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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BAV Barb. gr. 105 15th Aesop
BAV Barb. gr. 47 15th Aesop
BAV Pal. gr. 122 16th Letters Philostratus, Menander Comicus, Aesop
BAV Pal. gr. 156 15th, 16th Rhetoric Aphthonius, Aesop, Manuel Moschopoulos, Theocritus
BAV Pal. gr. 195 15th Lexicon Cyril of Alexandria, Aesop
BAV Urb. gr. 135 15th Literature Aesop
Biblioteca Riccardiana 27 15th Geography, Education Aesop, Basil the Great, Pausanias
Biblioteca Universitaria 230 15th, 16th Literature Aesop, Homer, Theocritus
Biblioteca Universitaria 48 15th Grammar, Literature Manuel Chrysoloras, Aesop, Plutarch
BML Plut. 57.30 16th Stephanites and Ichnelates Aesop, Symeon Seth
BML Plut. 59.33 16th Grammar Aesop
BML Plut. 70.31 15th Maximus Planudes, Aesop
BML Plut. 89.sup.79 15th Aesop
BN Grec 1310 15th Misc., Poems, History Paul Silentiarios, John Xiphilin, John Tzetzes, Hesiod, John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Lucian, Ducas, Homer, Aesop, Theodore Prodromos, Christopher of Mytilene
BN Grec 1603 16th History, Geography, Astronomy, Theology, Medicine, Philosophy, Rhetoric Flavius Josephus, Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Symeon Seth, Aristotle, Dioscorides, Plethon, Nemesius, Xenophon, Libanius, John of Damascus, Plutarch, Aesop, Epiphanius, Arrian, Dionysius Periegetes, Julian Emperor of Rome
BN Grec 1685 15th Romance Aesop, Ps.-Callisthenes
BN Grec 1788 15th History, Constantinople, Theology, Law, Canon law, Military George Codinus, Aesop, Origen, Theodore Balsamon, Athanasius
BN Grec 2077 15th History, Philosophy, Rhetoric Plutarch, Xenophon, Flavius Josephus, Alexander Aphrodisias, Nemesius, Plethon, Euripides, Homer, Isocrates, Nicephorus Gregoras, Aesop
BN Grec 2494 15th Misc., Astronomy Cleomedes, Aristotle, Aesop, Hermes, Nicephorus Blemmydes
BN Grec 2825 16th Aristophanes, Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2899 15th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2900 15th Letters Aesop, Maximus Planudes, Aristotle, Plato
BN Grec 2901 16th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 365 14th Theology, Poems Basil the Great, Aesop, Theodore Prodromos
BN Grec 994 15th Poems, History, Christus patiens Theodoret Bishop of Cyrrhus, Aesop
BN Supplément grec 105 16th Grammar Manuel Chrysoloras, Aesop, Syntipas
BN Supplément grec 1141 18th Hymns John of Damascus, Aesop
BN Supplément grec 1245 19th Aesop
BNE 4697 15th Theology Homer, Aristophanes, Aesop
BNE 4817 16th Aesop
British Library Add MS 17015 15th Aesop
British Library Add MS 22087 10th Aesop
British Library Add MS 22088 19th Aesop
British Library Harley MS 5543 15th Aesop
British Library Harley MS 5744 15th, 16th Aesop, Sophocles
BS Cod. graec. 525 14th Aesop, Syntipas
BU 2839 15th Aesop
EBE 1130A 18th Aesop, Theodore Prodromos
EBE 1130B 18th Aesop, Theodore Prodromos
Fondation Martin Bodmer Cod. 5 15th Aesop
Foundation Martin Bodmer Cod. 184 15th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
Mone Rousanou 25 16th Aesop
ÖNB Hist. gr. 107 14th Aesop
ÖNB Phil. gr. 178 15th Lexicon, Literature John Zonaras, Aesop
ÖNB Phil. gr. 192 15th Literature, Philosophy Maximus Planudes, Aesop, Cato, Plotinus
Panepistemion, Spoudasterion Philologikes Scholes 86 11th Aesop
Sächsische LB Da 10 18th Aesop
Sächsische LB Da 31 18th Aesop
Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Prov. o. 25 15th Grammar Aesop, Manuel Chrysoloras, Homer
U of Cambridge Trinity College O.1.8 15th Aesop, Moschus