astronomy Theon, Ptolemy
BN Grec 24 13th Psalter
BN Grec 2403 13th Misc., Philosophy, Astronomy, Poems Theon, Proclus, John Tzetzes, Lycophron, Pindar, Homer
BN Grec 2417 13th Astronomy, Military
BN Grec 2423 13th, 14th Philosophy, Astronomy, Geography John Philoponus, Ptolemy, Plutarch, Proclus, Gregory Pardus
BN Grec 245 13th Triodion
BN Grec 247 13th Triodion
BN Grec 2474 13th, 16th Saints lives, Agriculture Hero of Alexandria
BN Grec 2479 13th Mathematics, Philosophy Nicomachus of Gerasa, Michael Psellus
BN Grec 2497 13th, 14th Astronomy John Philoponus, Proclus, Theon, Ptolemy
BN Grec 2537 13th Alchemy, Magic
BN Grec 2566 13th Grammar Manuel Moschopoulos
BN Grec 2572 11th, 13th Liturgy, Schedography Manuel Moschopoulos
BN Grec 2595 13th, 14th Philosophy Aristotle
BN Grec 26 13th Psalter
BN Grec 2622 13th Lexicon Suda
BN Grec 2625 13th, 14th Lexicon Suda