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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Grec 2490 15th Astronomy Ptolemy, John Philoponus, Nicephorus Gregoras, Porphyry
BN Grec 2491 14th Astronomy Ptolemy, Theon, John Philoponus, Ammonius
BN Grec 2492 14th Astronomy Ptolemy, Theon, John Philoponus
BN Grec 2493 16th Astronomy Ptolemy, John Philoponus, Nicephorus Gregoras, Theon, Ammonius
BN Grec 2497 13th, 14th Astronomy John Philoponus, Proclus, Theon, Ptolemy
BN Grec 2501 15th Astronomy, Lexicon Ptolemy
BN Grec 2504 16th Astronomy Porphyry, Ptolemy
BN Grec 2509 15th Astronomy, Alchemy Ptolemy, Maximus Planudes, Nicephorus Blemmydes, John of Damascus, Epiphanius, Cleomedes
BN Supplément grec 213 16th, 17th Harmonics Porphyry, Ptolemy
BN Supplément grec 335 16th Harmonics Ptolemy
BN Supplément grec 449 15th Harmonics Ptolemy, Porphyry, Pappus, Euclid
BN Supplément grec 450 15th Philosophy, Mathematics Nicomachus of Gerasa, Theon, George Pachymeres, Ptolemy, Theophrastus, Porphyry, Proclus
BN Supplément grec 59 16th Harmonics Manuel Bryennius, Nicomachus of Gerasa, Porphyry, Ptolemy
BN Supplément grec 651 14th, 15th, 16th Astronomy, Rhetoric Ptolemy, Proclus, Bessarion
BN Supplément grec 673 15th Geography Ptolemy
BN Supplément grec 921 9th, 14th Palimpsest, Astronomy, Philosophy Proclus, Plato, Ptolemy
BNE 4618 15th Philosophy, Harmonics Ptolemy, Aristotle, Porphyry, Proclus, Dexippus, Plethon, Gennadios II Scholarios, Thomas Aquinas, Philostratus
Bodleian Library Barocci 124 15th Harmonics Ptolemy
BR BPG 78 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th Astronomy Theon, Ptolemy
British Library Burney MS 104 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
British Library Burney MS 111 14th, 15th Geography Ptolemy
BS Cod. graec. 212 14th Mathematics Ptolemy
BS Cod. graec. 385 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
BS Cod. graec. 419 14th Philosophy, Astronomy Nemesius, Proclus, Ptolemy, Porphyry, Theon
BS Cod. graec. 579 16th Astronomy Ptolemy
BU 2048.5 16th Harmonics Ptolemy, Porphyry
BU 2280 16th Geography, Astronomy, Harmonics Ptolemy, Porphyry, Proclus
BU 2432 15th Mathematics, Harmonics, Philosophy Euclid, Ptolemy, Barlaam of Calabria, Plethon
HAB Gud. gr. 3 16th Harmonics Porphyry, Ptolemy
Marciana gr. Z. 314 15th Astronomy Ptolemy, Porphyry, Theon
Marciana gr. Z. 331 9th Astronomy Ptolemy
ÖNB Hist. gr. 1 15th Geography Ptolemy
ÖNB Phil. gr. 14 16th Astronomy, Mathematics, Literature Hipparchus, Theon, Nicetas Choniates, Ptolemy, Proclus, Photius, Nicephorus Blemmydes
ÖNB Phil. gr. 160 14th Astronomy Proclus, Ptolemy, Theon
Royal Library Fabricius 23 13th Geography Ptolemy
U. Library Gr. 45 16th Harmonics Ptolemy
Vatopedi 655 13th Geography Ptolemy, Strabo