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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
Ambrosiana C 222 inf. 13th, 14th Animals Aristophanes, Pindar, John Tzetzes, Oppianus, Dionysius Periegetes, Theocritus, Hesiod, Lycophron
BAV Barb. gr. 112 15th Lycophron
BAV Barb. gr. 249 15th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BAV Ott. gr. 313 17th John Tzetzes, Lycophron
BAV Pal. gr. 139 15th, 16th Hymns, Geography Sophocles, Theognis, Dionysius Periegetes, Aeschylus, Lycophron
BAV Pal. gr. 142 15th, 16th Rhetoric, Geography Demosthenes, Lycophron, Hesiod
BAV Pal. gr. 158 15th, 16th Lycophron
Biblioteka Uniwersytecka R 32 15th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BML Plut. 32.17 13th Lycophron
BML Plut. 32.20 15th Lycophron
BML Plut. 32.29 15th Lycophron
BML Plut. 32.36 15th Lycophron
BML Plut. 32.45 15th Lycophron
BN Grec 2403 13th Misc., Philosophy, Astronomy, Poems Theon, Proclus, John Tzetzes, Lycophron, Pindar, Homer
BN Grec 2723 13th Animals Lycophron, Homer, Oppianus, Dionysius Periegetes, Eustathios of Thessaloniki
BN Grec 2724 16th Lycophron
BN Grec 2725 16th Lycophron
BN Grec 2836 15th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BN Grec 2837 16th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BN Grec 2838 16th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BN Grec 2839 16th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
BN Grec 2840 16th Lycophron
BN Grec 2890 16th Lycophron
BN Supplément grec 392 18th Animals Oppianus, Apollonius, Lucian, Homer, Lycophron
BN Supplément grec 456 17th Lycophron, Callimachus
BN Supplément grec 658 16th, 17th Philosophy, Rhetoric Synesius, Lycophron
BNE 4551 15th Lycophron
Bodleian Library Barocci 153 15th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
British Library Burney MS 89 15th Lycophron, John Tzetzes
British Library Harley MS 4767 17th Lycophron
British Library Harley MS 5634 15th Lycophron
British Library Harley MS 6319 16th Lycophron
British Library Royal MS 16 D IV 16th John Tzetzes, Lycophron
Duke University Library Clark MS 75 16th Rhetoric Lycophron, John Tzetzes
ÖNB Phil. gr. 124 13th, 16th Philo, Lycophron
UB Palat. Gr. 18 14th Rhetoric Hesiod, Aeschylus, John Tzetzes, Euripides, Cleomedes, Lycophron
UB Palat. Gr. 272 16th Lycophron, John Tzetzes