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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 839 14th, 15th Theotokarion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 858 15th Theotokarion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 877 15th Horologion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 916 15th Menologion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 96 14th, 15th Psalter
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 968 15th Euchologion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 969 14th, 15th Euchologion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 980 15th Euchologion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 99 15th Psalter
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 995 15th Euchologion
Staatsbibliothek graec. 4.89 15th
Trinity College B.10.11 14th, 15th Psalter
Trinity College B.11.17 15th Sticherarion
Trinity College B.8.10 14th, 15th Theology Origen
Trinity College B.9.6 15th, 16th Theology Philo, Eusebius of Caesarea
Trinity College MS 220 15th Theology Basil the Great
Trinity College MS 231 12th, 15th, 17th Misc., Philosophy, Saints lives Aristotle
Trinity College MS 304 15th Theology
Trinity College MS 925 15th Grammar Theodore of Gaza
Trinity College MS 932 15th Theology
Trinity College O.1.54 11th, 15th Bible, Theology George Syncellus
Trinity College O.1.8 15th Aesop, Moschus
Trinity College O.2.34 14th, 15th, 16th Theology Basil the Great, Ephraem
Trinity College O.4.3 15th, 16th Rhetoric Aristides
Trinity College R.1.42 15th Aristophanes
Trinity College R.9.20 15th, 16th Rhetoric Philostratus
Trinity College R.9.9 15th, 16th Military Polyaenus
U of Chicago Library 166 15th Liturgy, Hymns
U. of Pennsylvania Library LJS 380 15th Mathematics Sextus Empiricus
U. of Pennsylvania Library LJS 62 15th Medicine, Illuminations Dioscorides
U. of Pennsylvania Library Misc. Mss. 3 15th Medicine Paul of Aegina
U. Library Gr. 27 15th, 16th Animals Aelian
U. Library Gr. 28A 14th, 15th Rhetoric, Letters, Grammar Libanius, Synesius, Nicephorus Gregoras, Manuel Moschopoulus, Aristides
U. Library Gr. 28B 14th, 15th Rhetoric, Letters Libanius, Nicephorus Gregoras, Lacapenus
U. Library Gr. 32 15th, 16th Aesop
U. Library Gr. 33 15th, 16th Philosophy Plato
U. Library Gr. 34 15th, 16th Medicine Theophilus Protospatharius, Hippocrates
U. Library Gr. 35 15th, 16th History
U. Library Gr. 6 14th, 15th History George Akropolites
U. Library Gr. 8 15th, 16th Misc. Stephanites and Ichnelates
UB Mb 15 15th Rhetoric Aristotle
UB Palat. Gr. 132 15th Rhetoric, Letters, Philosophy
UB Palat. Gr. 155 15th History, Letters Aelian
UB Palat. Gr. 222 14th, 15th Homer
UB Palat. Gr. 292 15th, 16th Grammar Gregory Pardus
UB Palat. Gr. 299 15th History Nicephorus Gregoras
UB Palat. Gr. 415 15th Harmonics, Military
UB Palat. Gr. 43 15th Rhetoric, Poems Theodore Prodromos
Universitätsbibliothek I.1.4° 1 12th, 15th Bible, Theology
Universitätsbibliothek MS.A 4 15th Philosophy, Science Aristotle, Proclus, Hermes, Plato, Hesiod