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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Coislin 142 17th History George Pachymeres
BN Coislin 143 17th History George Pachymeres
BN Coislin 144 14th History John VI Cantacuzenus
BN Coislin 145 11th, 12th Saints lives
BN Coislin 146 14th Theology, Saints lives
BN Coislin 147 14th, 15th Saints lives, Theology John Chrysostom
BN Coislin 148 11th, 12th Saints lives
BN Coislin 149 16th History Diodorus Siculus
BN Coislin 15 16th Bible, Old Testament, Theology Polychronius Diaconus
BN Coislin 150 16th History Dionysius Halicarnasseus, Zosimus
BN Coislin 151 14th Law
BN Coislin 152 13th, 14th Law
BN Coislin 153 16th Law
BN Coislin 154 14th Law Constantine Harmenopoulos
BN Coislin 155 15th Philosophy Plato
BN Coislin 156 17th Philosophy Plato, Olympiodorus
BN Coislin 157 15th Philosophy Aristotle, Porphyry, Leo Magentinus
BN Coislin 158 16th Philosophy, Pneumatica Aristotle, Hero of Alexandria
BN Coislin 159 17th Philosophy Aristotle, George Pachymeres
BN Coislin 16 16th Bible, Old Testament, Theology, Contra Iudaeos Theodoret Bishop of Cyrrhus, Cyril of Alexandria, Maximus the Confessor
BN Coislin 160 14th Philosophy Aristotle, John Philoponus
BN Coislin 161 14th, 15th Philosophy Aristotle, Syrianus
BN Coislin 162 17th Philosophy
BN Coislin 163 16th Medicine Galen, Hippocrates
BN Coislin 164 16th Philosophy George Pachymeres, Boethius
BN Coislin 165 16th Philosophy, History Theodore Metochites
BN Coislin 166 14th Philosophy Aristotle, John Philoponus, Alexander Aphrodisias, Olympiodorus
BN Coislin 168 14th Medicine Paul of Aegina
BN Coislin 169 14th, 15th Philosophy Porphyry, Plotinus, Aristotle, Simplicius, John Philoponus, Euripides, Hesiod, Manuel Moschopoulos, Theocritus
BN Coislin 17 13th Bible, Old Testament, Theology
BN Coislin 170 14th Philosophy Leo Magentinus, Aristotle, Porphyry
BN Coislin 171 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
BN Coislin 172 15th Harmonics, Astronomy Ptolemy
BN Coislin 173 14th Dreams, Harmonics, Geography, Astronomy Synesius, Ptolemy, Theon, Porphyry
BN Coislin 174 14th, 15th Mathematics, Astronomy, Geometry, Harmonics Cleomedes, Nicomachus of Gerasa, John Philoponus, Euclid, Ptolemy
BN Coislin 175 16th Grammar Theodore of Gaza, Gregory Pardus
BN Coislin 176 15th, 16th Grammar
BN Coislin 177 14th Lexicon
BN Coislin 178 15th Lexicon John Zonaras
BN Coislin 179 15th Lexicon
BN Coislin 18 11th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 180 16th Rhetoric, Lexicon Libanius, Hermogenes, Choricius of Gaza
BN Coislin 181 17th Lexicon
BN Coislin 182 17th Homer, Eustathios of Thessaloniki
BN Coislin 183 17th Homer
BN Coislin 184 13th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 186 7th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 187 10th Theology Athanasius
BN Coislin 189 16th Bible, Old Testament
BN Coislin 19 11th Bible