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Gennadios II Scholarios

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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Supplément grec 1371 16th Theology Gennadios II Scholarios
BN Supplément grec 618 15th Theology, History Gennadios II Scholarios, Arrian
BN Supplément grec 836 17th Lexicon, Letters Gennadios II Scholarios, Nilus, Julius Pollux
BNE 4618 15th Philosophy, Harmonics Ptolemy, Aristotle, Porphyry, Proclus, Dexippus, Plethon, Gennadios II Scholarios, Thomas Aquinas, Philostratus
BNE 4643 15th Philosophy Gennadios II Scholarios, Thomas Aquinas
BNE 4780 16th Theology, Church councils Gennadios II Scholarios
BNE 4801 16th Theology, Church councils, Canon law Gennadios II Scholarios, Bessarion, Symeon Archbishop of Thessaloniki
Bodleian Library Barocci 92 16th Philosophy Gennadios II Scholarios
British Library Add MS 22909 17th, 18th Theology Gennadios II Scholarios, Joseph Bryennios
BS Cod. graec. 10 16th Theology, Letters Nicephorus Gregoras, Maximus the Confessor, Gennadios II Scholarios
BS Cod. graec. 509 15th Philosophy, Theology Gennadios II Scholarios, Nicholas of Methone
ÖNB Hist. gr. 128 16th Misc., Philosophy George Pachymeres, John of Damascus, Gennadios II Scholarios, Thomas Aquinas
ÖNB Suppl. gr. 171 16th Theology, Liturgy Gennadios II Scholarios
ÖNB Theol. gr. 256 15th Theology Gennadios II Scholarios, Bessarion
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 1708 17th Theology Manuel Malaxos, Gennadios II Scholarios
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 1755 15th, 16th, 17th Theology Gregory Nazianzus, Cyril of Alexandria, Nicetas Stethatus, Athanasius, Gennadios II Scholarios
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 1889 16th Theology, Canon law, Church councils Basil the Great, Andrew of Crete, Gennadios II Scholarios, Theophylact Simocatta
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 2015 16th, 17th Theology Nicholas Chamaetos Kabasilas, Gennadios II Scholarios
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 2127 16th, 17th Theology Gregory Palamas, Gennadios II Scholarios, Symeon Metaphrastes, Maximus Planudes, Gregory of Cyprus, Symeon Archbishop of Thessaloniki
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 2150 15th Theology Gennadios II Scholarios
Staatsbibliothek Phillipps 1456 (gr. 52) 17th History Gennadios II Scholarios