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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
Ambrosiana A 102 sup. 15th Grammar Manuel Chrysoloras, Manuel Moschopoulus
Ambrosiana A 92 sup. 15th, 16th Astronomy, Medicine, Hymns, Optics Cleomedes, Porphyry, Ptolemy, Synesius, Euclid
Ambrosiana A 95 sup. 15th Medicine Galen, Dioscorides
Ambrosiana B 7 inf. 13th, 15th Philosophy Aristotle, Simplicius
Ambrosiana D 119 sup. 15th Rhetoric, Science Dionysius Halicarnasseus, Joseph Rhacendytes
Ambrosiana D 527 inf. 14th, 15th Geography Ptolemy, Dionysius Periegetes
Ambrosiana F 30 sup. 15th Anthologion Aristophanes
Ambrosiana F 66 sup. 15th Theology, Church councils, Canon law
Ambrosiana G 69 sup. 15th Rhetoric, Philosophy, History Aeschines, Philostratus, Herodian, Plato
Ambrosiana G 92 sup. 15th History Xenophon
Ambrosiana H 105 sup. 15th Sophocles
Ambrosiana H 113 sup. 15th Philosophy, Rhetoric Aristotle, Plutarch
Ambrosiana I 49 sup. 15th Rhetoric Libanius
Ambrosiana L 9 sup. 8th, 15th Gospel lectionary, Schedography Manuel Moschopoulus
Ambrosiana N 289 sup. 15th, 16th Geometry Euclid
Ambrosiana O 52 sup. 15th Rhetoric Theophrastus, Aristotle
Ambrosiana P 261 sup. 14th, 15th Theology
Ambrosiana R 88 sup. 15th Rhetoric Plutarch
Ambrosiana S 31 sup. 15th Hymns Homer, Pindar, Callimachus, Musaeus Grammaticus, Proclus
Ambrosiana Z 182 sup. 15th Poems Gregory Nazianzus
Arch. Cap. S. Pietro C 152 15th, 16th, 17th Misc. Hesiod, Aristophanes, John Tzetzes, Manuel Malaxos, Gennadios II Scholarios
Arch. Cap. S. Pietro H 4 15th, 17th Grammar Theodore of Gaza
BAR Ms. Gr. 14 14th, 15th Poems Maximus Planudes, Ovid, Cato
BAR Ms. Gr. 165 15th Theology Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa
BAR Ms. Gr. 214 15th, 16th Misc.
BAR Ms. Gr. 225 15th, 16th Theology, Poems
BAR Ms. Gr. 249 14th, 15th Theology John of Damascus
BAR Ms. Gr. 257 14th, 15th Menaion
BAR Ms. Gr. 318 15th, 16th Theology Eustratius, Nicholas of Methone, Nicetas Stethatus, Euthymius Zigabenus
BAR Ms. Gr. 36 14th, 15th Florilegium
BAR Ms. Gr. 390 14th, 15th Theology Gregory Nazianzus
BAR Ms. Gr. 394 14th, 15th, 17th Philosophy, Theology Maximus Planudes, Boethius, Thomas Aquinas, Plethon, Demetrius Cydones
BAR Ms. Gr. 452 15th, 16th Misc., Philosophy Aristotle, Nemesius, Gennadios II Scholarios, Michael Psellus
BAR Ms. Gr. 492 15th, 16th Rhetoric, Grammar Aeschines, Manuel Moschopoulus
BAR Ms. Gr. 561 14th, 15th Bible, Theology Nicephorus Blemmydes
BAV Barb. gr. 10 15th Grammar Donatus
BAV Barb. gr. 100 15th, 16th History Flavius Josephus
BAV Barb. gr. 101 15th Geometry Proclus, Euclid
BAV Barb. gr. 105 15th Aesop
BAV Barb. gr. 106 15th Philosophy
BAV Barb. gr. 108 15th, 16th Grammar
BAV Barb. gr. 109 15th Philosophy Nicephorus Blemmydes
BAV Barb. gr. 11 15th Medicine Hippocrates
BAV Barb. gr. 112 15th Lycophron
BAV Barb. gr. 113 15th Grammar
BAV Barb. gr. 119 15th Manuel Moschopoulus, Homer
BAV Barb. gr. 12 15th Rhetoric, Education Isocrates, Basil the Great, Hesiod
BAV Barb. gr. 123 15th, 16th Anthologion, Epigrammata Maximus Planudes
BAV Barb. gr. 124 15th Philosophy Gennadios II Scholarios
BAV Barb. gr. 126 15th Letters